Friday, July 31, 2015

make an offer!

so... we made an offer on a house! a few weeks ago we went to a mortgage broker and found out that we could actually buy a house! that you know banks would actually lend us money and that we would then have to act like grown ups and pay it back for the next 30 years... haha

so, we went to look at a few... and this one, number 4 in aveley, was amazing. the only flaw was that it didn't have the big back yard that i have always pictured... but it does have a big park (and by big i mean an entire blocks worth) of park directly out the front door. talk about epic... best of both worlds, because we don't have to take care of it...

but... they accepted our offer! it's all systems go and now we just wait for finance. oh my gosh. we may have bought a house! ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

someone is having a birthday

someone is having a birthday! our sister missionary serving in the new zealand hamilton mission will be 26 next week and this big box full of wonderful things (makeup, clothes, cookies, pens, treats...) has just left perth to attempt to make it for her birthday. fingers crossed. we love you and miss you and hope your day is amazing! xxx

(update 20/08/2015 package was returned to us less than a week later, it made it to the east coast and then failed to clear customs, because i had put sparklers in there! how funny! they are not a big deal, or so i thought, you can buy them at the supermarket here for goodness sake... but they can't leave the country because they are considered explosives. toooooo funny. package arrived about a week late. she was still excited!)

Monday, July 27, 2015

a trip to clackline and york

no matter how long it's been, or how many times i visit... going to clackline is always like going home. after church yesterday we (doug and the kids and his parents and i) went to my parents house for dinner... and the kids and i stayed the night. i love it there. i love the drive up, the farm, everything there... and just being there. 

madeline was in heaven too, as we always let her sit on our laps to "drive" up mum and dads road. i remember how important i always felt when they let me, so i love to watch her.

and today we went to the salvation army jumble sale in york... imperative when visiting - there are bargains to be had! and then took the kidlets for a play at the park near the bridge. they are so cute it's insane... and i love to watch them playing and laughing together.

and swinging the day away...

of course we then had to stop in for a visit to the lion monument in clackline...

(i am unsure if i have ever shared this story on my blog, so apologies if you are reading anything you've heard before... 
my brother likes to tease my sister in law and say she is a little gullible... and one time upon visiting clackline they happened to discuss the lion monument. jared told her that years and years ago there was a travelling circus that visited the local school. according the jared version of the story, a lion escaped and attacked (ate?) two of the children and the monument was erected in their memory. donna replies with, "oh my! but wouldn't they have had children on the monument? not a lion? it seems odd to me that he would be the one remembered" upon which time she glanced at my brother who was stifling a laugh. what a clown)

the creek that flows under the old clackline bridge...

and the vintage train carriage and old tractor parked by the clackline general store.

even if i visit a million times, i will never tire of the place. 
we love clackline! ♥

Saturday, July 25, 2015

strength beyond their own

i'll lend you for a little time
a child of mine, god said
for you to love her while she lives
and mourn for when she's dead

it may be six or seven years,
or twenty two or three
but will you, 'til i call her back,
take care of her for me?

she'll bring her charms to gladden you,
and shall her stay be brief
you'll have her lovely memories
as solace for your grief

i cannot promise she will stay
as all from earth return
but there are lessons taught down there
i want this child too learn

i've looked the wide world over
in my search for teachers true
and from the throngs that crowd lifes lane
i have selected you

now will you give her all your love
and not think the labour vain
nor hate me when i come to call
to take her back again

i fancied that i heard them say
'dear lord thy will be done'
for all the joy thy child shall bring
the risk of grief we'll run

we'll shelter her with tenderness
we'll love her while we may
and for the happiness we've known
forever grateful stay

but should the angels call for her
much sooner than we've planned
we'll brave the bitter grief that comes
and try to understand

i got one of those calls tonight that no one wants. i've been a funeral director for 10 years now, but nothing prepares you for the moment that a friend calls upon you for help because someone has passed away. even less when that someone is their child, who is still a baby. 

my sweet friends from church lost their 9 week old baby girl this week to sids (sudden infant death syndrome), she went down for her nap and never woke. she slipped from this life to the next, back to the arms of her heavenly father. it breaks my heart to know of the pain they are feeling, but as i sat with them and helped them, answered their questions and helped them through the funeral process, i felt peace. they spoke so bravely and with a sure knowledge that their family is eternal. that their sweet girl will be back in their arms one day. i know they have truly "cast their burdens upon the lord" and feel peace in their hearts, along with the anguish. they have truly been blessed through prayer, with strength beyond their own.

how grateful i am for the sealing power of the temple. to know that my family is also eternal... and to know that i will be with them after this life and throughout the eternities. 

