Saturday, May 31, 2014

disney on ice!!!

today maddie and i went to the perth arena to see disney on ice!! we had such a good time and i am so glad for my spur of the moment online ticket purchase after seeing an ad on tv one night. my little girl is completely and utterly obsessed with all the disney princesses (and a lot of the other movies too!!) so i knew it would be well worth it. 

she was captivated from the opening scene, toy story - and loved alice in wonderland and peter pan that followed before the intermission... the lion king was afterwards and i was so impressed with what they did for it (please go and look up disney on ice treasure trove the lion king on youtube, if there's a good copy, it's well worth the watch!) all the costumes and effects were so good. maddie got so excited and was adorable calling. "hey! hey!" and waving at the characters. they then did snow white and aladdin, which was the end of the actual story blocks... but there was still plenty of time for a song and a piece from the little mermaid, tangled and the princess and the frog before a finale with 9 of the princesses and their princes singing one day my prince will come. i was beside myself when they did aladdin which has always been my favourite of the movies, but when tangled started both maddie and i were cheering, she lovvvvves tangled ('punzel as she calls it...) and it's certainly my favourite of the new animation style movies that disney have done. it was so great to watch, and i loved the way that the characters interacted with the audience waving and smiling as they ended their piece. disney certainly never scrimp on anything and it was all presented with absolute perfection.

after the show we bought a princess balloon which maddie was thrilled to bits with, we walked in right as the show began, so we passed the stalls with merchandise and just looked - and then did the same during intermission. amazingly enough maddie was happy just to look - wow that's crazy... my two year old didn't want everything for once? but the balloon was great! she happily took it and walked up the street with it to meet daddy and joseph at harbourtown, where she showed it to everyone we passed.

it was so nice to spend some time with just me and her, i think sometimes she feels a little neglected when joseph constantly has all my attention, so it was nice for us! she told doug over and over about disney ice and keeps asking when we can go skating (this will be interesting for sure...) so obviously she enjoyed herself. i also saw when googling later on this afternoon that they currently have frozen on ice in progress so i guess that will be next on the agenda! i'm sure we'll be lining up for that one!! ♥

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

happy birthday bro!

happy birthday to this ratbag brother of mine. the youngest of my older brothers, who i worshipped and followed around like a puppy as a child. he is one of the funniest, craziest and most laid back people i know, so fiercely loyal and ever caring. we have had our fair share of arguments and craziness over the years, but i love you isaac, like a fat kid loves cake and hope you had the best birthday ever!

Monday, May 26, 2014

bargain central...

anyone who knows me will know how much of a bargain hunter i am, and how i completely and honestly detest paying full price for anything. so much so that i live to op shop (that's thrifting for you peeps in the u.s. that may have stumbled upon my little blog) and always make a beeline for the sale rack when shopping. i don't see why people waste money when you can get good things that are cheaper - but of course every now and then there's that "must have" item, but to be honest, i still try to get them cheap too!

just last week i had some amazing luck getting two things that we've been needing for a while, on awesome sale... it was amazing, we had a capsule for baby joseph - but he was already starting to grow out of it rather quickly and we could tell he would be needing a seat in the very near future. maddie had a car seat that i picked up second hand from ebay which was nice but getting a little ratty. then we got our junk mail and instead of throwing the catalogues in the bin which i do when i am trying to save moolah, i flicked through the babies r us catalogue and found this great baby seat! suits 0-4 years, starts as a rear facing laying down seat, with baby inserts - then goes to the sitting up no insert seat suitable for a babe until they are into their booster seat. one hundred dollars off. i am not kidding. it was amazing!! we snapped up two of them quick smart and they go beautifully in our car. yay! if you need a new seat, these are great, i am super impressed with how nice and safe they are, so go go go while they are still on sale! you can find them here!

