Friday, May 2, 2014

temple pics!

last night my gf bianca and i got together and had a girly craft night. our project was to gold and silver leaf pictures of temples that are special to us, hers being perth (where she and her husband rob were married) and johannesburg (where she grew up). we had such a good time together... gasbagging, catching up and trying our hardest to do a good job of our pics.

just in case you want to make one (and of course you totally should)... you will need:
picture of your favourite temple (disclaimer - none of the ones in this post were personally taken by me - or bianca - if you happen to be the person that took them, i apologise in advance, but you should totally be complimented that your mad photography skills are on display in our homes) google images is your new best friend. save that sucker to a usb stick, take it to your local officeworks and have it printed in black and white on acetate (transparent) paper. this will cost you a grand total of 
60c per piece. (for an a4 size - easy to find a frame for that...)
spray adhesive - get it here
gold/silver leafing - here and here
a soft brush (i used my makeup powder brush)
old crappy sheet for your table (things can get messy)

this is what they will look like before you start! all you do is turn the page over, spray with the adhesive, then lift your gold or silver leaf carefully from the protective pages. you then need to place it on the glue and press  it down with your brush. this is the hard part. touching the leaf is hard because it is very fragile and can easily damage or tear. using a pair of cotton gloves is a good help.

once your page is covered it will look like this below... not attractive...

but it will dry and then you can pop it in a frame ready to keep and hang or give as a gift!

so much harder than we imagined, but well worth the trouble. can't wait to find frames for my ones and get them on display! (these are bianca's - so organised!) but they look great and i am so glad we made the effort, it's something a little different than a regular print. 

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