Thursday, January 31, 2013

landis family loving

i freaking love this kid so much! i got to take pics of mason and his genetically blessed parents rob and bianca (who i love just as much!) on the monday public holiday for australia day. it was so much fun. i love his adorable little smiles and giggles and how much he loves his mom! if i could have this much fun every time, i'd be happy to take photos every day for the rest of my life. 

mason the little golfer and his gorgeous parents. i love how this photo totally looks like he is taking a selfie. haha.

his little cheeks were definitely made for kissing

see how happy he is to be with his mom & dad?

and here? the hot mom b and her gorgeous boy. thanks so much guys. love you all

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

young love

here's a little sneak peek of what we got up to today... we took mason and his adorable parents to the stirling civic gardens for a photo shoot. this was definitely my favourite of the day, maddie & mason at the tree we sat at... doug carved their initials into the tree and then we propped them there for pics. so adorable... if only it happens one day, we'd have the best inlaws ever. i guess arranged marriage isn't always a bad thing. haha! let's see if we can plant the seeds at a young age... 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

australia day in freo...

on saturday (australia day this year yay!) doug maddie and i went to visit my friend hayley in fremantle for the day. first stop was to her little flat, to park and then hit the town... omgosh i am in love! the most adorable little place, filled with bright colours, eclectic little knick knacks, an old kitchenette complete with peeling paint and ripped off doors... and just a whole pile of general awesomeness. i wanted to move in right then and there!! sorry hayley but it's true. i talked about it the entire way home and then tried to convince doug that we needed to rent one and move in, baby and all! after picking up 20 odd things at hayleys place she insisted i needed to check out the store most of them were from and off we went. the shop called 'corner store' was amazing... and thankfully they even have an online store here for me to drool over... again omgosh i am in love. i don't know how i didn't manage to find it earlier... it was like all my favourite things in one store, and had i this weeks lottery winnings, i would have quite likely bought every single thing that they had in stock. mads had fun looking with hayley and somehow managed to convince that she needed a photo in this gorgeous little teepee. what a doll!

i am so in love with these curtains, totally want to buy them, although i assume that they probably aren't for sale, perhaps i'll just have to make my own! i am sure that mum has more than enough of the old fabric required to make them. love love love! i could have spent all day there, but after buying these gorgeous lights for maddie's room and a pink plastic rose compact we hit the road again, off to the markets and then the freo gsi where i did my best to make hayley fall in love with my greatest love in life, opshopping! she promptly scored a $200ish dress for $15 - good girl and i blissfully browsed my way through the arcade of 3 separate gsi stores in the one arcade. what a lovely day.

maddie's new babushka lights from corner store. love them.

on our way back to hayleys we stopped into the markers again and i spied these delightful wonders, macaroons from maison saint-honore, i honestly thought i had died and gone to heaven. yum yum yum.

we got mango, raspberry, pitaschio, salted caramel and coconut and they were amazing. if only i were a millionaire... sigh. we had the best day and i had so much fun. can't wait for the next one, thanks hayles! x

Thursday, January 24, 2013

ma & me

she's at it again... the bestie has been making and creating and putting out some awesome as creations. i am sure you all remember the amazing unicorn that jen made maddie for her birthday but now she has made her own little business online ma&mehandmade! i am so excited to see all the gorgeous things pop up one by one on her website and know it's going to be a great success. ♥

i just bought this for a friend from school who is due to have a baby boy in just two weeks. can't wait to meet the little munchkin! i am in love with this little collar. hopefully he'll love him as much as i do.

if you have some time check out her site and get shopping... 
here's just a few sneak peeks of what's on offer!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

18 months old

this little girl is 18 months old! 

she loves to giggle and run waddle and hide and play and cuddle and talk. my goodness does she love to talk. quite clearly takes after her mother in that area. haha! 

i just had a week off work, so obviously spent every day with her and she spent the week just sassing me. it was hilarious... at one stage i walked past her and clearly she was annoyed that i hadn't stopped and devoted my full attention to her, so next minute i was having a chubby little finger waved at me and a mouthful of gibberish thrown at me. she talks and talks and talks but doesn't say anything - but she is so bossy and it's hilarious! i love to watch her short attention span go from place to place around the house and watch her loving every minute of every day. 

if only i could be with her all the time... can't wait until the day i can!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

the king family's happily ever after

a few weeks back, the wait was finally over - it was time for the king family to become a forever family in the perth australia temple.

we were so lucky to be able to attend their family sealing, such beautiful people and so special to us. it was a wonderful day and i know that there was all kinds of rejoicing as they were joined together for time and all eternity. i have never seen something so beautiful as them, with their caramel coloured kiddies dressed in white and promising to be a forever family.

family is what life is really about. ♥

Saturday, January 12, 2013

blessed are the ...

oh inherit books she will! niques took these ages ago and just gave me a copy. i am addicted to books and it looks like she's heading in the same direction!  
this kid loves books of all shapes, sizes and subjects.
just when i though i couldn't love her more...

