Saturday, May 30, 2015

evie is two!

today we went to sweet evie's second birthday party. evie's mum alex and i have been friends since i was 4 and it makes me so happy to see our little girls running around together like we did once upon a time. 

alex did a pink and gold dot theme and it looked awesome, especially the word banner she had made and strung up on the wall. i was so impressed with it... she's a legend!

the sweet and serious birthday girl

and the cake was the cutest! i am a long time smartie lover and i totally loved it, alex is bringing smarties back!

and the coolest bit... it was a pinata cake! when it was cut into and opened, all the insides (more smarties of course) fell out and spilled all over the table. so awesome... i seriously want to copy it for madeline's birthday, hopefully alex won't be too mad haha.

i love this family to pieces... and am so glad to count them as my friends.

happy birthday sweet evie!

Friday, May 29, 2015

clackers and baby jacob

mum and dad got home from the uk wednesday night and needed a ride back to clackline, so i threw my hand in the air and quickly snuck off to visit jen and baby jacob once i had them home and safe.

he spent most of the time i was there sleeping, but that's okay... you can still cuddle a sleeping baby. i got my fix.

and today we went to york, played at the park and got a haul from the salvos... everything you see for $20. this is why we love york. 

i am so glad mum and dad are home and safe. it always makes me feel good when they get back.

and i love clackline. you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. all these years later and i still feel at home driving those long roads and getting out to the farm in the bush. i love that place and it will always feel like home.

Monday, May 25, 2015

baby jacob is here!

he's finally here! my best friend jen had her baby on friday!! 

baby jacob mathew macqueen 
born may 22nd 2015 at 6:20pm
3920g (8lb 60z) 52cm long

madeline and i finally got to visit tonight and he is adorable! the sweetest little face, so sweet and snuggly and so much hair! i am in love with him already. she certainly made one cute baby.

i mean seriously. look at that face!

and look how excited madeline was! she was so stoked to have a baby to hold... she is such a little mummy and loved every second of it. 

i am so excited and can't wait for more cuddles ♥

Sunday, May 24, 2015

baby blessings in mandurah

what's the only thing better than one new baby? two! cousins that were born just weeks apart and will undoubtedly be best friends when they grow up.

baby lincoln (on the left) and baby samuel who were blessed today at mandurah ward and they are just the cutest little men. :)

my friend kelly is baby sam's mum and  was quite happy to let me snap a billion pictures of him which made my day, he is an absolute little darling.

i mean seriously. look at that face.

it was a gorgeous day, full of family and love

and cake! yum

and just for good measure, here is my friend aeronny (kellys husbands aunt and the reason i know kelly! i go waaaaaaaay back with this family... haha) cuddling her two new great nephews! i am loving this photo!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

10 years of funerals

it's a week of anniversaries! 10 years ago today i started as a funeral directors assistant with chipper funerals. 10 years ago. i can hardly believe it. married with two kids later (and on my second bout of maternity leave) i'm still at my first even full time job. i have literally learned how to do every single thing that was on offer other than embalming and driving a limousine and i am so proud that i have made it all that way. 

i am amazingly grateful to the then general manager who took a huge chance on a 21 year old and let me prove that i was worth it. i have loved every single moment over the years and can't even imagine a different path. 

i just wish i could find a picture of me with a hearse... but this is the only one i could find :(

Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 year engageversary

ten years ago today, doug got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife... to spend his life and what comes next - by his side. 

who would have known on our first date (which i just so happen to have photos from, conveniently because we were going to our stake ysa ball) that we'd end up here all these years later.

i mean seriously, these photos are 12 years old! haha.

marriage is hard, but loving doug makes it a little easier ♥

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

j is 15 months!

another joseph update? sure thing:

he has popped yet another molar and grizzled non stop, then for good measure popped the tooth above it and the one next to it. 12 teeth now.
he is always happy in the morning and babbles away to me while i get him some breakfast
he listens to us and sometimes even does as we ask.
he loves to move around to music
his favourite song is "if you're happy and you know it" and when we start to sing, he automatically claps his hands
he loves to lay on the floor and put his head in my lap when i am sitting cross legged
he is always walking, never crawling
he has had to be supervised in the shower as everytime we leave the room for a second, he quickly runs out of the bathroom and we find him in the hall, the kitchen, the bedroom... what a monkey!

we love him and love to watch him grow!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

hanging with uncle theron

it was dougs day off today and he decided to go and hang with theron because they hadn't seen each other in a while... while i went on to my friend alexs house for a catch up

when i came back to get him though, madeline decided that she was ready to party and proceeded to go and try on all therons shoes and then play basketball with him until we threatened to drive of without her. she loves theron and the entire pinker family so much and it's always so much fun to watch them together.

