Wednesday, December 29, 2010

all over for another year...

christmas morning was lovely, hot outside but nice and cool inside at mums house.
i got absolutely, spoilt, rotten by doug, the gifts just kept coming and coming and coming
what an amazing husband!
i truly love christmas though, love being with family and friends and just enjoying being.
and lovely to remember that it's such a gift - that we should always be grateful for :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


oh my goodness - so slack!! i just realised that it's christmas eve and i still havent written about our wonderful night last sunday...

our little dianella gang (consisting of the reese's, the williamses and the kendalls) had our christmas dinner at dannielle and cody's house then went out (cramming in some extras in fact 9 of us... into the land cruiser) and checked out some more lights on the magic list (yes - that damn one that cost us two dollars grrrr)

we had a fabulous time, lots and lots and lots of laughs, and doug and got some lovely gifts... and i finally felt like
christmas was on it's way!
we are off to mums tonight... and her fabulous cooking awaits! :)

merry christmas to all and to all...
a good night ♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010

and it keeps getting better

birthday week is indeed reigning supreme this year...
last night i had dinner at jimmy deans in midland (best bday restaurant ever... for those who came in late) with doug, jen and mat

twas lots of fun and laugh - and please do note my amazing willie creek pearl from jen for my bday - better pic to follow, but i have it on - bought on her honeymoon - in a star setting!!
know me much...?

i love it - and her...
she's the bestest! :)

bday love!

my beautiful friends dannielle and lisa
kidnapped me on my birthday...
these two gorgeous girls came to my house, curled my hair - made me up - gave me a birthday *star* wand and then took me out for dinner at burswood, where our "gentlemen" friends awaited :)

then back to dannii's house for icecream cake...yum

but all in all i was pretty damn spoiled...
my lovely husband bought me some versace perfume, a gorgeous pandora charm with a star on it :) , the new twilight dvd
and some chocolates

there's nothing better than a birthday!

thanks girlies... i love you both lots and lots! xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

spoilt rotten

it's my birthday!!
and these lovely flowers got delivered to work for me this morning
from the bestie - jen :)
and the "boys and girls at cottage garden"
spoilt rotten

Saturday, December 11, 2010

christmas lights

last night cody, dannii, doug and i had dinner and then decided to head out and check out some of the local christmas lights

at our first stop the guy was selling (yeah i know, what the heck...) lists of all the hugely decorated houses in the perth area - so we decided to buy one, and get our moneys worth by ensuring it was passed on to every person we know free of charge

so here is folks:

ballajura: fairlane way
bassendean: 22 cumberland way
beldon: 9 coyle road
binningup: 5 killara street
churchlands: 5 bishop riley way
clarkson 3 durrington glade
dianella: 34 glover way
east victoria park: 25 oats street
ellenbrook: 26 granesse drive
ellenbrook: 11 brrokmomt drive
hamersley: 7 harray street
heathridge: 5 soverel close
high wycombe: 10 kingfisher loop
landsdale: playford way
langford: 12 meyrick way
marangaroo: 20 lagonda place
morley: armstrong way
morley: 22 marriot way
morley: napier street
nollamara: 58 corrington circle
padbury: 1 hacking place
pearsall: 8 darlington lane
port kennedy: 2 eiffel cres
rivervale: 31 lyons street
seville grove: 9 kerrison parade
south bunbury: 21 waratah cres
thornlie: 11 consulate court
thornlie: 57 pioneer court
woodvale: 119 chichester drive
yokine: 144 shakespeare avenue


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

lele's last sunday

it was our leigh's last sunday with us before she heads off for her mission in temple square on thursday :( so in true style, we had a fabulous farewell for her in youth today - combined with the young men and young women and for some reason about 15 or so youth that aren't in our ward... random... they must have heard about the pizza on the grapevine

so - from the vault of northam branch comes a story - of a youth sunday school class with no teacher, who managed to keep this fact a secret for a little over a year. every sunday without fail, we would watch the never-gets-old movie, which every ex-northam kid knows off by heart...

johnny lingo

and that my friends is what happened today... :)
best. lesson. ever.

but... it must be the old version (none of this new rubbish) and must be on vhs - so that the first half of the lesson is wasted looking for said movie on the tape.

we will miss you soo so sooo much leigh!

beauty night

"a winning young woman is a lady in the finest sense of the word. she is poised and trained in the social graces. her good manners are always evident and she doesn’t turn them on and off at her convenience."
or so the girls learnt this week...
after some training on how to walk and sit and speak and behave, we moved into out beauty bags...
containing various items such as:

(barbie) bandaids: to cover and heal the hurts of life with forgiveness
wet wipes: to wipe off any bad habits
rubberband: to be flexible and understanding
cotton ball: to show others gentleness and compassion
comb: to comb out the snarles of criticism
q-tip: the tip of your beauty is charity
soap: our sins can be washed away if we repent
emery board: although our life may seem rough at times, our trials will shape our lives

before putting on mud masks and cucumber slices and relaxing whilst listening to some meditation music

was a lot of good fun :)