Saturday, October 31, 2015

gidgegannup show 2015

we went off to the gidgegannup show again this year and had a great time! madeline had the time of her life, going on 3 different rides (one of them twice...) and looking at everything around her. joseph was quite happy to chill in the pram and eat watermelon for lunch as we walked around taking it all in.

we have been the last few years in a row and have been so pleased with the show... it's like a small scale version of the perth royal show, (without the crazy prices), without the crowds because it's country enough, with some smaller rides, exhibits, livestock to look at, petty zoos, displays and lots of stalls to browse. plus, some great food and all the show bags! we didn't get a show bag this year but we still had a great time. 

our babes chilling at the show...

and what's a show without icecream?

the funniest bit? my feet when we got home. i had been wearing my havaianas and because most of the show is on the oval and the neighbouring paddocks, my feet were filthy! we had a great day though and will definitely be back again next year!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 years of mat and jen

can hardly believe it's been 5 years today since i was the maid of honour at the wedding of these two adorable people. time flies when you're having fun (and building a house and buying a block and having a baby...) i love you two crazy kids and look forward to the next five. xxx

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

my new old cupboard

a few years ago i was driving home and went past a beat up old cupboard on the side of the road not far from our old house. i quickly called a friend with a ute and begged him to come and help me collect it so i could take it home and put it in the garage. he thankfully did and it remained there until a few weeks ago when we moved and my parents took it home to begin the restoration process.

i have put the pictures of  it looking lovely up first, but it was so so so beat up. the tin side which is now chalk board was almost completely off, dad had to reattach it before mum could paint it for me... there were paint stains all over the door inside and out, more than half the shelving was missing, the door was terribly hard to close once it was open because it's so heavy that it buckled the cupboard as it opened... and the paint job was cracked, peeling and looking like crap.

but yet again my dad undertook a job he really didn't want to do, all because i asked. he reinforced the cupboard to make it stronger, he painted the inside, replaced the shelving, painted it, fixed the hinges, fixed the door and then delivered it back to me. what a legend. i am completely in love with it and can't wait to fill it up, with my kitchen things... i have attached some pics below so you can see just how bad it was and some of the process... i love my dad! he truly is the best. thank you! xxx

Sunday, October 25, 2015

welcome to ellenbrook ward!

we had out first day at our new ward today... everyone was so lovely and very welcoming and we discovered some old friends as well as making some new ones. we are so happy to be there and now we are going to love it here. joseph did not have a good day... he obviously didn't sleep very well, grumped around all morning, threw things everywhere and even lost some things out of doug's wallet that we still haven't located. then he screamed for the entire sacrament meeting... only to fall asleep in the pram the minute it was over and sleep for the rest of church. little dag. lucky he is so completely adorable or i would be furious with him!

madeline went straight into primary happy as a lark and loved it straight away. she told me on the way home, mummy i love my new primary and told me about her new friends (both of whom happened to be daughters of girls i know, so that was nice...) there was also a nice man who hasn't been a member all that long, who meets the children at the door of the primary room and hands out lollies. no wonder she likes it here!

we even got invited to someones house for dinner... and had a lovely time. as you can see the kids were happy as can be at bed time, so i took the chance to get a few pics with joseph (i am always taking them and never seem to actually be in them) and as soon as madeline saw, she wanted to get in on the action... fine by me! any excuse for a cuddle with my big girl! i known one day soon she is going to be too big for cuddles with mum so i take every chance i can.

here's to sundays, my favourite day of the week! ♥

Thursday, October 22, 2015

clackline day trip

it was my dad's birthday yesterday so i took the kids up to visit for the day... i always love going to clackline, there's just something about going home. madeline loves the same things i loved when i was a kid... running around the verandahs, looking at everything and "driving" up the gravel roads. (on someone's lap of course).  i'm so glad that my children have the chance to be country kids, even though we aren't living there.

i especially love the old lion monument... watching her climb up and down it all by herself is adorable... in her ninja turtle shirt that my mum bought for her.

(side note, this girls is obsessed with the ninja turtles. she has a baby doll that she has named raphael the ninja turtle. not just raphael, you have to say raphael the ninja turtle, that she takes everywhere. to the shops, to church, to bed... it is the funniest! i love hearing her introduce him to people. this is my baby her name is raphael, raphael the ninja turtle.hahahaha)

joseph also had a hair cut while we were visiting nanna... he has been okay every other time, but this time he was completely unimpressed and screamed his face off the entire time mum was trying to cut. in the end she gave up, and he has a few pieces that are messy and all over the place, it looks a little like he went a few rounds with a lawn mower above his right ear.

poor love, i am just hoping he is not traumatised for life... otherwise we are going to not be enjoying ourselves during future hair cuts. i couldn't resist sharing this photo though, although he is so upset, he looks so darn cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

joseph is twenty months

is it really that time again? another month has passed? well our little man is now 20 months old and getting into all kinds of mischief! he is obsessed with splashing in the fountain and throwing the pebbles into it, even though it makes his daddy angry, which makes him giggle even more. he has finally worked out the toddle bike that madeline used to ride and is scooting furiously up and down the backyard much to maddie's glee now that he can keep up with her. 