my other steal of the week was this baccarat knife set, with a rrp of $399... which we got for $80. legit. doug and i were walking through the shops and saw them for a $100. cool... let's go back and get them... we ran out of time and when we passed the store again it was shut. stink. thennnn we were at kambo's picking up tickets at their ticketek centre and i happened to spy them for $80! score!! the knives we bought from k-mart when we got married were really and truly starting to fall apart. so this was great. especially with the free chopping board. woohoo. you can get them here!

your personal shopper jade signing out... but if you need either of these, get on it peeps!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

fix the bebe!

this poor monkey has had a long week... he's had an appointment with the eye specialist on thursday - which thankfully was all clear... he couldn't see anything wrong - yay! i am forever grateful for news like that, i don't even mind paying for an appointment like that if the results are good!

and then yesterday joseph had his first appointment with the osteopath... as you may have seen in previous posts he has been suffering with terrible colic, and after hours of constant fussing for the past few weeks i decided to give something else a try as the medicines aren't working... i have been going to one for the past few years and he has an associate who specialises in babies issues - so off we went.

she was absolutely lovely and spent a lot of time with us, asking me so many questions about my pregnancy, delivery and his general wellbeing. she is certain that the issues he is suffering from, stem from his extremely quick delivery and is hopeful that within a few appointments she will be able to resolve them. the treatment was cranial massage which bothered him only slightly for a brief time before he fell asleep for the rest. he then slept on and off for the rest of the day before sleeping through the entire night. yay! his eyes looked different too, they always looked like he was slightly uncomfortable - and now seem to have relief in them. i am so pleased with what has been done so far - and look forward to our next appointment next week! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

three months old!

this huge baby boy is three months old as of yesterday! he is just lovely, smiles a lot and does little gurgling giggles when you talk to him. he is still growing steadily and is very close to busting out of his 000 clothes that he's still just wearing. he has loved having boy time with poppy and daddy this week!

the only drama we have had with him is his terrible colic! sometimes he will scream for hours on end because of his sore tummy and it makes me feel absolutely helpless. we have made an appointment with an osteopath that specialises in babies, so fingers crossed that she can help him. poor love!

his eyes are still very bright blue and i don't think there is any chance of them changing, regardless of how many people think they will... guess i won that one! he has started to sleep very well and can sometimes sleep from 7pm (ish) until 6-7am once he has had his dreamfeed in the night, he has done it a few times now, and this mama is loving having a good sleep! what a legend. i can only assume it is because he so much bigger than madeline was.

we love our little man and can't imagine what life would be like without him.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

aqwa with the fam!

today we went for a family outing to aqwa at hillarys boat harbour... having doug's dad here we thought we'd do something fun - and being that i haven't been since i was in primary school, i really couldn't remember anything about it! back in the day it was called underwater world - and it really is just that. a huge tank with a circular tunnel running underneath it, with a rotating walkway, as well as the option of walking at your own pace. it's super fun, with heaps to see and do.

we started in the shark tank - and did a few laps, my favourite thing to look at was the stingrays, they always make me laugh, the way they look like they have a smiley face underneath! maddie was a bit unsure at first but ended up loving it and pointing things out to doug and i as we went along... joseph loved every second of sleeping in his pram as it rolled along the moving path. (he didn't wake up until we were in the gift shop about to leave)

outside of the tank there are various other exhibits (mini tanks) and then a huge one outside where in summer there is the option of participating in something called "reefwalking" where members of the public can get into a suit and go into the second largest tank and have a walk around and a squiz under the water! way cool. there was a youngish staff member in there cleaning when we stopped to look and maddie at the suggestion of her poppy started calling him "scuba steve". she was thrilled when he stopped to wave to her as she gazed through the glass and told everyone that would listen for the rest of the day all about scubasteeeeeeve.

and me? i could not resist taking a shark selfie. top that selfie queens! i'm pretty damn proud of it!

this little girl had a great time running around and pointing out anything and everything to us... look mum! look at the fiiiiiish! mum! mum! poppy and her had a great time together, i am sure she is going to miss him terribly when he goes home.

