Tuesday, April 30, 2013

maddie's bedroom

it's finally complete! 
that's pretty sad considering she will be 2 in july. my beautiful mum made some bunting for miss maddie's room - all while running around like a headless chicken during her last few weeks in perth. what a superwoman! the best bit... it matches her quilt perfectly (we chose all the same fabrics to match from mum's extremely wide selection...) so this out of control ocd mama can handle looking at it everyday. i am so lucky to have such a talented mum. i am just praying every day that some of it will rub off on me someday.

her gorgeous cot from has baby online  complete with her quilt from nanna and mosquito net from ikea (score at the local opshop for $3)

ikea drawers and pink stool handmade for me by my grandad joe, embroidery by my best friend jen.

change table from has baby (came in a bundle set), baskets from local homeart, nappy bag from the local opshop $2, brand new! and wicker chair was a roadside find - do you remember seeing it here?

bookshelf from homeart (on major sale down 75% from original price) doll pram was mine, for my 3rd bday and wicker toy box from the reject shop.

love it all, and i am finally happy enough to show it off! :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

multicultural potluck dinner

last night we had the ward multicultural potluck dinner that i have been working on for... weeks! i was given an assignment by bishop to put it together and as much as some was painful, i managed to put it all together and it actually worked!! and... it was an amazing fun night!

originally i wasn't going to have any decorations at all, but at the last minute i had a brainwave, called the manager of the funeral home i am working in - and raced into the office to pick up all the flags we have on hand for when someone wants one on their coffin! worked perfectly and on the board they went with a few pins.

i had handed out assignments to various families in the ward to present a short skit, dance, something about their home country - to ensure that the night was a celebration of the many cultures existing alongside us aussies. we had japanese, samoan, chilean, american, niuan and italian - with the night ending with something us girls had been working on for weeks... i learned to hula! letitia actually managed to teach me and for sure it was not perfect, but i did it, and actually made it through, without stuffing up. yay! 8 of us had been getting up early on saturday mornings and practicing during the week, just to do our hula. i am so so proud! i danced, and not only that - i did it in public! 

such a fun night. can't wait for our next activity! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

anniversary gift

each year for my best friend jennifers wedding anniversary i hand make her a gift (mind you there has only been two of them so far, so lets see what the future brings...) last year it was a button cushion for cotton which you can see here and the year before a framed tree which you can see here. but this year - she surprised me, with a lovely gift that she had handmade for me. i see this is going to be a competition now and i love it. i must say though, hers was a lot more difficult - being copper for seven years. what do you do with that? 

her gorgeous husband mat (who she always claims is so unromantic - pffft he has just proved otherwise...) apparently offered to make the copper heart, which she then put on a background of the paper used on our wedding invitations (which is apparently now out of stock... boooo) and for good measure stuck on our placecards from the table. such a sweet and thoughtful gift. i love it so much! 

p.s. if you're interested in seeing what item is for each anniversary year - there's a handy website here that has them all!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

friendship quilt

the sisters in the dianella ward relief society made this quilt together! there is a sister in our ward who is very ill and has been in and out of hospital for some time, who needed out love and support, so at the suggestion of our beautiful president each sister in the ward that wanted to participate made a square. another sister offered her time to sew them together and here is the result! 
such a gorgeous idea, and such a beautiful quilt.

"as sisters in zion, we'll all work together"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

april 2013 general conference

i love general conference. being a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints and being able to hear the words of a living prophet here on the earth... today. modern revelation, just for us. 

twice a year, the members of our church gather at the lds conference center in salt lake city, utah (and all around the world, via satellite broadcast, over the internet - translated into many languages) to hear the words of our church leaders. its a wonderful time, because there is always something in their words that is especially for me. and for you.

the church leaders spoke of the 65634 missionaries currently labouring to share the words of the gospel of jesus christ - the 20000 waiting to enter - and the 6000 currently undergoing the interview process. what a difference the changing of the age has made! all these people, ready to go and preach the gospel. such a wonderful thing.

the church is promoting its message more and more through the efforts of worldwide social media and even published the hash tag (which can be used on media such as twitter & instagram) #ldsconf during the opening and closing scenes of the broadcast. i had a look and there were so many wonderful quotations on line... 

here are a few of my favourites!... hope you enjoy

can't wait for the next one...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

twenty-one months

what? again? another month? how is this happening? she's twenty-one months now? since when?! since today apparently... and the party never stops. she has a rather large and amusing vocabulary now, consisting of mum, dad, nanna, nana (banana), apoo (apple), book, ball, park, teeth, car, please, ta (thanks), teesh, tay, clarke, maddie, pop pop, up, down, more, meeee, up, down, boot, book, shoes, read, babyeee, piggy and more. she understands everything you say to her now and listens for instructions, before running off to do her own thing, but definitely knows whats what! 

