Tuesday, June 29, 2010

as easy as...

going blonde
is as easy as...




you like??

Monday, June 28, 2010

miss johnsons vintage fair

friday night found me braving the extremely cold temperatures to go to the vintage and handmade fair at the guildford town hall with mum and pam. we had a great time, though came quite close to suffering hypothermia... and got some funky stoof.

i got an awesome oil painting of a chinese marketplace, a roll of filagree patterned green wallpaper, a caramel apple scented wax melt for my oil burner (smells good enough to eat!!), some funky birds present tags, some vintage earrings and a babushka ring :)
and heaps of good ideas... can't wait for next year -

check out their site for upcoming events and awesome ideas...

props to artistic journey for a great night out!

happy birthday jen!

miss jen and i out for bday dinner sat night

it's my bestie's birthday today
and i thought she deserved her own post...

so happy birthday jen

hope it's the best one ever...

love you!

(and happy birthday to you too lisa...
i know you're stalking my blog! x)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the funeral playlist

oh my gosh
i am sure you can imagine that i have been to a few funerals
in my 5 & and half years in the funeral home.
a couple of hundred at least...and what truly amazes me, is the lack of originality in
peoples song choices

so i would like to present below...
my top 20 funeral songs based on the songs i hear day after day

1. time to say goodbye - andrea bocelli and sarah brightman
2. my way - frank sinatra
3. pachelbels canon - johann pachelbel
4. amazing grace - charlotte church
5. true blue - john williamson
6. angel - sarah mclachlan
*nb. does no one realise the song is about suicide?? hel-lo!!*
7. we'll meet again - vera lynn
8. unforgettable - nat king cole
9. wonderful world - louis armstrong
10. wish me luck as you wave me good bye - vera lynn
11. the wind beneath my wings - bette midler
12. memories - barbra streisand
13. the lord's my shepherd - the st. philips boys choir
14. amazing grace - on bagpipes. (augh!)
15. lara's theme (somewhere my love) - dr zhivago
16. the prayer - insert-any-artist-here
17. only time - enya
18. somewhere over the rainbow - judy garland
19. forever young - youth group

and if you're a mormon - just for good measure...
20. god be with you 'til we meet again

someone kill me please...
and for goodness sake... don't play any of these songs at my funeral!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

if one day...

i remember reading this little poem as an email that someone sent me a few years ago...
and thinking how lovely it was

if one day you feel like crying… call me.
i cannot promise to make you laugh... but i can cry with you
if one day you want to run away... don’t be afraid to call me.
i don’t promise to ask you to stop... but i can run with you.
if one day you don’t want to listen to anybody...
call me and i promise to be very quiet.

that's all

just wanted to share it...
that's the kind of friends i want in my life;
and the kind of friend i want to be


Monday, June 21, 2010

damn roof!

the freaking roof is still leaking
and it's getting old

where is my damn money going i ask?
but... there is sunshine on the horizon...

the handy man from the real estate called last night
and he's coming today!!


let's hope this means no more buckets in the hallway...

i'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

vision boards!!

last night anouck and her amzing friend eisha put on a night for our young women to make "vision boards". i am sure the girlies had heaps of fun (after all - what teenager doesn't have fun making a mess...) with magazines, stickers, glitter (oh the joy of cleaning up glitter... sigh)

so ... how does one make a vision board i hear you ask...?
cut out words and pictures that describe your goals and visions for a period of time (a few months, a year) and get set to create!

i had so much fun watching the girls create theirs that i was itching to give it a go, so danni and i are going to get together and make one soon :)

personal favourite of the night?
goes to chantal...

anouck: and what do the boys represent?
chantal: duh. i like boys
jade: and boys that just happen to be werewolves of course...?
chantal: *shrugs* added bonus

caitlin also had an awesome one with pics of all kinds of things...
that represented other things
caitlin: feet...? for a journey - duh!
broken chain and lock?? - i'm escaping!!

oh.. caitlin

crystals was also fab - lots of pics of beauty and makeup
hmmmmm like she needs any help there... stunnah!

and aggie - must be mentioned

aggie: the picture of the elephant?
oh - it reminded me of leigh so i thought i'd stick it on there.

haha. interesting

i loved it!...
can't wait to make mine!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

good bye car...

she's gone.

doug just called to let me know that they've collected her

:( *sniff

we had some good times...
maybe someone else will love her someday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

some things never get old...

some movies never get old, regardless of how many thousands of times you've seen them.
enter mean girls for example...

no matter how many times i hear lines such as:

*i want my pink shirt back!!
*yeah but he's my first cousin
*get in loser, we're going shopping
*i can't go out *cough* i'm sick
*boo you whore!
*you go glen coco!
*none for gretchen wieners. bye!
*there's a 30% chance that it's already raining!
*would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?

i'll still find them funny!!
and usually begin to laugh in anticipation...
i know it's sad...

but i'm okay with that

Monday, June 7, 2010

dannii's bday part I & II

part I

thursday night was danni's bday outing with lisa and i at the galleria, hans cafe and maccas morley (as you can see we spared absolutely no expense whatsoever to ensure she had a truly unforgettable night!)
the night began with lisa and i collecting danni, blindfolding her and driving her to the galleria, then handing her a list of tasks to complete throughout the night (as well as telling her that she wasn't allowed to go home until it was complete!) - of course completely ridulous things such as:
-tell lisa & jade periodically throughout the night just how awesome they are
-try on the highest heels you can find in betts
-tell at least three shop assistants that... "it's my birthday!!"
-ask for a diet water on the rocks for your dinner beverage and ensure that you ask the waitress if she wants to see your id
-ask for a birthday discount
it was lots of fun and laughter - and a great time had by all
can't wait for the next one!
part II

and last night...
the crew went out to dinner at chatters in morley (best freaking chinese ever...) followed by san churros in subiaco for a chocolate overload!! way too much... try it some time, they are almost as good as the ones in brazil (and i would know!!)
happy birthday danni!!!

empty cup?? perfect end to a perfect night!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

so much to look forward to!

i have so so so many things to look forward to right now!

so many birthdays...
secret location trip with mum and laura
(more on that later)
three of my friends are pregnant
two are getting married...
(and i'm in one of the weddings for those who came in late!)
my husband is turning 30!
new car soooon...
life at this point?

pure bliss...
got a whole heap of happy :)