Thursday, June 30, 2011

happy bday miss jen

i love this girl!

happy birthday bestie! xx

baby shower

little gift bags for everyone filled with jelly babies!

saturday i had my baby shower with my girlfriends! was a fabulous afternoon... lisa gave up her house for the afternoon and prepared some fabulous treats... as did pippa (that looked and tasted amazing) and my beautiful mum. we played games as well - as you do... and baby k got some beautiful gifts. i just can't get over how generous everyone has been - and she's not even here yet!! i love you girls - thanks so much!!

baby clothes on a line to decorate the room - and later as a gift to bub
cupcakes by pip - and a little bird gift for baby k - her little friend-to-be miss brontë has one too!
amazing macarons by pippa - kiwi and raspberry flavours!

so many wonderful gifts! love you all lots! xx

Sunday, June 26, 2011


another day... somewhere else cool to be!!

friday night, dannii, me and lisa hit up the skatt claremont re-launch. the salon has moved from old theatre lane in bayview terrace, to times square - next to claremont quarter. fabulous as always, with parades, loud music and gift bags :)

congrats to my other lisa on another beautiful salon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

matchety match

sandra and i have matching phones!

just thought i'd share cause they are so damn cute!! x

Monday, June 20, 2011

spoilt rotten

baby kendall hasn't even arrived yet - and already it is being spolit rotten. our friends and family are being so so generous and we have received some absolutely beautiful gifts, like this "babycake" that appeared on the front desk at work with my name on it from the beautiful crew at the cottage garden florist in subiaco.

they do all our flowers for work (and the amazing flowers that jen and i had at her wedding in oct last year - which will soon be appearing on their website: here) and are so good to all of us.
my baby shower is this weekend... very exciting - can't wait to see all the girls!

Friday, June 17, 2011

good friends!

last night we had a dinner at the sicilian in subiaco as a send off for rob and bianca... rob is studying at the school of mines in kalgoorlie, and bianca (after the last few lonely months she's spent in perth without him) is now off to join him!

old photo... back from before they were even married (when we had first just met miss b), but a good one. we love them to pieces and will miss them lots... but know that you have to go where the opportunities are... and who would say no to an actual gold mine!

so... good bye and good luck! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 weeks to go!

yes... it's the right size
(they did another ultrasound to check)
yes... it looks smaller than it is
yes... i am very comfortable... thank you

just a bump update for anyone that might be interested!
getting very exciting, less than 6 weeks to go
and... starting antenatal classes on monday,
i hope they are a lot more interesting than they sound haha

we love spence

we love spencer adams
almost as much as we love president harold b lee
(yeah - that's an in joke, you have to
be one of the cool kids to get it!)
so we were more than stoked when he and his parents decided to collect his brother from his mission in sydney
and return home via perth!!!

it's been a very long time since he left and we were so stoked to see him, even if it was a fleeting visit to our place for milo and tim-tams. a very aussie night, with lots of fun,
memories and lots of laughs

vintage fair - take two!

there is no doubt in my mind that i have the cleverest mum in the whole wide world... she had a stall at the miss johnsons vintage and handmade markets this weekend and as usual made an absolute killing, cause people just love her things. i could not be prouder... she just sees things and makes them. i am not-so-secretly hoping that one day i wake up and it's just clicked in my head! when i am all grown up - i wouldn't mind being just like her! :)

for example... the gorgeous teasets with tablecloths - and well everything you need for high tea included... so cute! one lady told her that one of them was priced far too cheap and to make it more, then bought that one, plus another the next afternoon! wowsers!

cutest thing ever... windchimes with the wish chopard bottle as the middle... i mean seriously - who on earth would think of something like this? babs... that's who. this one was my favourite, and i am little bit devastated that everything she makes sells so quickly... why? cause i want to keep everything!! haha. there was 7 windchime sets, and all but one had sold by the time the friday night market was over!!

and this bird... amazing. i was so in love with it. but i know she's gone to a good home... :)

one day... one day... when we have our shop, i know we'll be a success... how? cause with a mind a talent like hers, there is no way we could fail!
congrats on a job well done babs! xx

work send off...

l to r: jane, sandra, moi and shez
the chippers subi girls

thursday night brought my work send off (along with finding out that morning that i am allowed to stay an extra two weeks! haha) it was a lovely little party with all of the crew, some lovely gifts and an awesome gift for me with a funny story...

carmel (basically my workmum) had asked me what i actually wanted, as she'd prefer me to have something i liked and not just something that they thought i might like. so i emailed her a pic of this gorgeous pandora necklace i had been eyeing off, only to have her tell me next time i saw her - and i quote, "oh my gosh, it was hideous! i couldn't bear the thought of you wearing something that awful!" i was very taken aback, as carms and i have very similar taste, so imagine my delight when i opened it a few days later! what a gem - and judging by it's pandora-ness, what a generous bunch of people i work with! :)

i love you all way too much, and have no idea how on earth i am going to live without you!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pub holiday

monday was a public holiday for us here in perth! after grabbing a few things at joondy, we passed bunnings on the way home and were thrilled to find not only sausage sizzle for lunch... but... wait for it... free fairy floss inside!!!! talk about the best. day. ever. ever...

...on other exciting topics, the computer has been fixed thanks to our lovely (geeky) i.t. mate chad - and will be plugged in the minute i finish the last of the cleaning for rent inspection tomorrow, so the cyber silence will soon be over! :)