even our little teething grump got in on the action and had a try with a pair of therons shoes, then grumped out the door and slept all the way home. 

lucky he's so beautiful... and so easy to love...
especially when he is sleeping :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

sunday loving ❤️

there's not much i love more than sundays. it's a chance to go to church with my family, to be together and to have the best excuse ever to dress these kids up like there is no tomorrow. i am obsessed with hair bows, dresses, bow ties, vests and little shoes... so bring on all the sundays i say!

today was rainy and cold for the first time in months... so when we walked out the front door of the chapel and there was a break in the showers, i dashed up the temple steps and popped joseph down to pose for a pic. perfect light, two shots to get it... snap snap and into the car as the rain started again.

plus... madeline was thrilled to bits when we got home and i gave her her gumboots and told her to go nuts in the puddles out the front of our house. i love rain... i love cold...

...but most of all i love sundays

Friday, May 15, 2015

backstreets back alright!!!

all my teenage dreams came true tonight when i scored a last minute ticket to the backstreet boys concert at perth arena. my friend dom had bought two and was going to take her mum. when they were here last week i said jokingly to her mum, "if you feel sick let me know, i'll go" and next thing i knew i was being informed that i was going! what an awesome surprise that was!

the concert was pretty epic i must say... the boys came out dressed to the nines in blue slim fit suits and white shirts to do their first set... and oh did they dance. those 90s boy band choreographed dance moves were out in full force and the crowd loved every single minute of it.

as you can see we were pretty excited!

during one of the songs, they asked the crowd to put on their phone lights and holy moly was it bright in there.

i have to say also, i was so impressed. back in the day when i was a teenager (in fact their first song was released the year i turned 12) they just sang and busted out the occasional dance move, but now they all sing better and play instruments and write their own music! it was a really good show!

but... as it was to be expected, nick carter is still by far the hottest - and thousands of girls in the arena made sure he knew about it... so he was putting on a good show for them. including an impromtu dance solo during one of the last songs. i could not stop laughing. most of the night, in fact.

so after 20 years, they are still going strong... and backstreet's back alright!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

we are clean!

finally after a week, we have test results! there is no whooping cough here... thank goodness. we can leave the house again and be normal human beings haha.

first item on the agenda was leaving the house of course, so we all walked up to the local shops to post a package to sister kendall. all we really got out of  her on sunday was how cold she is, so we sent her a big jacket (which is now thirdhand sister missionary), a scarf, some more shoes, some treats, a painting from madeline... and some other bits and bobs. hopefully she will have it soon. it's not bad though, going airmail from perth, they have said it's only between 3-10 working days. not bad at all.

now to wash all the linen in the house seeing as he is finally feeling better. a mothers work is never done.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

mothers day 2015

another mothers day has come and gone... and i have to admit, it was not the best... joseph hasn't been well for a few weeks, although as it was originally just a very runny nose, we hadn't taken him to the doctor. on tuesday morning he woke up and coughed and coughed and coughed, so i bundled him off to the doctor, only to have them test him for whooping cough! personally i don't think that's what it is, he isn't terribly ill, even now... but as there has been a few cases in perth recently, they had to check for it. i am feeling pretty blessed that he has been immunised, so if by some crazy chance he has contracted it, it would be an extremely mild case and not potentially dangerous! anyway... because of that, we are on house arrest. :( he can't go anywhere until the results are back - which won't be until tuesday, blergggg. he seems okay and is on antibiotics, so fingers crossed.

so, no church for us today, although doug went (he had a speaking assignment...) which meant i missed out on hearing him speak and hearing my primary children sing, they had practiced and practiced for weeks to sing "i often go walking" to their mums. devastated. 

there was good parts of my day though... i got a gorgeous white cardigan and some lollies from the kidlets...

 i got to facetime with my mum in France, where she is living it up with dad and my brothers family... i am so grateful for her and every little thing she has done for me over the years. some people are insulted when they are told they are turning into their mother... i however take it as a compliment, there is no one i would rather be. she is loving, generous, compassionate, christlike and so so so talented. she is an amazing cook, can sew anything, makes beautiful creations out of old junk and is one heck of a snappy dresser.

mama you are the queen of my heart!

the highlight of my day though, was talking to doug's beautiful sister, serving in the new zealand hamilton mission. she has been been out just 17 days and in the field just 5 days, but as it was mothers day she was entitled to a call home. it was so nice to hear from her and actually get to see her face! i already miss her so much and it was the best to see her!

all in all though, my mothers day was okay... because i got to share it with these two adorable monkeys that i get to call me "mum". how grateful i am to be their mum and for every single day i have already had to spend with them and every one i'm yet to have. even the hard ones when someone is in tears most of the day (and yes, that someone is sometimes me!) i love my babies - and i am so glad to be 

a mum