Friday, November 30, 2012

staff christmas party

last saturday night we had our staff christmas party at the crown burswood ballroom. it was such a fun night and we had a really great time. awesome outfits too!
doug was rocking what we referred to as his "one direction" outfit (burgandy chinos and a polka dot shirt from jayjays and a bow tie from gsi...) - no wonder there were screaming girls throwing themselves at his feet all night. hilarious.

we like to make people think that we are enjoying ourselves also, so it is imperative that we take a lot of ridiculous selfies at the dinner table. oh my. what an attractive couple.
my outfit was a black target dress that has a sheer top section (coupled - of course with a wonder tee underneath) that i bought from an opp in brisbane when we were there in june and the shoes, ohhhhh the shoes - gold glitter points, also from target that i lusted after for an an entire season - and then snapped up when they went on clearance for just $6.88 yessssssss!!! freaking loved it!

my gorgeous friend lisa (who i am losing to the u.s. in just over a week :( sob!) did my hair and makeup and made me look smoking hot, which i was well pleased with... leese - you're a freaking legend! it always amazes me how quickly she does it and just what a good job she does. she totally should charge people... just not me of course!

the smoking hot girls of co-ord rocking the party... woooo

me and my boy. love him too much!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thanksgiving dinner

on sunday afternoon we had thanksgiving dinner at the reese's... i know the end is nigh (with just two weeks until they depart back to the u.s.) and we are trying to enjoy every minute with them. a group of 14 of us got together, with everyone making something, which ended up being one heck of a lot of food! sooooo good. potato bake, sweet potato mash, a whole roast turkey, stuffing, bread rolls, roast pumpkin salad - and....  drum roll... pumpkin pie!!!
i have been waiting so many years to try it, i was just desperately hoping it wouldn't disappoint! and disappoint it did not. plus... i was even gifted lisa's extra can of pumpkin so i can make my own come christmas! yesss!
i even did my research and found out what thanksgiving is about - apparently (americans feel free to correct me...) it's when the pilgrims arrived in america they were having difficulties growing things in the unfamiliar soil and the indians stepped in and assisted them. at the end of harvest (successful harvest) the pilgrims and the indians sat down together and celebrated with a feast - and there began the first thanksgiving! 
boys having fun
 and maddie stuffing her gob full of turkey.
i am so thankful. for good friends, family (and food! haha)
happy thanksgiving yo!

breaking dawn: part 2

so... last week i went to see breaking dawn: part 2 in gold class with lisa, as i have all the others and i am pleased to report that it does not suck. sure it had it's fair share of cheesy moments, as did the others but i was more than impressed with the ending - and just how they did it. it was not just tolerable but really quite good. after loving the books so much (but despising the movies - gah) i was glad that one of them was doable - i'm just kind of sad that after all these years there's no more of them to watch - but we've had such a great time. we'll just have to move onto the next phase now haha. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

cuteness overload

i woke up this morning to find a bunch of facebook notifications from a photo i'd been tagged in. followed the links and found this piece of gold! maddie and aunty niques had been watching yo gabba gabba and niques started taping her reaction on her webcam. a few pauses and cuts later - we have this! i love it! such priceless facials on our little girl. my favourite is the second from right on the bottom, what's yours? x

Thursday, November 22, 2012


don't i know it!
i couldn't tell you everything i am thankful for, even if we were here all week...
i am seriously so blessed. but, above all, i am thankful... to not have to look for things to be thankful for...

happy thanksgiving to my beautiful american friends!! x

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

together forever

mum messaged this picture today and it made me so happy! grandad's headstone has been completed and replaced and i feel like they can finally...
rest in peace

