Monday, October 29, 2012


my bestie and her husband celebrated their two year wedding anniversary over the weekend and of course i decided to make them a theme gift. two years traditionally is cotton so i got a cotton cushion cover and proceeded to make a heart shape of all different shades, shapes and sizes of red buttons - sewing them on with what else? red cotton.
i began to regret my decision pretty quickly - after the first two hours or so in fact - when i realised just how long it was going to take. but considering i decided to make it on thursday night - for saturday. what the hell was i thinking?? seriously...
cause this is what it looked like an 12:36am saturday morning. but... nonetheless, it was totally worth every stitch, cause i was so happy with the final product that i was also tempted to keep it. love love love! and thankfully, she loved it too.
and just cause i can't resist showing off yet another photo of this gorgeous girl... maddie and aunty jen had a lovely afternoon together during our lunch at the mahogany inn.
p.s. most amazing banoffee pie ever... can't wait to go back for some more. or at least try making it their way - which i am totally going to get to work on. yumm

susie & kevin fornever

susie in my office got divorced on friday and today we celebrated! and ate...
drumroll... divorce cake!
i saw the coolest idea online, putting patty pans in a large cake tin, then filling each one with enough mixture to rise and touch the tops of the others, so they make a smooth top. then ice the whole thing - and then just break off a cupcake from the bottom to eat. so freaking cool - cause to eat this cake - we had to break susie's heart! hilarious.
thankfully - she loved it - and we gobbled it up!
susie & kevin fornever & never xx

baby quilt

yesterday maddie got her baby quilt from nanna. mum makes each of her grandchildren a quilt when they are born... (although some take longer than others) :) - and madeline was waiting patiently for hers. it was totally worth the wait! every second square has a star in it and the embroidery covering the quilt has stars and swirls in the pattern... and to top it off, there is a blue bird stitched in the bottom corner patch. i am so in love with it, and can never quite get over just how talented she is. thank you nanna. we both love you so much!

Monday, October 22, 2012

formal onesie

my gorgeous friend bianca has just taken off to south africa with her baby boy mason (who i am notsosecretly hoping will marry miss maddie when she grows up...) for her slightly younger brothers wedding. mason is just under a year younger than maddie and so isn't really fitting into any formal childrenswear just yet - so i undertook the task of making him a formal onesie with a tie on it. oh my... what was i thinking? i don't know... but it worked! and not only did it work, it actually looked good! i totally want to make more of them, and i totally want a baby boy of my own to make them for now - but i guess that'll have to wait! haha.
so - i was stoked, our local target has a clearance section and i got a plain white onesie for $1.10 score! and a $2 silver silk tie from the local vinnies. i cut the skinny end of the tie, and used that for the tail, and cut the point off the tie and fashioned it into a knot shape and pushed the lining inside it to make it thick like a regular tie, before stitching that on the top. like i said, it's a long way to go before i have it perfected, but i am happy to keep trying! 
so here we have it! my first tie onesie. can't wait to see baby mase rocking it at the wedding!

happy bday daddy!

yesterday was my daddy's birthday. another year older, and more full of wisecracks... the man that has been the rock of my life and called me possum and possumface since i was a little girl. i can to this day barely contain my laughter when i think of him singing away to me:
possum face she was no good,
so they chopped her up for firewood
because she was no good for that...
they gave her to the old tomcat
it's always so hard to think of something to buy for the man that has everything... but this year i had a brainwave - he & mum are going away this week and i made them a hamper for a picnic. maybe i'll consider that kind of thing more often... it was heaps more fun picking yummy stuff than a boring "dad" present haha. andddd - just for good measure? some electrical tape. only our family would understand.
love you so much daddy! happy birthday ♥ x

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

15 months!

