Saturday, December 31, 2016


new years eve brought the milnes to our house to hang out... and we found all of the girls asleep before 10:30pm. the only kid with enough energy to keep going was little joseph, who laughed and ran about the place playing with his cars, and bugging me for a drink until we finally bundled him off to bed.

what a year it has been! i am well and truly ready for a new one, a new clear one, where we can start afresh! goodbye 2016, i can't say i will miss you... hello 2017! let's get acquainted. ♥

Friday, December 30, 2016

aqwa (and the mermaids!)

a day at aqwa was just what the dr ordered, so off we went for the day with the kidlets to have some fun by the beach. it has been a breeze having the four of them together... other than their own personalities sometimes leading to a meltdown or two, they never argue or get mad at each other. yes! so easy. i love seeing them so happy together.

after making our way through the shipwreck coast and the smaller tanks as you wander through the aquarium levels, we came out into the open and took the kids around the touch pool. joseph wasn't so keen, but the girls were loving picking up the starfish and getting to be a part of everything. 

but by far the best part of the day, was when we got to see the mermaids perform in the adventure bay tank. what an awesome show! two women who are very talented free divers, who have full mermaid costumes and do a show (or two) for a bunch of lucky kids. after these two full holiday week schedules are over, they'll go back to "mermaid mondays" during the summer, but i am so glad we caught it by chance... we didn't actually know it was on. the women even happily pose for photos for half an hour prior to their show so that children can meet the mermaids before they watch them.

as you can see, it's a cool way for the kids to spend some time chilling at aqwa. 

we are loving having the milnes here and i know already we are going to be so sad when they leave us... here is one more of our kids, acting as normal as they can hahaha. ♥

Thursday, December 29, 2016


i am completely and madly in love with the new disney princess movie moana. from the minute it began and i heard the first cry to the land, i just felt so emotional and such a tie to it. if you are new here and haven't followed me for long (or ever... lol. i am pretty sure family and super close friends are the only people who are following along here) please allow me to tell you about my husband douglas. he was born in western samoa, a beautiful polynesian island to a samoan mother and a father from new zealand who has maori heritage. they moved to new zealand within a year of his birth, but finally years later in , we had the opportunity to travel with our little family (when joseph was just 7 months old!) in 2014 to upolo, his family island... and spend 2 weeks there with his mother, some of his extended family (who still live there) and my parents, who were serving a mission there at the time. 

we has such a wonderful time and i think douglas finally had the chance to see where he is from and who he really is... and most of all to finally know his people. i would go back in a heartbeat ,as we have such wonderful memories of our time there. it was so good for the children to spend time in the islands and for me to see where doug was from. 

moana is based on the stories of many islands, including those of the people of samoa. i was so taken into the movie and felt such a love for the story, the islands, the songs and the people. i can't wait to watch it again. please go and see it if you haven't already and treat your children to a good story about a beautiful group of people

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

zoo with the milnes

today we ran off to the perth zoo for the day with our four kids and loved every single minute of our time hanging with the animals. it was a gorgeous day, not too hot and as the kids skipped around and rode in the mini wagons we hired (worth every cent by the way... do yourself a favour and hire one if you ever decide to take your kids to the zoo)

i love the perth zoo, it's in a great spot, has so many fun animals and so many different places to explore. we had no problems keeping the kids entertained has never been so easy.

i mean seriously, look how happy they were!

joseph spent most of the day cruising as his dad pulled his wagon, when he wasn't trying to get to close to the newest love of his life, miss charlotte milne hahaha

as you can see, they were getting nice and cosy, look at that smoochy face on him!

we ended the day with my favourite thing about the zoo, the carousel! i have been in love with it forever and always remember the one time we went to the zoo a few years back and it wasn't running that day, i was devastated! i think i was probably more upset than madeline was. it is just so lovely, with a great history behind it if you take the time to read the plaque in front of it.

of course our day would not have been complete without a selfie of the adults that made this new squad possible. we love the milnes like crazy and are so glad to be able to have some time with them after so long apart and get the chance to make some awesome memories! ♥

Monday, December 26, 2016

goodlet family christmas

goodlet christmas brunch this morning! we gathered in the train park in glen forrest to eat, drink (water!) and be merry. it was a great place to hang out, with heaps of fun play equipment for the kids.

grace and maddie having a cuddle

when i arrived and popped my camera on the table my two older nieces were quick to take off with it and proceeded to take all the pics you're about to see,.. i had a great time going through them and was well impressed with the shots they took!

grandad and ben 

ben and maddie... there was a whole lot of cuddling going on ♥

my little joseph, who is so excited by christmas that he can barely contain himself

i love to see my children with their grandparents, they are always so happy to see them and love their little one on ones. between their grandparents and aunties and uncles, the kids were well and truly spoiled, we are so blessed!

and i am the luckiest girl alive to have the parents that i do, i'm so glad to have been raised in the gospel knowing just what christmas means to us.

dad and zac

i can't get enough of this kid! he is such a cutie and as all children do, does the most random things...

grandad with maddie and joseph. we had sat him down and instructed him that he needed to be the patriarch of the family and hand out the gifts, so maddie made a wise crack about needing to sit on santas lap. haha.

i am totally filing away the boxing day brunch idea for next year, it worked so well i want to do it again!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

christmas 2016

christmas is on a sunday! and i love it. what better way to celebrate the birth of our saviour, than by attending church and hearing of his birth through scriptures, sharing of family traditions by members from around the world and the singing of hymns, 

i was privileged to be one of those singing from the pulpit, singing as part of a duo with my friend maddy, a sally deford song "when mary sang her lullaby". it was such an amazing experience telling a beautiful story and i loved being able to share it through song.

after church we rushed home for family brunch, to read the bible story and to open our presents, but first of course, a family photo together!

