Thursday, July 26, 2012

jamie-lee is having a bebeh!

jamie-lee and i

baby vee is almost here... with just a few weeks to go, jamie-lee had a bunch of friends and fam over to her house for a baby shower. it was another one of those really lucky warm saturdays and we sat outside in the sun and played games and gasbagged to our hearts content ♥

i also got a chance to be in my newfound favourite place (behind the camera!) snapping shots with jamie's camera as the day rolled on...

jamie unwrapping her asian babushka from me ♥

jamie and i have been friends for years now and it's so exciting to think that she and mark are about to have a baby! i know that they'll make such good - and fun - parents!

jamie's amazingly talented mum deb also made this incredible cake for the baby shower! must have taken her so long - and it is so detailed - the whole way around! plus, we got these gorgeous onesie sugar cookies as a thank you when we left. so. so. cute!!

was such a fun and lovely arvo - i can't wait to meet their little doll when she arrives... 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

another day, another dollar...

so after exactly a year off - this week i started back at work. sigh.
we thought about it long and hard and decided that it was the right thing to do... doug and i really want to buy a house down the track and we'll use this time to save and save and save...

niques has come to stay with us for a year... and we'll see what happens after that - but it's so lovely having her here with us - i mean really, what could possibly be better than maddie being in her own house with family while i'm at work? that's right... nothing!

i'm in a new job - over in bookings now and the girls in the office are lovely. fingers crossed that it continues to be smooth sailing. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

month by month

watch me grow!

four months

 five months

 six months

 seven months

eight months

nine months

 ten months

eleven months

 twelve months

i've taken a photo of madeline in a white suit in the same chair, on the same day of each month, since she was four months old (unfortunately i didn't see the idea any earlier or i would have been all over that!) and these are the results! so freaking cool!

she's one!!!

oh my gosh - she's one!!! how and when did that happen? i swear it was just a few days ago that she joined us - and now she's a whole year old!! she's now saying mum, dad, bye bye and more recently yum yum yummmm. this last week she's also started to stand from the floor a few times a day and stays there for sometimes up to ten or so seconds before sitting down and trying again. and most of all - she's such a sweetheart and we love her to pieces! look at that cheeky grin - how could you not?!

we had a few outfits changes yesterday, but my favourite by far was the princess outift that she wore out... lovely pamela j made her crown, which i adore... she looked like an absolute darling in it, along with her big ass tulle tutu skirt covered in sequins, complete with little fairy wings attached at the back - a gift from one of the lovely girls i work with when maddie was born.

we bought maddie some fun gifts including a spinning top - i have always loved them and was stoked to find one at kmart, which was even tin! adorable, and she loved watching it spin.


and her lovely aunt and uncle in kalgoorlie bought her this amazing ride on buggy, complete with a trailer full of gardening tools. ahh. aunty pippa would be so proud. maybe she'll be a green thumb when she grows up.

after dinner we handed little miss a cupcake and let her go to town on it, after all - you're only one once! i love birthdays and was so excited for maddie's, even though it means she's not my little baby anymore... :( but i am sure growing up will be just as exciting!!

little miss's birthday cupcakes - so cute!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

enough said

need i say more?
the young ladies of today's world would do well to remember this!

new bedroom

aunty niques has come to live with us and take care of madeline for the next year while i go back to work :( so doug and i have been madly trying to get her room done, and finished just a few hours before her plane arrived. we thought simple with a lot of room was best - and decided on black and white...
dresser from ikea
lamp from the york salvation army rummage sale
jewellery stand from diva
tea cup and saucer from st vinnies in claremont
mini black frame from the york salvatino army rummage sale (spraypainted black booyah!)
mirror and black mosaic frame from loot in queensland 

another lot of handiwork...$5 mirror from midland picture framers, also spraypainted black... i was on a roll! haha

my old bed from mum and dads, painted with cream powder coating... a gift from grandma goodlet when i was a really little girl ♥
black and white doona set from big w
magnetic board and magnets from ikea
and stickers on said board from avon a few years ago. we actually tried to put the stickers on the walls, but unfortunately they didn't stick, the paint must be a rough finish or something... so in the end they went on the board - they are old fashioned chandelier decals and are so so cute!