there is a touch pool in the outside area, where you can get up close and personal with a whole pile of different sea creatures. was the biggest highlight in quite some time for me, to be able to hold this starfish! as you all know (unless you're a complete random visiting my blog for the very first time) i am obsessed with stars and would very much like my own starfish to take home and cuddle whenever i want!

of course, no trip to hillarys with visitors is complete without a pizza from little caesars. their gourmet pizzas are all kinds of amazing, and the three of us and little miss madeline had no problems polishing these off  (clockwise from top left in picture below: tri-beca, janes addiction and vegetarian)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

poppy is here!

poppy is here! doug's dad steve arrived last night from queensland to spend the next week with us and needless to say madeline is completely thrilled! she has told me at least twice a day for the last week that her poppy is coming and now he's here the party can start!

doug's parents only have two grandchildren (ours! maddie & joe) so they love to spoil them, he's also obviously the first grandson and poppy is as proud as punch and couldn't take his eyes off him! this picture is his first hold and wasn't even staged, i just caught this sweet moment as they got to know each other. 

steve's birthday was earlier this month and we had some gifts waiting including a rugby jersey from his favourite local team back in new zealand - he was very pleased with that! he, doug and niques are also going to a rugby game this weekend as part of his gift - it's going to be a great week. we are so excited to have him here with us.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

mothers in my life

mother i love you, mother i do.
father in heaven, has sent me to you...
when i am near you, i love to hear you,
singing so softly, that you love me too.
mother i love you, i love you, i do
(lds childrens songbook 207)

seeing as we are still in the week following mothers day, i thought i would show you the six most important mothers in my life...


my own mother - and truly my best friend in the entire world. she has been everything i could ever need and always known the right thing to say (or not say) throughout my entire life. i can honestly say, that if she wasn't my mother, i would hope to have met her so at least we could be friends. she's ultra cool, stylish, funny and amazingly talented with cooking and sewing. the only thing she can't do is sing! and i know that comment won't insult her so i am safe. oh and most importantly... she taught me every last thing there is to know about opshopping. clearly information i put to very good use!


my mother in law - raised a good and worthy young man in the gospel, encouraged him to serve a mission and be married in the temple. she has been wonderful in my life, loves my children in that perfect grandmother way and always defends me if there's an argument! plus... she buys my kids great clothes! family is her whole life and i am so blessed to have her in mine.

(aka nanna)

my mothers mother. gave me the most precious gift - the gift of life, without my mother i wouldn't be here... and she brought her to this earth. i have just one memory of my nanna, which is amazing enough in itself, she died a few months before i turned three! i know from my mother that she was a true english lady, dinner promptly each evening at 5pm and never, ever adjusted to the "awful heat" in australia. christmas to her was never right with the snow missing...


my fathers mother, passed away when i was 5... she was an amazing cook and taught my own mother much of what she knows. she loved to have all her grandchildren around her. she sang - and people who knew her tell me she had the voice of an angel! i credit my love of singing and music to this beautiful woman. she also crotcheted non stop and i still have my grandma-made blanket in my home today! ♥

(doug's mama)

doug's mothers mother, was all about family above all else. her children and grandchildren loved to be around her. she was samoan and didn't speak english, but i know her encouragement of doug's mother helped her to teach doug all he knows.

(doug's grandma)

doug's fathers mother, was a very attractive woman... kind and very protective of her children. she died when doug was very young, but doug's dad has told us what a good mother she was and how she would always look out for them.

i can't wait to see my own grandmothers in the eternities, sometimes i feel almost as if i was cheated out of having them as a child (- even though i know that they must have been needed more elsewhere...) and i can't wait to get to know them better. also to know dougs mama without the language barrier and to meet his grandma. 

i am grateful to these women for shaping my family and i am looking forward to our family being together for eternity!

