Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july photo to a day challenge

when hayley asked me to join her for the photo to a day challenge, i can't say i was exactly thrilled, i honestly thought there was no chance i would actually remember do it every day for a whole month... but i jumped in and gave it a shot... and here are the results!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

skatt turns 10

10 years ago this gorgeous friend of mine had a major brainwave - a vision of a fabulous salon - where they didn't only do your hair, but did beauty and tanning and had fashion shows and... she made it happen. 10 years ago lisa opened the first skatt salon, and ten years later, they are still going strong!

tonight they had their 10th anniversary fashion show at the mount hawthorn salon and i got the lovely surprise of two tickets in the mail! so my friend jo and i rushed down there to watch the show... it was amazing! after 10 years, they still manage to come up with funky, fresh ideas and blow us away with their stuff. it was a great night and i am so glad to have been able to go.

jo and i waiting for the show to start... possibly a little too excited haha.

at the end of the night we were all given a fabulous gift box and got to enjoy samples from the happy lab candy bar that the girls had set up. yummm. 

in disappointing news, lovely lisa will be leaving us for the united states in a few months. her husband mark has been offered a job there, he's leaving in a few weeks and she'll soon be following him. :( we have been friends since we were little girls of 11 and have shared laughs, secrets and so many memories over the years... i am so happy for her to have such an awesome opportunity, but can't help being bummed that she's leaving. better get in all the fun we can before she disappears!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

i ♥ tree of life!

oh my gosh. i ♥ tree of life! i remember back in my high school dolly reading days i used to peruse the magazines looking at all the gorgeous bohemian style clothes accredited to them and dream of the days that they would open a store in perth. that day has come (hallelujah!), but not only that - in these wonderful days of online shopping i can click click click now for home delivery! woop woop!

i did some browsing last week and found these lovely things that i could not resist, only to have them arrive on my doorstep yesterday. i am obsessed with anything that has the word dream on it - and so had to have this ring... 
totally love mustard everything as well and have been for quite some time - add that to the list...

and i have always wanted one of these recycled vintage sari skirts that they sell - so i was all over one of those as well - in green of course.

i'll be back! i am loving all the goodness you have on offer.

despicable me 2

cutest thing i have ever seen in my life? maddie's first trip to the movies. we took her to see despicable me 2 today and i just wanted to cuddle her the entire time. she was so adorable, sitting on her little booster seat, holding daddy's popcorn that was practically the same size as her... watching gru and the minions run a muck. she was completely enthralled, laughed at all the right places and was so well behaved that i wouldn't even hesitate to take her again. all in all, i was well impressed with her first go - she might even be lucky enough to get a second!! doug is thrilled with all the options of kids movies he is going to be able to see.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

watch madeline grow!

well - here we have it folks. project #watchmadelinegrow (yes - that's right - you can check it out on instagram) is complete!! i saw this amazing idea on pinterest here - when madeline was 4 months old and decided to do my own take on it and i am in love, love, love with the results. one chair, 21 photos and the cutest baby ever. so much fun! i can't wait to have it printed up for the wall. so without further ado - please, 
watch madeline grow!!
12months - 1 year
24months - 2 years