we are super excited to have aunty niques her with us and hope you enjoyed the brief tour of her bedroom ;)

handmade birthday gifts

not only is my bestie talented in making birthday cakes... but handcrafts too! as i am sure you're all aware by now... madeline's birthday is this wednesday and over the weekend we had a party for her. jen had already given madeline the purple unicorn you can see below because she just couldn't bear to wait any longer... so cute! she and her mum amanda made her "violet" from scratch for my little one, and she loves her to pieces.

jen also made madeline a button "m" for her wall. so cute! i love handmade stuff and i am thrilled with her gifties. thanks aunty jen! x

Sunday, July 8, 2012

she's (almost...) one!!

yesterday we threw a birthday party for miss madeline who turns one on wednesday. i decided on a french "madeline" theme - how convenient :) and mum and i got to work creating... we were really lucky, although it's mid winter here in australia we had a nice sunny day that wasn't too cold and got to be outside and keep the doors wide open.

mum and i started to make bunting a few weeks ago (and bless her beautiful heart, the gorgeous woman, she went and finished it off - perfectly of course!) and after we decorated we had it strung up all through the house and under the patio flapping in the breeze, such lovely colours and totally worth the effort!

maddie had a lovely time with everyone giggling away and opening her presents with glee. mind you, she certainly seemed much more interested in the paper than anything else. i am sure that will pass in time...


the birthday cake was another story, we sat little miss on the table and gave her a cupcake to munch on while we lit her candle only to have her grab for it... and have her dad grab for her - frightening the heck out of her, leaving us with a sobbing baby the entire time we sang happy birthday and cut the cake. oh well... not everything can be perfect.

but the cake sure was!! my gorgeous best friend offered to make the cake and must have spent hours on it! a gorgeous fondant topped cake with a stencilled madeline on the top. absolutely freaking amazing!! i am so so grateful and cannot get over how perfect it was.

we love this little girl so so much and cannot believe she is almost one. it has gone far too fast. it seems like just yesterday that we were bringing our little munchkin from the hospital. :( oh, it's probably time to think about having another one - hahaha, not this week!

doug showing of his favourite gift of the day from vivienne and the girls. so funny! can't wait to dress her up in it.

such a lovely, perfect day... we have been so so blessed to have beautiful people in our life and we had a great time! ♥

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

besties bday

check out maddie's face! how funny...

same afternoon, different place... my bestie had her birthday. at the mahogany inn this year and off we went to dine. they've recently renovated the building and clearly poured a lot of money into the place, it's looking fantastic! doug had the salmon and swears it was the best thing he's eaten in forever!!

maddie also received her second birthday present (in true goodlet style we'll be well and truly dragging this one out!) and opened it with complete and utter glee, much to the amusement of our little party looking on.
happy birthday bestie. love you! x

jamie-lee has a birthday!

our gorgeous friend jamie-lee will be 30 next month, and as she's due to have her first baby not too long after, her lovely husband and family decided to throw her a surprise birthday party on saturday night.
waiting for the wind to change...

her mum never disappoints and as usual it was a fabulous night. perfect food, friends and atmosphere. doug and i had great time catching up with pip and steve and clowning around as per usual...

there was a quiz handed around with some questions to see who knew the most about jamie-lee and with 30 seconds to go (as in when they announced that they'd be going through the answers), i pulled out my sheet and started scribbling... only to pull first place and take home a bottle of bubbly! wooo! i bet no one counted on my impressive powers of recollection haha. steve on the other hand impressively knew absolutely nothing and won the same prize as me... grrr. good for a picture though!

was a great night and it was truly wonderful to see jamie-lee so surprised. happy 30th chick!