Monday, May 12, 2014

my mother's day...

this year brought my first mothers day with two kids. me. i have two kids. and i haven't killed or seriously injured either one of them yet, i guess that brings a cause for celebration, i'm actually doing okay at this whole mum thing! i have always wondered about these people who say that their kids are their whole life... i love my children and wouldn't give them up for anything in the world, but they are certainly not my whole life. i am a realistic mother (i think...) i love to look at them, spend time with them, be around them, cuddle them, play with them, read to them, sing to them, laugh with them... but i am many other things besides a mum. (i am a wife too and my husband deserves a lot of my time and attention too, after all without him i wouldn't have children would i?)  being a mum takes up more than my time than anything else though, so i am glad they give us mums a day to celebrate...

i got some lovely chocolates (lindt raspberries and cream - if you haven't tried them you need to... run, don't walk - they might sell out - to me - in the meantime!) new pyjamas, with babushkas on the pants - wayyyy cute, and a bunch of irises, my absolute favourite flowers and the only ones i really enjoy having in the house. they are so lovely, my husband knows well what ones i like. good boy.

and these two babes gave me kisses and cuddles all the day long... poor joseph doesn't have a choice, he is exclusively breastfed, so he is in my arms most of the day and i just kept smooching him, and for once maddie was very obliging. she made me a card in her nursery class at church and then got mad because i wanted to keep it. so funny. i love the way little minds think (most of the time...!) 

sometimes i get sick of hearing mummy mummy mummymummymummy all day long and sometimes i want to hide under the sheets for the day, but these little people are the light of my life and sometimes when i see them sleeping i have an overwhelming desire to wake them up for cuddles. then i remember what a dumb thing that would be to do and keep cleaning the house, or cooking, or blogging, or doing washing in the very short time i will have to myself. haha. i remember reading once online just before maddie was born, a short quote which said, "sleep when the baby sleeps? oh shall i cook and clean when he does too?" classic.

i am so grateful to them both for making me a mum and for just being mine. i know that there is no greater role in this life for a woman than motherhood and i wouldn't change it for a thing. sure i'd like to pee in peace every now and then, but i hear that they move out when they're 20 or so, so i'll just keep looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

happy mothers day to all the crazy mums like me out there!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

mama the queen of my heart

today would have been doug's mama's 84th birthday, conveniently falling this year on mothers day. she passed away in 2011 just a few month before i had madeline, meaning i unfortunately couldn't go to the funeral as i was too heavily pregnant, plus doug had just returned to new zealand a few weeks earlier for her husbands funeral - they died just weeks apart. mama was the queen of our hearts... she was the down and out the most loved person in doug's family, to know her was to love her. i can clearly remember the first time i met her... i loved her so much that i learned the only words i ever needed in samoan (she didn't speak a word of english) 
alofa ia te oe... i love you. 

mama was always surrounded by her family right until the very end. when we visited in new zealand for doug's cousins wedding i got to know her by convincing the younger cousins to sit between us and translate. it worked well enough for me... but i am well and truly looking forward to getting to know this beautiful woman in the eternities, when language will no longer be an issue.

mama and papa flew all the way to perth for our wedding, she looked so happy to be there with us. mama smiled all day long and kept hugging the two of us, it was truly a pleasure to have her there. my sister in laws mother pam took this amazing photo that has been cherished by doug's extended family and used over and over by all of us. such a beautiful woman.

doug's mum told me of a phone call that she had had with mama shortly before she passed away, mama had told her of a dream she'd had the previous night where papa had come to her and asked her to follow him. he'd told her that they still had a lot of work to do and they needed to get started. she passed away not even a week later. they were never meant to be apart for long. 

mama you're the queen of our hearts
happy birthday, until we meet again...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

my turn!

i'm so excited. this baby looks like meeeeee! after maddie being doug's little twinster, joseph looks just like i did as a baby. blue eyes, fair hair - and that same chubby face. that's the most fun thing about having children, seeing what things they have from you. so... maddie has doug's hair and eyes but is small like i was at that age (clearly wasn't at the age shown above! haha) and joseph has my hair and eyes and is a tank! nice and healthy and i think i can quite safely say still in the 97th percentile for weight and height.

