Thursday, April 30, 2015

when daddy's away...

we had some bad news last week... doug's best friend is married to a twin, and her twin sister passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer. she and doug had been quite close and when he was asked to come to the funeral, we knew it was a good idea. so off he went. i got to have my first real experience of solo parenting, with two kids on my own for 6 days... without even the option of running to my parents house for time out - as they are overseas as well!

amazingly enough, it was pretty smooth sailing... madeline was pretty great - and joseph was okay for most of the week, with the exception of when his gums were hurting... he has another tooth pushing through his gum, that is so big that i want to cry just looking at it. it was even bleeding at one stage :(

he did look around a lot as if to ask where daddy had gotten too - and then proceeded to drag his hats around... and even try a couple on. he is too adorable!

even church wasn't too bad - as madeline attached herself to uncle richard the minute we arrived, then perched in his lap and refused to leave it. sorry rich! but thank you, made my life easier!

we even made a visit to ikea and madeline had her first experience in the creche (aka smaland side note... how funny and fitting is that name?!) and amazingly loved it! she is normally clingy and a little funny when it comes to going to people she doesn't know well, but she had a great time.

so there you have it. i made it out alive, almost a few on my own with 2 kids... doug will be home in a few hours and... i win!
:) x ♥

Monday, April 27, 2015

100 years of anzac day

this year marks one hundred years since the anzac soliders arrived in gallipoli.
one hundred years

that's a really long time. it is wonderful to see their memory celebrated year after year and to know that their sacrifice is recognised by those who live today, in a country that is free because they fought to keep it that way. what a blessing it is. i will forever be grateful and promise to always tell my children year after year, exactly what we are remembering and why we are free!

i remember, that to me, probably the most moving experience during my time working out on funerals, was to hear the haunting music of the last post, played by a bugler, as those present stood in perfect silence, reverently awaiting the words of the ode

"they will grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
at the going down of the sun and in the morning...
we will remember them

lest we forget"

i will never forget

Saturday, April 25, 2015

ruby is 4

madeline's little bestie from church, miss ruby, turned 4 this week and had a party for her friends at a play centre. the kids had so much fun there and i think it was such a great idea... you really don't have to entertain them at all!

rubes and maddie ♥

what a great day we had... a big thank you to ruby's mum and dad for inviting us! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sister kendall is off!

well it's official, we have a missionary in the family. niques was set apart last night in samoa "with a healthy body and a sharp mind" ready to serve the lord in the hamilton, new zealand mission. she has worked so hard, for so long and is finally there - and we could not be prouder if we tried. 

return with honour my little sister. it has been a joy watching you grow and i know you will be a fine missionary 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

14 months of goodness

another month, another shot of this delicious boy on the couch. it's now been 14 months since he joined our clan - and i can barely remember life before he came! he is growing so, so quickly and progressing like mad! as you know from my little video, he is off and walked, was a little hesitant and just took a few steps at a time, but within a week was trotting around all over the place - and now is a little speedster.

while we were away in tasmania, he spent the day with mums friend annette and was apparently an angel. they went for a walk and saw some of the neighbours animals and decided to say dog (doh doh!) and has also finally said dad! 

he claps his hands to music and babbles away to us, although he doesn't use many recognisable words, he certainly is trying to tell us something!

he also got another tooth, a big one, which took a very long time and made him quite unhappy. that brings us to 9 now! teething certainly is not his forte, which is a not so happy change from madeline, she seemed to not have any issues at all as her teeth arrived. 

he loves tank and buddy from dinosaur train and always selects them from his toy line-up in his room. it's so fun to see his eyes light up when he sees something he likes, it makes me so happy when he is happy too!

i can hardly believe it when i look at him, but he is a real little boy! no baby here anymore. :(

Saturday, April 18, 2015

jen's baby shower

my bestie is having a baby!! yes that's right, i am going to be an "aunty" in 6 short weeks. wahoo! how exciting for me. today jen and mat had their unisex baby shower, affectionately referred to as a "babyq" perfect!

mat's friend felix was on hand and maybe slightly unwillingly assisted me with my decorating... especially the hanging of the teacups from the veranda rafters... quite conveniently he didn't even require a ladder... didn't take us long at all.

we were rather proud of ourselves, decorating away, still fulfilling our bestman and maid of honour duties, 5 years later. til death do we part and all that haha.

i was loving the water fountain... put to good use yet again. i have definitely gotten my $19 worth.

jen is having a turn with my bassinet, which my brothers and i all slept in, then madeline and joseph slept in... i am so glad to see it being used once again... and it made an awesomely cute place to pop all the gifts.

