Sunday, September 10, 2017

another baby mcilwaine blessing

my beautiful friend alexandra and her husband mike blessed baby number 3 today. what a joy it is to have close friends in the gospel and to share things like this with them

baby michael william (the third) arrived just two weeks ago and he is such a cutie! fits in perfectly to their little family... all so genetically blessed. it's so easy to take photos of them.

proud big sisters myra and evie

and three generations of michael williams in one shot. ♥

alex and her baby boy

so blessed to have this girl in my life!

looking just as young and in love as they did when they got married. i love you guys! ♥

Thursday, September 7, 2017

girls opshop day 2.0

another girls opshop day advertised on facebook to my friends, found just two of us hitting up the salvation army church opshop in morley. that was cool with us! my friend is new to this - and left so thrilled with her bargains and looking forward to our next day out.

finds of the day:
white 2 tiered plate - $3
2 italian made girls dresses - $1 each
all of the animal cookie cutters - $1
a beanie boo!!! (madeline was thrilled to pieces!) - $1
annnnd joseph managed to find lightning mcqueen boxers and another lightning toy car for 50c each

seriously. who wouldn't opshop?!

Monday, September 4, 2017

ward fathers day gift

every year the mothers in our ward get a present for mothers day... and the fathers look on. this year i broke the mould and made something for the fathers too. something really simple, that i found on pinterest and modified to suit: many & many thanks m&m packets! ta-dah!

they were perfect. small and cute and made the dads feel like they had been remembered.


(here's the template if you want to print, print on piece of 4x6" photo paper and select do not crop, then cut to size. staple to a bag of fun size m&ms.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

a day for dads

it's fathers day! so here is a photo of my dad. he is amazing and no matter if i typed 16 pages worth of text, i couldn't tell you half the reasons why, so just know he is great.

this guy is pretty great too! every six years his birthday falls on father's day and today was that one in six. he assisted me in making these kids and is a great dad to them both. i love hearing them laugh uncontrollably because he is being silly about something... it's the best.

we love you doug. happy fathers birthday to you! ♥

Friday, September 1, 2017

when life gives you lemons - relief society activity

we had an excellent additional relief society meeting this evening at the chapel, "when life gives you lemons." i've done it before when i was in the relief society presidency in our old ward years ago, we had such good feedback about it and i enjoyed it so much, that i decided to do it again!

i have always been someone who gets super excited when someone offers me lemons. like i jump at the chance to take them. lemonade, lemon cake, lemon and honey... lemons excite me. so when i was browsing pinterest and saw the idea of making it into an evening with the relief society, i thought hey why not?!

we invited the sisters in our ward along to the activity in which the would be educated about the benefits of lemons. we had four people assigned to give a short presentation on the evening about:
-lemons for health
-lemons in cooking
-lemons in the home
-what to do when life gives you lemons (the power of positive thinking)

we had lemonade, lemon infused water and lemon herbal tea bags on offer for afterwards

and had invited the sisters to bring a lemon flavoured (or not) treat to share. so much lemon, i loved it!

we had a good time decorating too, and one of the sneaky girls that was helping did this. i lost it laughing every time i looked!

decorations were simple, reused the honeycomb "pineapples" from madeline's birthday last year, but added a leaf this time instead of a crown...

lots of yellow! yellow paper chains, streamers, tablecloth, flowers...

and these adorable candles, which we gave as a gift to those who had presented on the evening.

best of all, we had two very generous ladies bring baskets of lemons to enable those attending the evening to take some home and put all the tips to good use.

it was such a fun night. i love seeing the end result and everything working out. makes it all worth the effort. ♥

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

book week 2017 - i'm madeline!

my heart was full to bursting today as madeline went off to school for book week today dressed as none other than madeline herself! it was possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life. 

such an easy costume too, that was the best bit! the dress was actually mine as a little girl (my amazing mum made it!), it has a smocked bodice, but was quite long, so mum cut some off the bottom to tack over the smocking just for the day. it looked great!. 50c hat from the opshop with a bit of black ribbon and another piece of ribbon to make a bow at the neck... done!

how i wish she could stay little forever... i love my madeline! ♥

Monday, August 28, 2017

banoffee pie slice

i am always getting asked to make banoffee pie. so often in fact, that at one stage i was keeping tins of boiled condensed milk in the fridge ready to go for emergencies. but, this time i was not prepared... and we were asked to come to dinner at a friends house who is particularly fond of said pie. i was scrolling through my saved items on facebook, wondering what i had up my sleeve, when i stumbled upon this delicious looking banoffee pie slice that i had saved, that looked wayyyyy easier, didn't involve hours of boiling time and had sunday dinner written all over it.

you can find the recipe here, but it's basically a baked pie base, with a baked caramel base, covered in bananas and then cream. i couldn't try it (still on the gf df wagon) but i was told it's probably even better than the original, as it's not as sweet, which means you can eat more of it! hahaha. i'm obviously going to be making that one again... so stick around, or somehow get yourself invited to the kendalls for dinner. 

finished product. yum!