Thursday, September 30, 2010

mini me

there's a little girl i know who i love more than nearly anything else in this world

miss laura isabella goodlet

and i was blessed to have her company for the entire queen's birthday long weekend (p.s. i am petitioning for a public holiday for my birthday too! sounds like an awesome idea!!!) whilst the dianella and apm youth convention was on

she is the most darling person i know, always happy and smiling and trying endlessly to make me laugh and laugh and laugh

and as you can see from the pictures - she really is


a mini-me

Monday, September 27, 2010

stake youth convention

today was the end of our 4 day youth convention for dianella stake and the australia perth mission. it was lots of fun had by all the crew especially at the kendall house where laura, rani and juliet from kalgoorlie stayed the weekend :)

friday night was a carnival activity at dianella - complete with tickets, carnival games, booths, tickets, cotton candy, popcorn and prizes. freaking cool
saturday was getting to know you then the photo rally with the bowling/ black and white dance that night depending on your age group
sunday was classes and then sacrament meeting, followed by workshops and then a real fireside and testimony meeting out at the kafarelas vineyard
and today - a service project... lots of groups going to lots of places and offering assistance. my group went to out to sister rollo's house and gardened...

it was a great (but long weekend)!!

and i am going to miss the girlies :(

the die-anella crew

Thursday, September 23, 2010

au revoir margarita!

after 20-something years with chippers, margaret will be hanging up her hat tomorrow and charging off into the
sunset of retirement!
wow - what an adventure!!
so tonight at amarettos in osborne park we had a
chipper do - to send her off in style...

we'll miss you margs!!!!

me and sandra - our new receptionist
(who probably won't last that much longer
if we keep laughing as loudly as we do...)

me and my boss mark
a laugh a minute...


Monday, September 20, 2010

another one bites the dust!

wonderful news over the weekend..

my little craigy pops and his girl katie are getting married!
so so so exciting!!

a trip to brisbane for me and doug??
fingers crossed!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

i love to see the temple...

so today was dianella stake conference
and i went... and sat... and listened... and actually enjoyed it...
and got a lot out of it
but the one thing i really thought about?
we have the temple right next door
and do i really go as much as i could?


so i am going to try to do better...

it makes me think... that 29 years ago my parents saved and saved and saved and saved to be able to go and be sealed together for time and all eternity in the hamilton, new zealand temple
with two little boys

my brother and his wife 14 years ago saved and flew to sydney to be married in the temple

whereas i got out of bed and drove the whole half hour to the temple to be married and sealed and everything all in one day, without having to save - or for that matter - even wait
cause there's one right here!!

do i really appreciate it as much as they did??
without all the waiting and the saving and the travelling?
don't get me wrong - i wouldn't have had it any other way - and if needs be i would have saved and saved and waited -
but i didn't have to...
cause there's one right here!!

a stone's throw away

and they'll be seeing more of me :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i'm thankful

i'm thankful to have met my husband
at the very time i wasn't looking
i'm thankful for his persistance
and hanging around 'til i was ready...
and i am thankful that he can still make me
laugh harder than anyone else i know

he's a keeper - for sure

Monday, September 6, 2010

doug's 30th bday bonfire!

doug turned 30 on friday 3rd september
that's a pretty big deal -
so we thought we would celebrate in style
with a freaking huge bonfire...
at mum and dad's place in clackers

the bonfire has been built gradually over the last 3 or so years - with mum and dad just chucking stuff (sticks, branches etc) on it whenever they can - so it was huge. isaac (our resident firebug) turned up with a couple of cans of degreaser and decided to spray some on it - only to have mum laugh and tell him that she thought he would need more than that to light it. but to be honest...
i doubt he even needed that to get it going
- cause within seconds it was off!!!!

and as you can see - the flames were ridiculously high - and the heat?? unbelievable!! the photo shows the closest we could get without getting burnt. madness i tell you.

me and jen

dannii lisa and i

even after a few hours it was still huge - looking like a furnace - and any attempt at roasting marshmallows scored the attemptee a burnt hand - until mat ripped a branch off a tree and made a "marshmallow tree" and roasted us all some :)

rob and bianca turned up about 1/2 an hour after we lit the bonfire - and when they arrived and i came out to meet them pink as anything - bianca said, "wow you look warm - shall i leave my extra jumper in the car??" extra jumper??i don't think she even needed the one she had on!!

luckily we had the local fire-ries on duty
making sure nothing got out of hand.
thanks mat & jen! haha

mum and dad got a lamb and spit roasted it - much to the delight of all in attendance... went down a treat with all the roast vegetables and cauli cheese mum had slaved over all day...

followed by sticky date pudding ...
with sparkler candles (of course!)
and an amazing coconut cake (courtesy of miss jen)
complete with chocolate icing.
like a giant bounty bar!

happy 30th bebeh...
here's hoping you're still this hot in another 30 years time.
love you!!!

P.S. props to the parentals on an amazing job with the
assistance provided to organise the coolest bday party
i have been to in a very long time!!
thanks a heap...
we love you lots!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the forgotten garden

it has been a very long time since i am have been totally and utterly consumed by a book. but it has happened again... thanks to kate morton's novel - the forgotten garden. mum bought it a few months ago and loved it - passing it on to me who popped it on the shelf and promptly forgot about it... then after much nagging got it out and starting to read it. oh mum... you know me far too well...
it was... incredible!!
back and forth between london in the 1900s and brisbane of the present day as the mystery is solved... i cannot tell you enough just how good this book was - and hope you'll all run off and buy a copy to read!
now - back to my petition to have it made into a movie! haha

Thursday, September 2, 2010

newcar newcar newcar!!!

so... last night i picked up my new car!!!
it's white and shiny and pretty and new and i think i'm in love.

p.s. picture is not actually my car... it's too dark outside and...
well... i just couldn't be bothered!