Monday, August 27, 2012

work shenanigans...

clearly we're all a bunch of whack jobs... need i say more? susie (currently rocking the afro clown wig on the right, next to el capitano mel) has a gigantic hat/ headpiece collection... and occasionally we feel the need to rock them out for the rest of the staff. :)
i love these girls - they make the day better, every day.

good things come...

this beautiful girl got the most amazing surprise on sunday afternoon... sally, our friend from church bought dominique a guitar for her birthday! i cannot think of anyone more deserving - and seeing her face when she discovered what it was, was worth a million bucks.
it's not always about good things coming to those who wait -
but good things coming to those who deserve them...
and oh she does!


i have grown up in a home watching my mother and father always giving their time, talents and love to those around me. i am so grateful for their beautiful example and am striving to do the same for those in my life. i only hope one day that i can love those around me the way they do.
being a member of the church has also shown me the beauty and blessings that come from service - when we have been blessed with so much, it's only fair we should share what we have with others.

Monday, August 20, 2012

random gifties

it's been a week of random gift love and i am loving it! work has been crazy these last few weeks, to the point of insanity and when i got home one afternoon these lovely gifts from my husband were sitting on the kitchen bench, what a gem. bunting? i love bunting!!

maddie also was on the receiving end of beautiful knitted blanket from a lady at our church... it is so absolutely gorgeous and i feel so loved. i swear our friends spoil her absolutely rotten.
not that i'm complaining...

and then there was more!! friday afternoon, one of the girlies that works at chippers in my place arrived to the co-ord office with treats for me, and a baby book for maddie. so much love!
i feel like the luckiest girl alive :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

can I buy a vowel?

my brother aaron used to make jokes about our parents and say "why buy it when you can make it?" and i really took it to heart... so when i saw this amazing idea of scrabble tile rings sweeping about, i got right on that - and made myself one. flipping love it. i'm taking orders if you're interested! x

Friday, August 10, 2012

family photo fun

last week i had the pleasure of taking family photos for one of my dearest friends - pippa and her family. we went to the local pine forrest near their house and had such a good time. i am so, so pleased with how they turned out, and thought i would share my favourites with you!

 we found this door, broken off of a an entertainment unit that had been dumped in the bush. random... yet handy for us! :)

all in for a head shot!

brontë with the gorgeous umbrella mum found for me a few weeks ago...


brontë and her mama, such a gorgeous shot ♥

i scream, you scream... we all scream - for family photos!

riley ♥

pip and steve. love them both - so. much. fun.

thanks for such a fun afternoon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

baby blessing

so... just to catch up on things, last month little ella-bella was blessed and i got to play photographer (again!) for lovely lisa and brandon. i love it!!! so, i had the best time ever! i got the most adorable pics of them that day and wanted to share a few. not that i think it's even possible to get a bad one of this gorgeous baby or her mama! too too cute!

lisa and baby e in her vintage dress ♥
love love love!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

still standing...

she's standing now... and loving it - she's been doing it for a few weeks now, but this is the first time i actually have managed to get a photo of her standing up. so exciting!! bet it won't be long til those little feet are running. :) x

madi mouse

on saturday my friend lisa threw a minnie mouse themed birthday party for her little girl madison who turned two. it was amazing and by amazing i mean pinterest amazing... like pictures you see on pinterest of designer parties with everything co-ordinated and labelled and just, well perfect. even down to the personalised cloth goody bags for each kid and parents. parents! i was so excited!! i do love me a goody bag. :)

she made this amazing cake as well which was so good.,..white chocolate mudcake inside. yummm

plus hats for the party guests - how adorable! maddie was loving it.

such a sweet little girl, she looked a little shocked at all the noise that was going on around her, as she didn't know the other kids, but looked as though she was having fun nonetheless. such a gorgeous face - i just can't get enough of her...