Wednesday, December 30, 2015

summer fun

we raced out the door this morning to try and catch a movie with a friend at the local cinema, only to find it sold out on our arrival. boo boo boo, so instead we were forced to down some awesome chinese food at the restaurant opposite and then check out some of the shops nearby. the kids, as you can see don't need any assistance with entertaining themselves...

and home again in the arvo for party time in the pool joseph got for christmas from nanna and grandad. thank goodness for water in this heat! it was so easy to set up and the kids loved every second of it. ♥

Monday, December 28, 2015

hello! hillarys calling...

public holidays are the best... and this one was no exception, our friends rob and bianca have (just) moved back from kalgoorlie (yay yay yay yay yaaaaaay) and suggested we head over to the childrens beach at hillarys boat harbour for a dip. so we did!  

it's no secret that i don't overly love the beach (i can't help it, i hate sand!), but i think i may be able to be persuaded in the future, the kids were so excited and had the time of their lives... plus it was so hot that the water was a relief to paddle in while the kids splashed and joseph ran in and out of the water.

what a gorgeous day to be at the coast, how lucky are we to live so close? plus burgers at grilld afterwards? the perfect night out.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

boxing day sales

at christmas dinner at my brothers house last night, doug mentioned how badly he wanted to check out the boxing day sales... and my niece grace almost fell off her chair with glee... i mean really, what could possibly be more exciting to a 12 year old female than the prospect of all day shopping with newly acquired christmas money, accompanied by someone other than your parents, who clearly is not going to patrol what you buy? absolutely nothing! so miss grace jumped in our car and this morning we headed off to joondalup to check out what was on offer.

to be perfectly honest, although there was lots of bargains to be had, i didn't really get anything too exciting. doug got some shoes and tshirts, grace nabbed some cute clothes and a diary... it was a fun day though, fighting the crowds, chilling with my little family...

and dealing with the hulk. haha

Friday, December 25, 2015

the most wonderful time of the year...

i love christmas! i love pretty festive tables and decorated houses and just the vibe that is in the air as we go about our normal schedules... knowing that christmas isn't far away... and now it's here!

the kids woke up this morning, joseph calling us to lift him out of his bed as maddie raced excitedly through the house exclaiming over the gifts under the tree... and the new bike parked behind mum and dad's bed!! after breakfast we retired to the lounge to open gifts and as usual the kids were loved rotten...

hats and copious amounts of toy cars were amongst our joseph's favourite gifts...

while maddie lost her mind over this pineapple cup that daddy had bought for her...

joseph also loved his new basketball set from poppy and grandma

and madeline's absolute favourite gift was her "raphael ninja turtle" costume which even had a hard shell! best present ever, well done poppy and grandma.

the absolute highlight of my dad was when dominique aka sister kendall skyped us from new zealand where she is serving her mission. she was so happy to see us and we loved having a chance to catch up... we are proud of her and her dedication to serve the lord.

my mum and dad at lunch

madeline and poppy with their crackers at lunch, what a gorgeous face... she is laughing at one of the lamest jokes ever... how do snowmen get around? on their icicles!

after lunch and skype and relaxing we headed off to my brother jareds house for dinner... where more craziness ensued... ben and doug had a field day with the cracker toys, deciding that the mini combs they got were much better suited to their eyebrows and beards. hahahaha.

grace and i chilling out... (please note the beautiful grecian crown i got from mum for christmas)

and my beautiful boy. i could look at that face for hours ♥

my favourite photo of the day... just makes me laugh every time i see it, 5 of the 8 goodlet grandchildren (laura is in the u.s. with friends for christmas, jared david had other plans and jonas is of course with his parents in brisbane) number 9, another for aaron and katja is due in just a week and we are so excited! 

and me with my love

christmas is indeed my favourite and fills me with such joy. i am so grateful to celebrate the birth of the saviour each year with family! it really is...

the most wonderful time of the year

Thursday, December 24, 2015

twas the night before christmas

twas the night before christmas and in the kendall house, as per tradition there were things to do!

a few christmas carols and then luke chapter 2 is always on the agenda, this year doug's father steve read it aloud to us... i love to hear the story of christ's birth, straight from the scriptures, a simple yet everlasting account. we then watched the church nativity video, which always makes me so emotional, marys trust in the lord, the savior being born in a stable... it's so incredible. 

steve reading from our family bible

our beautiful tree ♥

maddie was old enough this year to want to leave milk and some treats out for santa, she was so cute, she picked out just the right ones, they had to be arranged "just so"... and she had to pour the perfect amount of milk. i am sure she'll get a thrill out of them being gone in the morning.

i love christmas... it's the most wonderful time of the year. ♥

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

pinker family photos ♥

i got to spend last night with one of my favourite families ever... as a christmas gift for nanna leah (what our kids call her) i did pinker family photos at the location of her choice... the perth temple, which was conveniently open again this year during the month of december on monday nights for family home evening.