"sweet is the peace the gospel brings"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

seventeen months ♥

another month has raced by and now he's another one older! :( where is my sweet little baby going?

he is obsessed with switching power points on and off, slyly looking at us while he does so... on off on off on off on off... he also loves the tv remote, turning the tv on, changing the channel, turning the volume up load

he's also taken up crawl around the floor with your nose down like a sniffer dog... it is hilarious to watch and makes me laugh so hard.

he loves toy cars and zooming them along the ground, swinging in your swing for hours on end and chocolate! he can't get enough of it in his little face and always point at wherever you have seen it come from and make a lot of noise in the hopes that mummy will give in and let you have more.

he stood at the side of your bath and said "up up up up up!" over and over until i put him in, so excited to get in and splash about. there are two teeth poking through in his bottom jaw, ready to complete your set of baby teeth. ouch! 

he are still trying very hard to talk and making lots of noise, but certainly getting his point across. 

as adorable as always!

Monday, July 20, 2015

change the way you look at things

i saw this online this week and could not resist sharing it with everyone i know... we even read it and discussed it during our family home evening tonight. what a powerful message this piece of paper holds. simply looking at something from another angle, can change everything! something terrible, can be changed to something great.

maybe that is how we need to look at our lives. are we sending a negative message, simply because we are being read the wrong way? maybe we need to take another look at everything around us - as something we think doesn't really look all that great... could become something amazing!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

a funeral fit for a funeral director

photo courtesy of

today was truly one of the saddest funerals i have attended in my life. a few weeks ago i spoke of a visit to the hospital... to visit a dear friend who i feared would not be with us when i returned from brisbane. as fate would have it, i was right... and my friend bill passed from this life to the next while i was away.

bill was truly one of a kind. to know him was something else. i met him during my early days with chippers as our company worked along side his and had the pleasure of spending many hours with him getting to know him better. he was conveniently in the same ward as us too, so we had sundays for a chat as well. he was so quirky, always saying the most random things and always had me laughing.

his funeral was just the same... i cried, but it was between laughter. his wife ellie and his seven children spoke of his character with such love, whilst keeping his quirkiness alive through many stories and experiences that many of us remembered. ellie made us all laugh especially by recounting a conversation she had had with bill during his final weeks in the hospital, when he had informed her that he wanted a private funeral. what a crack up. after his years of service to the saints in perth, he wanted to slip away privately? ellie was having none of that and of course the chapel was filled to the stage... it was practically like being at stake conference.

some words from our old bishop particularly stuck with me, as he spoke of bills dedication to serving others... he spoke of the words of gordon b hinckley as he dedicated the temple here in perth, asking the saints to wear out the carpets. to attend the temple and wear them out through service. as bill was dressed for his burial earlier this week, his wife fussed over his temple shoes noticing that they were worn thin. what finer example could there be of service than those shoes being completely worn? how many sessions would bill have had to attend to achieve that?

bill passed away on the same day as elder l. tom perry of the quorum of the twelve apostles and another friend who spoke joked that he had chosen that day as elder perry had needed someone to assist with the necessary arrangements on the other side, and who better than bill to do so? 

the graveside was especially meaningful, as bill had helped so many polynesian families over the years that he was given a traditional send off, having his coffin called onto the grave and then all the boys doing the haka once it was in place. doug and our friend nifae were called upon to assist and my tears flowed as i watched the polynesians pay their respects. what a beautiful culture i have been blessed to marry into.

goodbye bill. it was an absolute pleasure to know you and call you my friend. 
until we meet again ♥

Friday, July 17, 2015

high tea with mama

it's my mums birthday today! and to celebrate, i left my kids with their other grandparents, so we could go opshopping and out to have high tea together in guildford. and it was so worth it. no kids to worry about... and we got to sit and chat and for once just enjoy each others company. (disclaimer: it's not that i don't love my children... it's just nice to be able to have some adult time every now and then, especially with your mum, because let's be honest, once you have kids, how often do you ever get to see your parents on your own? especially, while we're still being honest... they normally want to see the kids more than you hahahaha)

there is no one greater in the whole wide world than my mum. she is so clever and downright talented. she can sew anything, look like a master and she is so kind. she has been the finest example of love and selfless service to me in my life.

high tea was the perfect choice as we share a love for vintage china and loved every minute of our time at maddison cottage. i have been there before, but this was her first time... i think i am pretty safe to say she loved it as much as i did.

our opshopping adventures were well enjoyed too as we dug through the shelves and racks hoping for some treasure and found some great stuff. 

happy birthday mama. you mean the absolute world to me - and the finest compliment i have ever received is "you are turning into your mother." ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

maddie's birthday week

dougs parents arrived in perth last night, so seeing as they missed madeline's birthday by just 2 days, it seemed fitting that another cake and candles were in order... 

we found a hello kitty cake at the local coles, and amazingly enough it was delicious!

she was thrilled to have her birthday extended by a few more days (she will learn in time that the goodlet family [- my side] love to celebrate birthday week, not birthday day) and grinned away as we say happy birthday to her and she got to open even more gifts. spoiled girl! i have learned in time that although the word i automatically jump to in my head is spoiled, that i need to reword it and say loved. madeline is very, very loved. especially seeing as she was stephen and oli's first grandchild... nothing could stop them loving her

well there you have it sweet girl. it's all over for another year... you'll have to start talking about your 5th birthday now haha ♥