if something frightens him, he comes rushing to me calling, "mama mama mama!!" it is so adorable. i was nearby when he accidentally turned on the dryer the other day playing with the buttons and he quickly rushed off to me calling me. i love hearing his little voice and i am hoping he learns more words soon... he learned to say emma this month and everyone thought it was his cousin emma, but it was actually from watching the wiggles mini show emma, maddie used to sing the song over and over and over e-mm-a emma! e-mm-a emma! until one day he just her off and screamed emma himself as if to shoosh her. hilarious. 

he still loves his toy cars and everywhere we go he seems to have at least one wedged in his hands, more if he can manage it. he loves all his toys though and when he wakes up in the morning if there is nothing waiting to lift him out of his cot, he reaches over the end to grab the toys that are there and plays with them in his cot for a while. 

he is such a bundle of fun and energy, running everywhere and is so very rarely still. we love him so much and so glad he is ours ♥

Monday, October 19, 2015

happy birthday oli!

not only did we have a primary presentation yesterday, but my mother in law also had her birthday. we are so blessed to have her in our lives and love how much she loves us. she is kind and generous, loves to buy her grandchildren gifts and loves to love them!

family is so important to the samoan culture and i feel blessed each and every day that she openly accepted me to be a part of hers. she is certainly one of a kind!

we love you oli/mum/grandma!

from all of here at the kendall casa 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

dianella primary presentation 2015

today was madeline's first primary presentation! we technically moved out of the ward a month ago, but our bishop gave us permission to keep coming until it was over, so she could be with her friends, plus i felt mean ripping her out so close to it, when each ward has a few songs of their own.

she sang beautifully, but we did run into a little bit of trouble... when we went to practice yesterday, she suddenly decided she was frightened of the microphone and cried and cried and cried when they asked her to say her part. it was awful! we coached and coaxed her all afternoon, then she woke up and cried again and said she didn't want to do it. so we recited her part all the way to church, where she finally said she would do it if sister tash held her hand... but it wasn't to be. she got stage fright and went back to her seat without doing it. but it doesn't matter. it is only the first of many and i am sure next time she will be ready.

madeline and her best friend leiara. we are so sad to be leaving her and her lovely family behind as we go off to ellenbrook ward next week. they love each other so much, so we are going to have to make sure they still see each other just as much.

leiara, madeline and leigh, the three amigos.

madeline and her friend faith... faith is one of the senior primary girls and maddie just adores her, when madeline suddenly became uncharacteristically shy, faith was happy to hold her hand, sit with her and make her smile. it was lovely to see the friendship they have and i know we will miss her very much too!

after church madeline went into the chapel with faith and went up to the pulpit and gleefully delivered her line to an empty chapel hahaha "my name is madeline and the holy ghost is my special friend!" what a crack up. fingers crossed that in 5 weeks time at her new ward (we have just found out their primary presentation hasn't happened yet...) she will be happy to get up and say her line. plus aunty dom is in the primary presidency, so that should help!

and this little boy? oh he is the light of my life. he is so adorable isn't he? look at that sweet smile!

we had the best day and this guy here and i loved seeing our little girl smiling. uncle isaac even joined us at church (for the first time in years i might add!) which added to our day. can't wait for the next one! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

dinner with sally

we had dinner last night with a lovely lady from church, sally. she was one of madeline's nursery leader and is now joseph's... and they absolutely adore her. she loves to sing and play instruments with the kids and we had such a good time. madeline wanted to play the drums all night and the minute the music starts, joseph starts to dance... we love her and will miss seeing her each sunday. ♥

Sunday, October 11, 2015

general conference october 2015

i love general conference. i love that we have the opportunity to hear the words of the lord directly from his prophet and apostles here on the earth. i love to hear their stories and feel of their love for the lord and for those who are listening to their words.

it occured to me this year when i saw this picture exactly how old some of these men are. it amazes me how young some of them were when they were called to serve in the position of a general authority, and that for some of them, that means they have spent the majority of their lives in the service of lord. their dedication is amazing. how blessed we are to have our church led by such wonderful men. i love to hear them speak, especially our dear prophet.

i think, however that my favourite part of conference weekend (even though we watch it a week later in australia) is seeing my facebook and instagram feeds flooded with quotes, stories, talks and photographs from the conference. i love it. it makes my aimless scrolling a little less aimless and a little more inspired.

this though was the best. thank you elder nelson! i'll be quoting that to doug at every possible occasion.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

park life

i love the park across the road. we have been there at least once a day since we moved in and the kids are loving every single minute. it's so nice. out the front door, run across the road... and run to the park. the other day, while they ran and played and laughed and sang (well, madeline sang) i lay under a tree and just, for the first time in ages, just did nothing. other than watch them play, i did nothing.

after all the stress of moving, packing, unpacking, the endless phonecalls sorting things out, changing addresses for everything you can think of... it was nice to have some down time. our new house is lovely - and the park life is a beautiful added bonus.

the kids are loving it  and so am i.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

grand final day

it's over for another year... and everyone that follows the eagles in western australia is devastated. they were beaten fair and square... by a stronger team, and madeline was so sad. it's been hilarious - doug has a cd of footy theme songs and a few weeks ago he blasted the whole lot a few times over and maddie got hooked on the west coast eagles one. she sings it all the time and always shouts out when she sees someone wearing one of their shirts or jerseys (which obviously she has seen a lot of this week!) and calls them my eagles!

she was out with dougs parents at the shops today and when she heard that they had lost, she kept asking them why? why? what happened grandma!

oh well, there is always next year boys... :)