i love these people so damn much. i love that they are always joking, always laughing... and so easy to be around. super comfortable with each other... and just an absolute delight.

we got some gorgeous shots and i just hope that leah is as happy with them as i am.

merry christmas to all... and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

22 months old...

please little man... stop growing! somehow 22 months have flown by and here we are again... only 2 more months until my baby is 2 and this mummy is devastated at the very thought of it.

finally young master joseph has learned that bedtime is not the devil and settles happily into his bed and goes off to sleep instead of screaming for hours... when i tell him it's "bedtime joseph!" he even runs off into his room and tries to climb up the bars of the cot to get himself into bed, waiting for his daddy or i to lift him in.

this month joseph learned to say grandma, (an-maaa) after he heard madeline yelling it at the shops when we were looking for dougs mum. he also made his other grandmother laugh hysterically when we were facetiming one morning and we paused to bless the breakfast and he turned to the phone, put his finger to his mouth and shooshed her. it was too funny.

he has finally mastered please (eeeeeeeeeeee) and ta (ahhhhhh), which makes me happy, good manners are important to me, even in young children!

he is still completely obsessed with his toy cars and when his supply ran low last week, i went around looking under furniture and managed to locate 12 of them in one hit... clearly he has a good time with them.

he is one of the cutest kids alive, i am certain of it... and we are so happy to have him in our home. ♥

one of the outtakes... what a cracker of a kid!

Friday, December 18, 2015

christmas baking

it's that time of the year again... when i slave in the kitchen to make goodies for our friends, family and doug's co-workers. this was no exception, but i must admit it was absolute bliss cooking in my new kitchen under the air conditioner! finally i have a vent in the kitchen.

this years plates consisted of (from top to bottom l-r):
white chocolate rocky road
caramel fudge
chocolate truffles
clinker slice
chocolate rocky road
peanut choc chip cookies and
salted caramel slice

all of these recipes are in my christmas baking post from a few years ago which you can find here, other than the one for the choc rocky road...

milk chocolate rocky road

500g melted milk chocolate
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup chopped peanuts
1 bag pascall pink and white marshmallows (halved)
1 bag coles brand fun size twix bars (chopped)

mix all ingredients into melted chocolate and pour into prepared tray, refrigerate until just set and then cut into bite sized pieces. 

really the sky is the limit, you can add pretty much anything you want... glace cherries, any kind of nuts, honeycomb, biscuit chunks... let your imagination run wild!

this made my ocd happy, all these perfectly shaped and pressed cookies ready to bake... and they were delicious!

and this was a great reminder of what baking is like with children... it doesn't matter that mum has popped out the pieces at the edges, we need to take the ones from the very middle... oh i had to laugh when i walked past.

and this is the best little helper ever! i just adore her and her messy face. i am in love with december... (and i adore seeing people receiving their trays, knowing that they have been though of.)
it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

the road to bethlehem 2015

another stop in the christmas countdown is taking the kids to the annual road to bethlehem production at the seventh day adventist church in canning vale. we went last night and as always, we loved it! they have a live walk-through nativity, complete with an awesomely angry king herod, livestock (including camels and a donkey, and this year a few chickens in the marketplace and the stable) and a sweet baby who of course plays the baby jesus.

the wise men visiting king herods court

the donkey in the stable... he is always my favourite!

mark, doug and the girls raring to get started... 
we always invite our friends to come along, it is such a fun activity for kids... and such a good way to teach them the real christmas story.

this year mat, jen and baby jacob joined us too :)

and there is nothing like a good night out with your bestie without snapping a few selfies, in the bethlehem marketplace of course. haha

joseph and madeline enjoyed every minute, there is so much to see and do! we will definitely keep going each year as a family tradition, we love it!

and the countdown to christmas continues...

Monday, December 14, 2015

birthday love!

well december brings many activities and traditions and christmas... but it also brings my birthday, which was today! i had an uneventful day home with my babies, but come this evening, i was treated to burgers at grilld and dessert at ben and jerrys from my in'laws. best night out!

i haven't been to hillary's boat harbour for ages and it was beautiful, all decorated and sparkling for christmas, with every one so relaxed, clearly getting into holiday mode, enjoying perth summer (which i might add is ridiculously cold most nights still and i am loving it)

doug bought me some gorgeous coloured roses from the kids... and some pandora, good man, knows the way to a womans heart...

we had a great night with the kids and dougs parents and snapped some adorable little shots of our tribe.

this years cake... icecream cones from ben and jerry's, salted caramel for me and mango for maddie, as you can see they don't make a kids size cone... hahaha

looks like being another year older won't be all that bad... i received so many messages and calls and so much love, i feel truly blessed!

and so with my birthday over, the christmas countdown continues, 11 days to go! :)