this little munchkin is fifteen months old and getting funnier by the day! she is so cheeky now, and occasionally when you catch her doing something naughty, if you yell her name, you'll see her jump - and run (or honestly - lets say toddle) off as fast as her little legs can carry her. her walking is hilarious and she is just so inquisitive. wants to know everything - and get into everything! lucky she's so cute! she babbles away to herself all the time and loves to watch yo gabba gabba (daddy's influence haha). i just can't get enough of her, those chubby little wrists, that beautiful soft baby skin, those huge eyes and that smile. oh that cheeky smile, it kills me! coming home at the end of the day to that little girl just makes everything worth it. ♥
our little girl already loves music and bops her head away to any music with a beat (daddy is totally trying to sway her to his tastes though). but last week at sunday dinner, we got this corker of a photo of her with uncle nifae's ukelele loving her life... but the best bit about it? the ac/dc shirt she's rocking in the background. what a legend.
aunty lisa bought these adorable babushka pjs for maddie for her birthday (i do question though whther they were more for me or for her ha!), and it's finally been warm enough to try them on her, and to my delight - they fit! yay! it makes me sad though, cause they make her look like such a big girl. someone stop it!
last but not least - i'm sorry - i am sure you're all sick to death of seeing photos of this kid! here's a photo of maddie getting busy eating some jam, toe jam! oh dear. at least she's cute!
and she's all mine! ♥

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

shoes glorious shoes

i was asked just this week by a friend for a list of op-shops, as she needed to find something to wear to a themed ball. i responded to her amazement with quite an extensive list (don't worry dear readers, i will hopefully get around to doing you one sometime soon!) and told her that by far the best one to check out was the st. vinnies warehouse in osborne park on edward st.
it was there that on saturday i came across these two glorious pairs of heels, for just 2 dollars each. sigh. the excitement that brought me cannot be explained. i mean c'mon, two dollar shoes? you really can't top that!
if you haven't been there yet, then you need to go... don't say you weren't told.

Monday, October 15, 2012

rest in peace nan

nan and jen
last week my bestie's nan, at the ripe old age of 95, departed this life and moved on to the next. she was such a sweet old dear and i feel so lucky to have known her. doug and i went to her funeral on friday afternoon and hearing the stories of her life and getting to know her life a bit better was amazing. i know i'll miss seeing her at jen's house and only hope she is enjoying herself... tending to her garden x
♥ god saw you were getting tired,
and when a cure was not to be -
he put his arms around you,
and whispered... come to me ♥

good things came...

so... i have been fuming for quite some time over something that i wanted desperately to change. so i tried - and succeeded! we had dramas with the headstone on my grandfathers grave - only my grandma's details were displayed, because the company my parents chose to add the extra inscription (unfortunately at my recommendation) stuffed us around and allowed the grant on the grave to expire, leaving us stranded with a unfinished headstone.
my grandfather and i were so close, and i was so upset knowing that the headstone would remain incomplete, to me it was almost as if he and grandma weren't together until their names were. so i decided that i wasn't going to give up that easily. a few weeks ago, after numerous phone calls, i wrote a letter to the cemetery board as a final attempt before i gave up, and today... my parents got a letter in reply. blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah yes!! oh my gosh! it's happening! i am so excited to know that i did it! i made a difference and got there, because i refused to give up.
the best things come to those who do!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

cold rice salad

at the request of the girls at dinner last week...
cold rice salad
2 - 3 cups cooked white rice
1 grated carrot
1 small chopped green capsicum
1 small chopped onion
3 tablespoons currants (or sultanas)
1 or 2 red apples chopped
2 teaspoons curry powder
1/4 cup vinegar
1/4 cup french dressing
2 tablespoons sugar
salt & pepper
mix both together
(add extra rice or veggies if sauce is too strong)
easy as!

Monday, October 8, 2012

what could have been...

checking my facebook sunday morning i was met with comment after comment from church friends amazed by the announcement that had been made just hours earlier at the saturday night session of general conference that all worthy young men can now leave for their mission at age 18 (previously 19) and young women at 19 (previously 21). crazy!
it makes me think back - to when i was 19 and  quite possibly would have gone, had the age been lowered back then. who knows if i would have ever - moved to queensland? met doug? would i have my maddie? thank heavens that there is a plan for each of us and that i am where i am. because although i am sure it would have been an amazing opportunity... i wouldn't change a thing!