Saturday, May 31, 2014

disney on ice!!!

today maddie and i went to the perth arena to see disney on ice!! we had such a good time and i am so glad for my spur of the moment online ticket purchase after seeing an ad on tv one night. my little girl is completely and utterly obsessed with all the disney princesses (and a lot of the other movies too!!) so i knew it would be well worth it. 

she was captivated from the opening scene, toy story - and loved alice in wonderland and peter pan that followed before the intermission... the lion king was afterwards and i was so impressed with what they did for it (please go and look up disney on ice treasure trove the lion king on youtube, if there's a good copy, it's well worth the watch!) all the costumes and effects were so good. maddie got so excited and was adorable calling. "hey! hey!" and waving at the characters. they then did snow white and aladdin, which was the end of the actual story blocks... but there was still plenty of time for a song and a piece from the little mermaid, tangled and the princess and the frog before a finale with 9 of the princesses and their princes singing one day my prince will come. i was beside myself when they did aladdin which has always been my favourite of the movies, but when tangled started both maddie and i were cheering, she lovvvvves tangled ('punzel as she calls it...) and it's certainly my favourite of the new animation style movies that disney have done. it was so great to watch, and i loved the way that the characters interacted with the audience waving and smiling as they ended their piece. disney certainly never scrimp on anything and it was all presented with absolute perfection.

after the show we bought a princess balloon which maddie was thrilled to bits with, we walked in right as the show began, so we passed the stalls with merchandise and just looked - and then did the same during intermission. amazingly enough maddie was happy just to look - wow that's crazy... my two year old didn't want everything for once? but the balloon was great! she happily took it and walked up the street with it to meet daddy and joseph at harbourtown, where she showed it to everyone we passed.

it was so nice to spend some time with just me and her, i think sometimes she feels a little neglected when joseph constantly has all my attention, so it was nice for us! she told doug over and over about disney ice and keeps asking when we can go skating (this will be interesting for sure...) so obviously she enjoyed herself. i also saw when googling later on this afternoon that they currently have frozen on ice in progress so i guess that will be next on the agenda! i'm sure we'll be lining up for that one!! ♥

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