Monday, November 12, 2012

tie onesie

remember the formal onesie i made for baby mason here?
here he is!! wearing it at his uncles wedding! what a doll... can't wait for his momma to bring him home so i can have cuddles again. :)

sixteen months

guess who is 16 months old now?? miss madeline... and getting funnier by the day. she now takes any little handbag she can find and carries it around wherever she goes, filled with her little toys. she continues to gabble away in her own little language and tell us everything she knows. she's bopping her head away every time music is on and dancing around on the floor in circles - just generally loving life!
just this week she has learned how to hug - waits for you to pick her up and then throws her little arms around your neck and squeezes you tightly and then pats you on the back. such a darling. we hear her in the backseat of the car and in her bed when she wakes up calling us to come, mum! mum! dad! dad! so much love for us... we are so lucky!
last sunday at church she was thrashing around in our laps at church - then threw her head back and started yelling, when much to my surprise, i discovered a big fat molar wedged in the left hand side of her bottom gum. and oh my goodness was it huge! i don't know how it even fit in there! but sure enough, it's come through, followed by another one in the same place on top and one just about to break on top on the other size. little tooth machine!

we've also been taking maddie's portrait shot in the cane chair for a year now. it is wonderful to look back and watch her growing. it's amazing to look at these two a year apart and see how different she looks! i seriously thought she couldn't get any cuter - but then i saw this! cluck cluck cluck. what can i say? i'm obsessed.
last but not least... i thought i'd make you suffer with cute overload... lisa and brandon sat with us on sunday and ella and madeline spent the entire meeting trying to hold hands. oh i love them too much... i have to go now before you all feel sick from all the cuteness! haha x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

nothing cuter!

oh my goodness. i almost died when this dress arrived for maddie in the post last week, from my beautiful friend keryn (we meet in homeroom at high school and still stay in touch... she kept me sane with treats from home via the good old york post office when i was in brazil - bless her!) i can't get over it. i just want to have dozens of babies so they can all wear it and i can pass it on to my grandchildren as an heirloom. it is divine and i am in love. ok so maybe i am exaggerating a little about the dozens of children - but good heavens it is amazing. thanks keryn! can't wait to spoil your baby soon! x

Monday, November 5, 2012

halloweeeeeen 2012

on saturday night lisa and brandon had their annual halloween bash. it's pretty much the only time i think halloween is allowed to be honest - if an american is doing the party. i mean until a few years ago it wasn't a big deal in australia at all. i don't ever remember getting dressed up or doing something for it as a kid - only being insanely jealous of all the american kids that got to go trick or treating and collect copious amounts of lollies from randoms, just because it happened to be october 31st. i mean c'mon - what kid in their right mind doesn't want that!? damn baby-sitters club books... giving me unrealistic expectations of life in general. haha.
so... this year i decided to be minnie mouse - and again my costume cost me pretty much nothing... red skirt and top, i already owned complete with white gloves, black tights and yellow slip ons plus minnie ears borrowed from jen (thanks chick!) only issue was getting white polka dots on the skirt... hmmm i certainly wasn't sewing buttons all over it (see previous post haha) and i wanted to wear it again, so i went to the local newsagent and bought a roll of white circular labels, which of course didn't freaking well want to stick. sigh. out with the stapler - and i proceeded to staple the entire lot on - one by one. oh well - at least it made for a good blog story.
lisa and i with ella - the little ladybug. cuteness overload!

our hosts lisa and brandon -
"the birds and the bees" hilarious! such a funny costume. lisa had even posted a pic on instagram of them with ella - with the caption - "the birds and the bees = a little lady(bug)" so fun!

i made another pull-apart cupcake cake (in a circle shape and orange this time) and decorated the top to look as a spidersweb. it looked really cool and i am glad i went to the effort cause it matched seamlessly with all the other orange treats lisa had whipped up. win!
 doug decided to be one of bruno mars's backup dancers from the lazy song (mum click on the link and you can watch the video!) and so we searched online for the chimp mask he has on - only problem is that maddie was so petrified of it that we've had to have it hidden for the last few weeks, last time she saw it she cried for almost an hour and then wouldn't go to sleep because she kept checking the corners of her room for it. poor love. she accidentally caught sight of doug getting ready for the party and actually fell onto the floor and sobbed as she was trying to get away cause she was so frightened. looks like we won't be bringing it out again any time soon.
and of course - there is always the one that has to look frightening and cover themselves in blood. enter niques. the blood was amazing and i was really impressed (especially since she made it herself!!) but oh dear...
thanks brandon and lisa! i know i'll certainly miss your party next year!