Sunday, May 4, 2014

rob & holly got married ♥

yesterday doug and i (along with baby joe...) had the absolute privilege of being there to witness rob and holly getting married! it seems like such a long, long time ago, i started at purslowe funerals in north perth, in the co-ordination office... after returning from my first bout of maternity leave. i met rob in the lunch room that first day, having a laugh with another one of the english staff members. i remember asking him what he did and he replied that he was the manager to which i laughed hysterically - only to find out that it was true! it was obviously hard for me to imagine someone that funny could take anything seriously.

holly is one of the transfer staff - and seemed to be very shy at first, but came out of her shell as i got to know her better. i liked them both instantly, and was ecstatic to find out they were dating months later. they are so perfect for one another, i've never once seen a cross word (that wasn't put on!) and seeing them together makes mo so very happy! they are both beautiful people who have clearly never been happier - and today was the icing on the cake - as it was very apparent that they just could not wait to become husband and wife.

i have never seen a calmer groom, waiting patiently for his holly to arrive, laughing with the celebrant, assuring that no one could possibly get a good picture of him...

and joking with the best man (ohhhhh wedding friend!!... in joke...)

holly's mum arrived and came down to the gazebo where rob grabbed her hand and escorted her in, it was such a lovely thing to see... they clearly love not only each other, but the others family!

and there was this beautiful moment between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom ♥

finally holly came down in that beautiful dress, escorted by her father to the front... she also didn't look even a bit nervous, just couldn't wait to get to rob!

hollys parents during the ceremony 

after some gorgeous personal vows and some paperwork being signed - it was all over and now they're stuck with each other... haha

robs parents during the ceremony

and i now pronounce you husband and wife...

there are not often photos of me (because i am always behind the camera - not in front of it!), but rob's very obliging sister-in-law catherine who just happened to have the same camera as me took this gorgeous pic of us at the ceremony. such a good one!

and joe? he was an angel, chilled all through the ceremony and didn't make a sound. and looked amazing in his little outfit. that kids got style!

margaret from work had her husband jimmy ready to whisk away the newlyweds in his maserati. fun times - and certainly good for photos!

and just one from the reception - holly's dad was having a dig about something and it made for a great picture. it was an amazing day and we were so, so pleased to be a part of it.

congratulations rob and holly! ♥

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