my little love dying to get into the presents

steve with a gag gift from doug and i... years ago this guy was a contestant on an australian music reality tv show. steve and doug spend hours bagging him out and asking each other about their selwyn cd and teasing each other about listening to and loving his music. so... when doug came across his cd on ebay, we had to buy it for him. as you can see, he secretly loved it. 

maddie getting into the spirit of things

bryan was pretty thrilled with what the gifts for him held... his one desire was a boomerang and santa delivered haha. i feel it important to add here that he took it outside later in the day and was actually successful in getting it to come back! i mean seriously, i am an aussie born and bred and i don't know if i could manage that! okay, let's be honest, there's no way.

joseph in complete car heaven with his gift specially chosen by daddy... a lightning macqueen with pieces that click on and off so you can play dress ups. 

what a wonderful day it was, to spend time with my kendall family and to just be comfortable together. i am so grateful today and always for jesus christ who was born all those years ago and who lived and walked on this earth. 

merry christmas! may we always remember the reason for the season ♥

Saturday, December 24, 2016

christmas eve with the pinkers

we had the most wonderful christmas eve with the pinker family this year, a beautiful cooked dinner, yummy dessert, gifts and lots of cuddles with the kids. we are so lucky to have friends that are family and love to spend time with them, no matter the occasion. christmas is of course though an excellent reason and we loved being there. the kids even busted out their new christmas pjs for a fashion show.

dinner with my sister in law/bestie haha

our little firecracker maddie with her christmas cracker...

and cuddles with my favourite baby boy. what a wonderful christmas eve, i can't wait for tomorrow and all it brings. 

merry christmas to all, and to all a good night! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

christmas goody trays

voila! finished for another year and ready for the boys at western power to enjoy today! it's become a wonderful christmas tradition for us and i can honestly say i love making them as much as the boys love to eat them.

this year consisted of:
chocolate truffles
white chocolate gingerbread rocky road
clinker slice and
salted caramel toffee

recipes can be found here and here for the others, except for the gingerbread rocky road which i made up as i went along. it was basically: the remains of a broken gingerbread igloo,one bag of 4 colour pascall marshmallows and one and a half bags of coles white chocolate melts, melted on a low setting in the microwave and all mixed together. sounds random i know, but it was delicious!

merry christmas to our wp boys! ♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

the christmas house

there is a house within walking distance (for kids even!) of our house, that our kids call the christmas house. the owners are quite obviously obsessed with christmas and each year cover their house and yard with lights and watch on with love as the children from all around come to see. they have elsa, anna, sven and olaf from frozen make appearances throughout the night, offer photos with santa, give all the children lollipops and are just so good and kind. we love to visit (more than once) during december and have a sit with santa and watch the show!

bryan and niques with the closest thing he is going to get to a white christmas this year!

joseph looking unimpressed even though he was having a great time

and maddie with olaf from frozen

we love our little community and their great spirit! ♥

Monday, December 19, 2016

gingerbread houses

another tradition has been added to our christmas prep as we shared family home evening with the pinkers tonight and then made gingerbread houses. what a night it was too. joseph surprised everyone by getting right into it and making a beautiful, stable house with the help of nannaleah...

madeline had a great time with hers too, but was annoyed when one side kept falling in, until aunty dom stepped in and made it look like there was a snow drift falling down the roof.

doug and i made a pretty good attempt, but our house was such a fail that i can't even bear to post a photo of it, it just wouldn't stay together and in the end, i ended up smashing it and pulling pieces off it to eat while i watched everyone else. bryan and niques made an igloo which was awesome and quite possibly indestructible...

it was such a fun night, we had the best time, especially the kids... and most of all loved spending time with our pinkers. how lucky we are to have them, and to spend times like this with them... because after all, isn't that what christmas is about?

 love, friends and family, celebrating the birth of our saviour. ♥

Sunday, December 18, 2016

e n g a g e d !

oh surprise! our dominique is getting married! bryan popped the question on thursday, she gleefully accepted, and now we are madly planning a wedding for next month before he returns to the u.s.
what wonderful news! they have known each other for 7 years now and seem to be perfect together, so we are thrilled to bits for them. ♥

thankfully we found a venue that could accomodate us at such short notice, so after checking out the valley view restaurant in henley brook today (which just happens to be where my best friend and her husband got married a few years back...), we have booked in and plans are full steam ahead! i am so excited and can't wait to get to work!

congratulations bryan and dominique, we are so, so happy for you!

Friday, December 16, 2016

freo prison night tour

one of my gifts for my birthday this year was to attend a torchlight tour of fremantle prison with my two dominiques.i was thrilled beyond words, as i love the place - and love fremantle too! i was born there and lived there with my family until just before my 4th birthday, yet for some reason i can't explain i love to go there almost as if it were going home. i love the smell of the ocean, the old buildings, the streets, the markets and well, pretty much everything it has to offer. 

i have been for the torchlight tour a few times now, but it's always as fun as the first time you go, with each of the guide having slightly different stories to tell and showing you little things you may have missed before. i love the yards and towers by night with such a small amount of light... if only the walls could talk, what stories they would tell. we brought dominique's friend bryan along for girls night (yes we make allowances sometimes) and he seemed to enjoy himself too... i mean seriously, who wouldn't enjoy a tour of a heritage listed, supposedly-haunted, old as prison bny torchlight. welcome to australia bryan! hahaha.

locked up and loving it! we had the last tour of the night, which leaves at 9;30, meaning it was totally dark, no one following us, a little creepy and lots of fun. there are always some hidden things to spook those brave enough to take on the tour.

the main cell block. there are day tours too and plenty to see and learn about, even a tour that operates in the tunnels below the building. do yourself a favour and read some more about it here, then book yourself in for a tour. it is amazing!