Wednesday, May 21, 2014

three months old!

this huge baby boy is three months old as of yesterday! he is just lovely, smiles a lot and does little gurgling giggles when you talk to him. he is still growing steadily and is very close to busting out of his 000 clothes that he's still just wearing. he has loved having boy time with poppy and daddy this week!

the only drama we have had with him is his terrible colic! sometimes he will scream for hours on end because of his sore tummy and it makes me feel absolutely helpless. we have made an appointment with an osteopath that specialises in babies, so fingers crossed that she can help him. poor love!

his eyes are still very bright blue and i don't think there is any chance of them changing, regardless of how many people think they will... guess i won that one! he has started to sleep very well and can sometimes sleep from 7pm (ish) until 6-7am once he has had his dreamfeed in the night, he has done it a few times now, and this mama is loving having a good sleep! what a legend. i can only assume it is because he so much bigger than madeline was.

we love our little man and can't imagine what life would be like without him.

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