piggy, the stuffed pig that maddie got for christmas from our friends has been a source of constant amusement in this house. from day one, he was hated and jealously thrown out of her toy car, pushed off her seat, thrown out of her cot, bossed around... (we caught her numerous times pushing him on to the floor and then waving her little finger at him while talking loudly at him...) told off, stomped on and kicked. but now they are firm friends and hang out, hug and do most everything together. the funny thing is though, that piggy was always referred to by nanny niques in a jokingly ominous tone, so now maddie still refers to with a growl in her voice.
"mum, dad, neenee, ball, dog, piggy, teeth..." it is hilarious! it's almost as if she growls it. hopefully one day i can get a video of her doing it, as it always has us in hysterics. piggy, piggy. piggy!!

she is obsessed with her gumboots and wants to wear them 24/7... you can see her bed hair in the picture here, she called me as she does every morning when she wants to get up, "mummm, mummmm, mum! mum! mummmmummmm." then the minute her feet hit the floor she was running to her boots on the table and had them on before i could even get my phone out to take a picture. she is furious when you want to take them off. i swear she would wear them to bed if i would let her.

book. obsessed. i can't even tell you how much this kid loves books. all day every day. she came into our room the other day early in the morning with a book in her hand, patted the side of the bed for doug to lift her up and then handed him the book with a "read the boo?" what a smart kid! sentences already? so proud. she's probably learning them from the million books she wants read to her on a daily basis.

sometimes it makes me really sad to go to work, especially when i am leaving a little bundle like this warm and snug in her bed. but it's not forever and i know i am coming back to her at the end of the day. and trust me, i count the minutes.

love her to pieces.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

thomas loves jo - engagement party

photo shamelessly stolen from jo's ipad: 

this gorgeous couple are going to get married!! jo was one of my young women back when i first got called to serve in the dianella young womens program and now (even though it seems like that was only a week ago) she's old enough to be someones wife! crazy...

last night was her engagement party and i had the time of my life decorating, baking & styling with my friend pippa and her friend kyelee who loaned us some of the awesome glassware you're about to lay your eyes on.

paper hearts made from an old dictionary -
torn in half and stapled...
hanging on fishing line from the roof of the patio at kafarelas vineyard, where we had the party. everything looked amazing and it made all the time and effort we put in well worthwhile when we saw the final result.

drink dispensers full of (l to r)
frozen berries & sage with water
pink lemonade koolaid with lemon wedges
pineapple slices & mint leaves

dessert table with brownies... blueberry & vanilla macarons from maison saint-honore and confetti vanilla & s'more chocolate cupcakes from pippaskye followed not too long after.
yum yum!

i love pics from parties before any one arrives... always better than the during and after shots - cause everything is still perfect! ;)

lolly jars, milk bottles & paper straws...
such funky additions to a beautifully styled party

paper lanterns, tissue paper ruffle balls, lights and vintage paper...
effortless classic, timeless charm.

lolly jars from pips friend kyelee complete with a note on my vintage tray blackboard....
'please take a lolly bag as you leave...' 

with all of us working hard together, everything looked amazing -
can't wait for our next event!

(event photos - dominique kendall)

Monday, April 1, 2013

easter sunday

easter sunday is always a good excuse for some family photos and seeing as dominique is so freaking awesome with a camera, as usual i dragged her outside and across the road to take some pictures of me, doug and maddie! she made me jump on doug's back for this photo and as you can see, i am sure he wasn't overly impressed, i'm clearly not as light as i used to be! haha.
that's what having a baby does to you.

it was so hard to get a picture of maddie because all she wanted was to eat the chocolate bunnies that she has been given, but eventually we figured out that all we needed to do was throw mini eggs on the ground and she would run to them and pick them up and pop them in her little tin.
after all... what kid doesn't love chocolate?

my little ranga bunny... so freaking adorable.
i could just watch her run around all day. 
niques posted the pics for us and entitled them ranga bunny - made me so happy. she really is just a joy to have in my life!
my little rang-rang...

i love this picture. she kept trying to get him to smile and was quite unsuccessful... so after a million grimaces, we finally got this pearler, and i love it! he is adorable!! 

i wrote a little song for you... it's called "why you should feed me chocolate each and every day..." okay baby girl, you keep singing that song and i am sure mama will be sucked in by your cuteness and continue to do so. i don't know how i do anything ever other than talk about her... haha.

finally... her reward for being good and letting 
mama and daddy get some cute pics.

i love easter and i am so grateful to be part of a family that knows it is something wonderful to celebrate in memory for all that jesus christ did for us. you can read more about what we believe here.

"he is not here: for he is risen, as he said" - matthew 28:6