Monday, July 13, 2015


best. day. ever!

our besties the williamses were down from karratha this week and we were finally reunited after months of not seeing each other. we had such a great time together, even though it's never long enough, gas bagging, eating and cherishing every moment.

we love them, but it's always bittersweet... to see them and have them leave again...

can't wait until we all live close again!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

sunday love

she is a big four year old now... and although i never need an excuse to take more photos on a sunday, that was as good a one as any. presenting miss madeline kendall, a princess with her castle. how i hope she sees it as that as she continues to learn and grow.

and this barrel of energy? priceless. not a day goes by when he doesn't make me laugh. i mean seriously, look at those facial expressions. he is just the sweetest.

but this photo truly took the cake... the look of absolute disgust on joseph's face, that only a younger sibling can wear when being assisted by their older sibling. i can't stop laughing every time i see it.

the sweetest kids in the world... and they are all mine. ♥

Saturday, July 11, 2015

madeline is four!

today our sweet girl turned four! it feels like just yesterday she raced into our lives and she has barely stopped for breath since. she loves to laugh, to play, to ask questions and to sing. in bed, in the shower, in the backyard, even on the toilet. but we love her and all her little songs... she is truly the light of our lives. she loves dresses and skirts and handbags, hates jeans and pants. 

she adores her baby brother and tells him everyday, as she helps him along and includes him (most of the time) in her endless games. what joy it brings to us as parents to see them together. lately she has been telling me that she needs a sister too hahaha. only time will tell... (no this is not an announcement of any kind) she loves to ask endless questions and to chat away about anything and has the memory of an elephant. sometimes she amazes us with the things she remembers! 

at madeline's request we had a my little pony birthday party, which included some little pops of pony things all over the place, including this game of pin the horn on the unicorn which i picked up from coles last year for just a dollar!

and pony throw... there aren't too many pony related games out there so i made one up! we got four stuffed ponies (all from the opshop for a dollar each) and placed a big pink bucket accordingly depending on age and what we guessed their throwing abilities to be... they all loved it and got right into it. success!

and of course, what is a party without pass the parcel. winner was a pop together my little pony set. thank you target clearance!

daddy and joseph chilling together ♥

aunty jen made madeline's cake again this year (what a blessed mum i am, i haven't had to make one of my childrens birthday cakes yet thanks to my sweet best friend who steps in and makes such perfect ones each year) and made exactly what we wanted, sweet and simple, so we could add a little pop of my little pony on the top and a surprise in the middle!

madeline with her precious my little pony cake

cutting the cake with mummy after blowing the candles out...

and finding it was full of smarties! what an awesome surprise.

joseph also spent a little time with the ladies... here's a snap of him and his future bride analeah. hahaha. i can't even imagine my babies getting married, but what a sweet picture this is. i am so in love with it.

happy birthday sweet girl. we are so proud to be your parents and we love you so much!

and of course a family picture, just because 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

state of origin 2015

we are home! back in perth and all together as a family again. madeline was so excited to wake up tuesday morning and find her mummy, which made me so happy. i love her and it was hard to be away for so long. but we made it!

and tonight (not that this interests me even a little haha) is the final state of origin game for (the decider) and poppy bought joseph a little maroons jumper, hoping it brings them a little more luck to win. doug loves it... haha. here's hoping!

(update: they totally won! clearly it was all joseph's jersey haha)

Monday, July 6, 2015

game over!

game over!! the packing is done, the house is cleaned and the moving van took everything these lovely people are keeping, to perth western australia. the last two weeks of stress and packing and trying desperately to get all the odd jobs done are finally over... and we can breathe again. steve looks like a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders... and i am so ready to go home to my little girl and her daddy!

settlement is 2pm tomorrow... and then it's all complete. i fly out tonight back home and the kendall parentals will follow me next week once the loose ends have been tied up...

they are being so brave... doing this all for family and i am so proud of them! it's been such a long hard road to get here, especially the last 2 weeks, for all of us, but it's done... and soon we will all be together as a family.

one last sweep of the drive for poppy ♥

Sunday, July 5, 2015

hanging with the milne girls

i am so happy to be seeing madeline and doug late tomorrow night... but i am so sad to be leaving queensland for the last time in i don't know how long, especially when i have seen these three kids absolutely loving every minute they have spent together.

the girls have made joseph laugh and laugh and have played and chatted and loved it all. and i have loved watching it. if only we lived closer, i am sure our children would be the best of friends. but for now, as we say goodbye again, it's simply, til we meet again.

we love you milne family!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

dirty laundry

the washing machine (as well as pretty much every other thing the kendalls own) has been sold and collected... but we had washing to do. so for the first time in my life, i got to sit in a laundromat with joseph and poppy steve while we washed our clothes.

and to be honest, we had a really good time. joseph played around, chatted to himself and occasionally to us, watched the clothes go around and ate madarines... while we waited.

and of course, this mama with a camera couldn't resist taking a bunch of photos of my baby in the biggest dryer i've ever seen. what a crack up. ♥