and of course because we couldn't (or should i say wouldn't) play games - we had a book for advice to jen and mat. i persish to think about what is written in there haha.

the kids had a great time, with lots of room to run around and mat's nieces and nephew to play with... it was just a great casual setting - and i think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

and of course, mat was in fine form... working his magic at the bbq. some things will never change.

there was enough food for an army... or lots of hungry people... and it was enjoyed by all

jen and her mum amanda ♥

not long to go now, jen is still looking good and happy!

parents to be, looking thrilled i see.

and i love this shot. i am so excited and can hardly wait! yay! a baby is on it's way!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

sky & hayley got married!

this week one of my dearest friends got married... in tasmania! hayley and i have been friends for 24 years and counting, so when she asked me to come to her teeny nearly all family wedding i clearly had to go. lucky for me one of mums dearest friends lives in tassie, about 15 mins from the venue, kindly let me stay with her and babysat baby j for me, while i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i was even luckier that a friend here in perth watched madeline for me while doug was at work each day... :)

what a perfect day it was! cloudy (makes for beautiful photos!!) and crisp but not too cold. 

and what a beautiful bride she made! it was so great to be there and see the smile that just couldn't be wiped off her face for the whole day. there is no doubt in my mind that she and sky were truly meant to be.

the ceremony and reception were held at the red feather inn in hadspen, near launceston. it's a gorgeous old inn built in 1842 and is everything a bride could dream of. vintage styling, old buildings, on site accommodation, amazing food...

the ceremony was in the courtyard, where we played lawn games whilst the photographer took her snaps afterwards, then we moved into the barn to have our meal at this gorgeous old long table, heated by a log fire.

hayley was a dream in her gown and sky looked gorgeous (he scrubs up well)... the bridesmaids were beautiful and tyson (skys son) the best little man was perfectly behaved and looked so sweet.

i was thrilled to be allowed to take some sneaky snaps during the day (thank you hayley!) and also to have been asked to give a speech at the reception. i dragged up some good stories and got some laughs, but definitely felt so privileged to be there. watching someone you have known and been friends with for so long, marry the one they want to spend the rest of their life with is just something so sweet to be a part of.

bridal party

the sweet reception area

first dance, i love that look of pure joy on hayleys face in the photo below.

sky's mum even made their cake and it looked amazing, what a sweet mother in law hayley is scoring!

and here we are together. congrats hayley! enjoy your happily ever after. xx

Sunday, April 12, 2015

family and love

there is always something about general conference... every time. that one talk that just speaks to your soul. this year for me it was the one by elder brent h. nielson called "waiting for the prodigal"

he spoke of a family member who lost their way and chose a life away from her family and the safety of the gospel... and i drank it all in. there are things i could do better, family i could love more, help back to the safety of the gospel and to an easier path. i need to do more, to love more, to help more and to be stronger with my testimony and convictions to those around me that are ready to hear what i stand for. 

i just need to have faith - and try a little harder 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

he's walking!

look at our clever little boy! 

two weeks ago he started to toddle along, shuffling just a step or two at a time... but look at him now! over easter he would take a few more, still hesitant... and careful

now he is walking a lot, from place to place, around the house and getting more confident by the day. his balance is good, he's proud of himself... and i am loving it. my sweet little babe, getting to be a big boy. isn't he clever!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

because he lives

i love easter. i love the extra long weekend, the time with family... the hot cross buns and especially the malteaser bunnies (i could easily eat a dozen in one sitting and probably not even feel bad...) but easter means so much more to me!

easter is a celebration of the living christ. who died and rose again, for me and for you. who suffered in gesthemane so that we could have a second and third and twentieth chance at getting things right. how grateful i am, how lucky i feel, to know that i can try again each day.

we went to church, where there was an easter program with some lovely talks and two musical items - including one from me "i know that my redeemer lives" which in my opinion is a perfect song choice for easter... thankfully it went well and i felt pretty good about it afterwards.

we even managed to snap some cute family photos outside at the end. how i love my little family and our sundays together. at least we always get one day a week together.

look at this sweet face. i am such a lucky mama.

our kids were so happy to have their easter treats and were happy to show them off for pictures. we spent the last few weeks explaining to madeline what easter eggs represent and thankfully she told us all this morning as she spied them what they were. boom. parenting done right. she also told us about the tomb and how jesus died and they rolled the big rock in front of it before he came alive again. thank goodness she listens. :)


so until next year...

i know that my redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives
he lives, he lives, who once was dead... he lives, my ever living head
he lives to bless me with his love, he lives to plead for me above...
he lives, my hungry soul to feed, he lives to bless in time of need

-lds hymns 136