Friday, January 11, 2013

reese family shots

right before brandon and lisa took off to return the the u.s. we snuck down to cottesloe beach one afternoon to take some shots of their ridiculously attractive family. it was a hot, glare-y, kind of yuck afternoon, but we managed to get some good shots!

so here's a look for you all!

this one is my favourite... grabbed the word at the last minute on the way out my mums door. worked so well. i freaking love this!

as usual, all the credit goes to my awesome editing sisterinlaw niques. what would i do without her? 

hope you love them leese!
miss you heaps! xxx

Thursday, January 10, 2013

final bday gift

oh my word!! i got this on sunday afternoon from jen as my final birthday gift. i love!!! i was so devastated actually having to give her the one i made for her, i loved it so much, that all i wanted to do was keep it, so you can imagine how thrilled i was to open this at dinner on sunday! i love it so so so much! thanks jen - you are my shining star! (yes quip there - did you see the little star in the heart?)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


i am well aware that not everyone can breastfeed their baby. circumstances may not allow, your body may not allow, your baby may not take... but i was blessed to be able to breastfeed maddie exclusively to six months of age before introducing solids. i am not going to lie, in the beginning i was highly unimpressed with just how much it hurt, what with my split and cracked nipples and a baby that seemed to want to do nothing but feed, especially when they hurt the most! eep! but we got there. 

at 5 weeks in i actually said to doug that i didn't think i could do it and that i was going to have to put her on the bottle and he was as supportive as ever and said that he would be fine with whatever i decided... but i was determined to get there and kept going on demand - then it clicked and one day just stopped hurting. thank goodness. my mum always said to me that the best thing about breast feeding was the amount of time it allows you to spend with your baby and it's true, i know so many people who have bottle fed who have people (kindly) offer to feed the baby and miss out on that time snuggling and bonding. but all i have to say is thank goodness for my phone and the pinterest app without which during night time feeds i may not have been able to stay awake (or sane!)

when i returned to work i managed to wean maddie back to just two feeds a day, which she kept up until a few months ago when she started going down to bed without one... and then having dougs parents here last week, and with all the excitement of christmas she just forgot altogether for two days, then had a drink, then forgot again... although she still plays with my shirt, she doesn't seem as determined to get into it! so i think sadly, we are done.

i am so grateful for the opportunity i had to feed and to just to be able to do so. what a blessing! to be able to nourish a child with your own body and be so close to them. i'm not at the stage where i will go and parade in the street for breastfeeding women's rights, but i certainly would recommend it to others and will certainly be doing it for the rest of my kids whenever they choose to arrive.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


"we would not worry so much what others thought of us,
if we knew how rarely they actually did"

so. 2013 is here. it feels like last week that 2012 began and here we are, pulling the cork out of another year and getting ready for whatever it has in store for us. last year i made a one word resolution for the new year and this year i have decided to do the same. this year is going to be comfortable. i am going to learn to be comfortable with myself, and in my own skin.

i have to confess, cause if you're reading this, you're either a complete random that's stumbled upon me on the www, or a close friend, so either way, it either a) doesn't matter that you know this or b) you would have know it anyway. i overthink everyday - about everything. and i mean everything. i quite frequently spend an entire day worrying about something i have said to someone or something i have done, or even a look i may have given someone. i can't help it, it's just the way i am, it's my cross to bear. but i am working on it. i hope that by the time the bells ring in 2014 i won't care as much and have some room in my crowded headspace to think of things that matter, instead of things that don't.

i also want to be comfortable to just be me, to eat better, to exercise... and make my me, a better me. this is not some public declaration that i am going to lose 20 kilos this year (cause i sure as hell doubt i am going to) but i just want to look in the mirror and be happy with what i see, inside and out.

so there you have it folks, 2013 is the year that i learn to be comfortable with 
who i am

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

love from the in-laws

so - the in-laws left last night... it has been so lovely having them here and i know madeline has loved every minute of it. but, all good things must come to an end. there was plenty of talk of them moving to perth in the not-so-distant future though, so that's always a plus! hopefully it will happen soon, i don't know how long oli will be able to survive without maddie for!

right before doug took them to the airport i was presented with a rather heavy gift, which had new a new bed cover in it! from bed bath and table, one of my favourite shops. i was so freaking stoked like you cannot even imagine, i had spent the last two weeks drooling on the catalogue that it was in. amazing! can hardly wait to put it on the bed :) i feel so lucky to have them as a part of my family, i have been treated as though i am their daughter from day one and i am so grateful for that.

thanks guys - you've totally made my year!