such a heavy baby, but super cuddly... so lucky to have him. can't wait to see how he changes as time goes on. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

rob & holly got married ♥

yesterday doug and i (along with baby joe...) had the absolute privilege of being there to witness rob and holly getting married! it seems like such a long, long time ago, i started at purslowe funerals in north perth, in the co-ordination office... after returning from my first bout of maternity leave. i met rob in the lunch room that first day, having a laugh with another one of the english staff members. i remember asking him what he did and he replied that he was the manager to which i laughed hysterically - only to find out that it was true! it was obviously hard for me to imagine someone that funny could take anything seriously.

holly is one of the transfer staff - and seemed to be very shy at first, but came out of her shell as i got to know her better. i liked them both instantly, and was ecstatic to find out they were dating months later. they are so perfect for one another, i've never once seen a cross word (that wasn't put on!) and seeing them together makes mo so very happy! they are both beautiful people who have clearly never been happier - and today was the icing on the cake - as it was very apparent that they just could not wait to become husband and wife.

i have never seen a calmer groom, waiting patiently for his holly to arrive, laughing with the celebrant, assuring that no one could possibly get a good picture of him...

and joking with the best man (ohhhhh wedding friend!!... in joke...)

holly's mum arrived and came down to the gazebo where rob grabbed her hand and escorted her in, it was such a lovely thing to see... they clearly love not only each other, but the others family!

and there was this beautiful moment between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom ♥

finally holly came down in that beautiful dress, escorted by her father to the front... she also didn't look even a bit nervous, just couldn't wait to get to rob!

hollys parents during the ceremony 

after some gorgeous personal vows and some paperwork being signed - it was all over and now they're stuck with each other... haha

robs parents during the ceremony

and i now pronounce you husband and wife...

there are not often photos of me (because i am always behind the camera - not in front of it!), but rob's very obliging sister-in-law catherine who just happened to have the same camera as me took this gorgeous pic of us at the ceremony. such a good one!

and joe? he was an angel, chilled all through the ceremony and didn't make a sound. and looked amazing in his little outfit. that kids got style!

margaret from work had her husband jimmy ready to whisk away the newlyweds in his maserati. fun times - and certainly good for photos!

and just one from the reception - holly's dad was having a dig about something and it made for a great picture. it was an amazing day and we were so, so pleased to be a part of it.

congratulations rob and holly! ♥

Friday, May 2, 2014

temple pics!

last night my gf bianca and i got together and had a girly craft night. our project was to gold and silver leaf pictures of temples that are special to us, hers being perth (where she and her husband rob were married) and johannesburg (where she grew up). we had such a good time together... gasbagging, catching up and trying our hardest to do a good job of our pics.

just in case you want to make one (and of course you totally should)... you will need:
picture of your favourite temple (disclaimer - none of the ones in this post were personally taken by me - or bianca - if you happen to be the person that took them, i apologise in advance, but you should totally be complimented that your mad photography skills are on display in our homes) google images is your new best friend. save that sucker to a usb stick, take it to your local officeworks and have it printed in black and white on acetate (transparent) paper. this will cost you a grand total of 
60c per piece. (for an a4 size - easy to find a frame for that...)
spray adhesive - get it here
gold/silver leafing - here and here
a soft brush (i used my makeup powder brush)
old crappy sheet for your table (things can get messy)

this is what they will look like before you start! all you do is turn the page over, spray with the adhesive, then lift your gold or silver leaf carefully from the protective pages. you then need to place it on the glue and press  it down with your brush. this is the hard part. touching the leaf is hard because it is very fragile and can easily damage or tear. using a pair of cotton gloves is a good help.

once your page is covered it will look like this below... not attractive...

but it will dry and then you can pop it in a frame ready to keep and hang or give as a gift!

so much harder than we imagined, but well worth the trouble. can't wait to find frames for my ones and get them on display! (these are bianca's - so organised!) but they look great and i am so glad we made the effort, it's something a little different than a regular print.