Tuesday, May 22, 2018

memes from the royal wedding

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(photo from time.com, absolutely not my pic... i didn't get an invite this time!)

congratulations to the happy couple, what an awesome wedding to watch, especially for my 6 yo daughter who loved every minute of watching a real prince getting married. although there was a lot of criticism surrounding her dress, i thought she looked gorgeous and very classy and her veil? amazing!

everyone that knows me, knows i love a good meme... and events like the royal wedding promise a multitude of giggles on facebook during and in the days after the event. here's a round up of my favourites... so have a laugh on me! 

side note... these are in no way meant to offend... i just think there are some amazingly clever and quickwitted people in this world and wanted to share for some giggles.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

guess the dress: a relief society additional meeting

this week we had our additional meeting for may, our first (of hopefully many combined with the young women):
guess the dress

oh my word... it was a hoot! our activities committee collected 18 wedding dresses from sisters of all ages in our ward to be used in a catwalk show. our young women and recently married YA modelled them, and the rest of the sisters attending were given a list of whose they might be, to guess as we went along.

sisters arrived,had a glass of “bubbles” and took a seat by the catwalk, each receiving a gift bag on their chair.


each sister also received a wedding favour as she left at the end of the evening, a bag with caramel fudge

after each round we had a reveal via a slideshow on a projector, with wedding photos of each sister, then refreshments (a grazing platter after round one 

and wedding cake after round two - we had our presidency cut the cake then handed it out). 

we also had someone throw a bouquet into the young women and single sisters.

we received one dress which the owner preferred wasn't worn, this was displayed on a mannequin, with a chance to guess the owner and year of her wedding.

it was honestly one of the best activities i’ve ever been to. it was a laugh a minute (especially as we discovered some of our young women had quite the dramatic streak) with memories galore. well worth the effort.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

mother’s day pamper morning

i have a love/hate relationship with mother's day pamper mornings at the school. this time around was no exception. monday morning my sweet boy skipped into class with me and then...

at his instruction, i rubbed some hand cream into my own hands, seven times, painted my own nails (i was smart and brought along my own clear polish this year... sneaky!)

i had my hair brush for approximately twelve seconds...

and then helped joseph thread coloured pasta onto a piece of string that amazingly i got to keep.

i guess you'd call that a success? mum life strikes again. but no matter what, i love his little face. so so much.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

mother’s day 2018

i got some lovely gifts for mother's day this year, including getting to make and eat my own breakfast in peace, because no one else woke up until almost 8am!

doug surprised me with this lovely ring and also got me a denim jacket i'd been eyeing off (i know, i know, it's new? how dare i? well, i looked unsuccessfully for weeks prior to suggesting it to him... i just could not find one in the opshop and gave up in the end. which means, of course i'll probably find one next week.) from "the kids." i love it! maddie insisted on buying me a gift when we were out shopping one day and got me the mug, which i approved so she could use my money haha. 

and this little kindy monkey gave me a painting, a decorated dinner plate and a bookmark that he had made all by himself at school! So cute!

and so proud of himself, even cuter!

i love being a mum to these tiny people we made and wouldn't give it up for anything, it's the greatest job in the world.

but... mum still needs her space and i'm not going to lie... this is me most days by bedtime.

happy mother's day to all my mum friends out there!

Friday, May 11, 2018

mother’s day ward gifts

mother's day calls for a treat for each of the mothers in our ward... and this year it was up to me to do them again, so i picked something i thought was awesome... in the hopes that everyone would! we have a few sisters in our ward who are strictly gluten free and a few vegans, so i chose yummy cookies (coles ultimate choc-chip cookies, side note, if you haven't tried them, you should - they are delicious!!) that had a gf option (which you can find here), and once it was cookies, it was easy to deviate a little to other cookies and have oreos as well for the vegans, as believe it or not, the plain ones are vegan by ingredient. unexpected seeing as they are the original "milk and cookies" cookie.

i found this gorgeous little printable on pinterest (thank you to whoever made and posted it online!) and printed them two to a photo print at our local big w photo shop

then bagged them into little bags ($1 for 30 from our local reject shop) and tied them off with curling ribbon

so easy... and yum! can't wait to hand them out on sunday. ♥

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

my all time favourite opshop buy

all of my friends know i am an addicted opshopper, so i am often asked what my all time greatest bargain has been. there has been many things i've loved over time, but i must admit, this takes out first place. many years ago at the salvation army jumble sale in york (i mean before madeline was even born and i used to make road trips out with my girlfriends) i picked up this gorgeous tooled leather satchel bag. its just the right size to hold my purse, sunglasses, keys and lippie. and... it cost me a grand total of about 20c. not even lying. it was back in the day when it was fill a bag for $5 and upon counting up my haul that day, my average cost was about that. i can't remember exactly (so long ago!) but definitely well under a dollar.

i have used it and used it and i can guarantee that without fail, every time i use it, someone will ask where i got it from. makes for a few sad faces when they discover it was opped many years ago. i have used it so much in fact, that last year, one of the studs holding the handle in place broke and i had to pay ten odd dollars to have it replaced, which enraged me, but even with that, it's still the best bargain i've ever had. no doubt about it!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

poppy’s birthday

we are so lucky to have doug's parents living close to us. it's a 8 minute drive between our houses and the kids love it, as we can just drop around whenever we like. it also means they've able to grow up seeing their grandma and poppy a few times a week. 

as much as the kids love to tease steve and call him grumpy old poppy, we know they love him like crazy and love to be around him. he has a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun.

last night we celebrated the old man getting a little bit older, with family dinner, followed by cuddles from the kids and cake. what's better than that?! ♥