Tuesday, May 20, 2014

aqwa with the fam!

today we went for a family outing to aqwa at hillarys boat harbour... having doug's dad here we thought we'd do something fun - and being that i haven't been since i was in primary school, i really couldn't remember anything about it! back in the day it was called underwater world - and it really is just that. a huge tank with a circular tunnel running underneath it, with a rotating walkway, as well as the option of walking at your own pace. it's super fun, with heaps to see and do.

we started in the shark tank - and did a few laps, my favourite thing to look at was the stingrays, they always make me laugh, the way they look like they have a smiley face underneath! maddie was a bit unsure at first but ended up loving it and pointing things out to doug and i as we went along... joseph loved every second of sleeping in his pram as it rolled along the moving path. (he didn't wake up until we were in the gift shop about to leave)

outside of the tank there are various other exhibits (mini tanks) and then a huge one outside where in summer there is the option of participating in something called "reefwalking" where members of the public can get into a suit and go into the second largest tank and have a walk around and a squiz under the water! way cool. there was a youngish staff member in there cleaning when we stopped to look and maddie at the suggestion of her poppy started calling him "scuba steve". she was thrilled when he stopped to wave to her as she gazed through the glass and told everyone that would listen for the rest of the day all about scubasteeeeeeve.

and me? i could not resist taking a shark selfie. top that selfie queens! i'm pretty damn proud of it!

this little girl had a great time running around and pointing out anything and everything to us... look mum! look at the fiiiiiish! mum! mum! poppy and her had a great time together, i am sure she is going to miss him terribly when he goes home.

there is a touch pool in the outside area, where you can get up close and personal with a whole pile of different sea creatures. was the biggest highlight in quite some time for me, to be able to hold this starfish! as you all know (unless you're a complete random visiting my blog for the very first time) i am obsessed with stars and would very much like my own starfish to take home and cuddle whenever i want!

of course, no trip to hillarys with visitors is complete without a pizza from little caesars. their gourmet pizzas are all kinds of amazing, and the three of us and little miss madeline had no problems polishing these off  (clockwise from top left in picture below: tri-beca, janes addiction and vegetarian)

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