Wednesday, November 15, 2017

christmas gifts from winter woodworking

further to my last post, i swear i am going to be organised this christmas. so much so, that i ordered my brothers christmas gists last week too! they are getting personalised wooden christmas decorations, made by our friend who owns a home business called winter woodworking. he is so clever and i have to admit, nearly every time he posts something new on his page, i feel like i need to buy whatever it is haha. thankfully none of the boys read my blog, so here is a sneak preview of their decorations. so happy with how they turned out. mr winter, you are amazing! 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

an organised mum

a couple of weeks ago, i was browsing facebook and came across these adorable candy cane sleeves from giggles party design. 30 sleeves, four different designs, personalised with your childs name, posted... all for $15. where do i sign? i had madeline choose some candy canes the next time we were in kmart (is it a surprise to anyone that she chose rainbow ones? really?) they arrived last week and they are now sitting in a bag in the cupboard ready to go. they worked out to be 60c a piece which i am more than happy with. i am hoping this is the year i am super organised and ready for christmas well in advance so i can actually enjoy the season. here's hoping!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

my little pony: the movie

we checked out my little pony: the movie this afternoon with some friends. the movie was okay, the kids were not... i was about ready to resign as a mum. joseph is not doing so well being restricted in his sling (which has been upgraded to something he can't move about in and it's driving him crazy) and hence he's driving me crazy! he waltzed about the cinema here and there and decided at one point he didn't even want to watch the movie... while madeline wouldn't stay in one seat - and let's just say i didn't see a lot of the movie. it seemed nice, lots of bright colours, cute songs and... well, i guess we will be watching it on dvd on day so i can see what actually happened. 

oh being a mum is hard. i am hoping one day it pays off and as they grow up i'll feel like my hard work paid off. but, here's a picture of the girls looking all sweet and innocent (while joseph flat out refused to be in it...) to make it look like we had a good time. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

a day with the girls

friday was a girls (and joseph) day out and about. we hit up a few opshops and found some excellent pieces. i was pretty happy right there... but the afternoon was even better as i had my first visit to lily and the angel in alfred cove. it's a quirky little cafe full of vintage treasures, excellent treats (vegan, gf...) cups of whatever you like and a rack of preloved clothes. what could be better? i found myself a gorgeous dress which mum insisted on paying for, turns out it was so she could take it home. hmmmmm i had better get a turn!

my orange cake and soy hot choc. yummo!

the front of the store is houses a florist as well, so there are lots of lovely flowers surrounding you as you eat and drink and enjoy a chat with the owner who is just gorgeous. i'll definitely be stopping in again next time i'm on my way to fremantle... put it on your list!

Friday, November 3, 2017

pp girls mini disco

these five girls are the funniest. a few days ago i watched them bop around singing at the top of their lungs in our theatre room whilst listening to the mini disco playlist i'd thrown together at midnight the day before. 

long story short, one of them was sick when the school disco was on. the other four went and i snapped a pic of them looking chuffed to be there and hanging out together and posted it on my instagram. her mum saw it, she saw it... and she was devastated that she missed the party.

i couldn't let that happen, so an idea was born to make the pp girls mini disco! it was pretty easy... a few sets of fancy lights strung up about the place, some boppy music streaming onto the screen via apple tv, snacks and a few kids! they had the best time - and us mums had a pretty good time chilling out in the kitchen too. maybe something we will have to revisit... we have such a good bunch of kids here - and some pretty excellent mum friends. ♥

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

trunk or treat

at the disgust of my children (mostly madeline) i decided that we were not going trick or treating this year and instead decided to go to the madeley ward (other ward that meets in our chapel) trunk or treat. it had been opened to anyone that wanted to attend as they were doing a sausage sizzle and games etc to raise funds for their end of year youth activity.

i'm not anti halloween, i just find it hard to get into it, being that i've grown up in australia (and country australia at that!) but i donned my costume (which took me all of 3 minutes to put together, all opshopped and things i already had - and actually a remake of a fabulous halloween here) helped the kids into theirs and off we went.

out little one armed ninja turtle in an opshopped costume complete with the shell and accessories madeline got a few christmases back...

and rainbow dash... we already owned everything she is wearing, and added little rainbow tattoos to her face and hands

for those of you not familiar with the trunk or treat concept... it's a safe option for kids. it's generally done with a group of people, in our case a church group, who park their cars and decorate the open trunk (we call it a boot in asustralia) so that kids can go from car to car in the carpark and trick or treat. i was particularly keen this year, being that one of my kids is sporting a broken bone. i couldn't even imagine having to chaperone that around the neighbourhood.

there was some pretty amazingly decorated cars, but this was madelines favourite, decorated with her latest obsession, the disney descendants (don't know what that is - have a look at the preview here) she was so thrilled to see someone else loves them too!

joseph and his best friend, aunty dom ♥

madeline and her friends hannah and hayley

and catching up with old friends, here i am with my friend jamie-lee. we had an awesome night and i think i may be trying to talk my kids into trunk or treating every year... i felt so much safer in our gated carpark. hooray for the church community! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

relief society pjs party

last night we had our additional meeting for october: a "pjs party" 
• prayers • journals • scriptures • 
the things you'd do before bed...

the purpose of our evening was to increase a love and desire in our sisters to participate in regular prayer, journalling and scripture study. we had each of our presenters speak on the evening for around 10 minutes (with the exception of blogging, which was 2 minutes following the journal speaker)

sisters arrived dressed in their pjs and were seated in the relief society room then given a journal each to take notes on the evening and then keep using at home. we watched a short clip found on youtube before each speaker introducing the topic, as they spoke on prayerjournals (one sister covered scripture journals, bullet journals and general conference journalling, with another (me!) speaking briefly on keeping an online journal- a blog) and scriptures

the speakers were given these pointers to cover during their time:

-how to to have a good relationship with your father in heaven
-how to feel a greater desire to pray regularly
-perhaps a specific example of how/when you have received an answer to prayer
-how prayer can help us grow stronger as families

-how to feel motivated to make journal entries
-what to write about
-how you feel when you look back on past entries and see how you/your family have changed spiritually (and just in general!)
-how you feel your journals will be to your family and future generations

-how to more effectively study the scriptures
-how to feel a greater desire to do so
-how to retain the information you read
-how to grow closer to your heavenly father as you do so

decorations were simple, lots of cushions, quilts and lamps about the place... with desserts to share afterwards, accompanied by fruit infused water and crock pot hot chocolate. 

crock pot hot chocolate

1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 x cans sweetened condensed milk (i always buy the woolworths or coles brand, they are exactly the same)
1/8 teaspoon salt
8 cups water
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
marshmallows to serve

1. in crock pot combine, milk, water and vanilla
2. add dry cocoa and salt, stir until smooth
3. cover and cook on high for 2 hours or on low for 4 hours
4. top each serving with marshmallows

water with frozen strawberries and mint leaves
+ water with frozen lemon slices

we were especially thrilled because it's almost summer here and it was cold and raining! perfect for getting around in your pyjamas.

as usual there was plenty of food... mormons gonna morm!

our three lovely speakers who did an incredible job (yes we had a bishopric member as a special guest speaker).

we have the best relief society... i feel so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing women ♥