Sunday, June 28, 2015

to guide us home

i went to church in brisbane today with doug's mum and baby j... who decided that today was the day to put on a performance and run back and forth, back and forth, and not sit still at all. as a mum, i don't always (barely ever) get to sit through an entire church meeting and actually listen... so when my mother in law insisted on taking him out for a little while to let him run it out i didn't argue.

one of the talks was amazing and really spoke to my heart... it was about not just living a life, but focusing on the things that would lead us back to our heavenly home...
scripture study 
and service

prayer and scripture study are things we learn as children and they so easily become a part of our daily routine when we are blessed with faithful parents... but i was also blessed to grow up in a home where my parents were always doing something for someone else. mum would always cook more than we needed... in order to be able to give some to someone in need. dad was always dashing off somewhere, to check out someones car, to do an odd job, to lend a hand. i am so grateful for the example they have been to me... it's made me want to make sure my life is the same. i want to give, to make time for anyone that needs my help. to make sure my hand is extended at all times. because it is service, as well as other things, that will in the end, guide us home.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

garage sale!

it was 1am this morning and i was finally heading to my bed... after setting this up. i must admit, i'm more than just a little proud of myself, because i actually made this happen, with not a huge amount of help. i've been posting ad after ad on local buy/sell/swap pages, gumtree and facebook and then i just sat and hoped and prayed that people would not only come, but that they would actually buy our things!

and they did! we sold all but one of the large items, which we ended up gifting to the people who bought the vast majority of the furniture... get this, they turned up half an hour before we were going to close off... and it just so happened that we had everything they needed. coincidence? i think not! we were thrilled and so were they, because it worked perfectly.

the few things that were left over, we will be donating to the salvos in the next few days, as we do the last of the culling this week, but today has truly taken a weight off our shoulders, such a success and truly the answer to our prayers.

i can't believe that life in brisbane is about to be over... but believe it or not, it is, and in just over a week, the kendall family will be out of this house and soon joining us in perth, 
where we can be a family again ♥

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

packing up

ahem. guess what? i'm in brisbane! 

yep. that's right. the kendall family needed help to get this house of theirs empty and leave the state, so i am here to help. it was all up in the air whether i would go or not, but all of a sudden, there was flights being booked, a bag being packed and joseph and i are here for probably the next two weeks. we'll see what happens...

it's amazing how much you can accumulate over the years, it's not my house, so obviously i don't have a sentimental attachment to things and it is much easier for me to say, okay that can go... i just hope i am being a help and not a hindrance haha.

i am also amazed at how much you can get done quickly though, if you really need to. we are selling things right, left and centre on gumtree. people are coming and going, waving their cash and things are going well. i just hope we can get it all done, and in time. we have a deadline and we are all just praying we can do this. fingers crossed,

Monday, June 22, 2015

analeah is one!

i had the absolute pleasure of taking photos on saturday for sweet analeah's first birthday. i'm so glad her mum invited us, she is the cutest little girl and i am obsessed with taking pictures of her!

i mean seriously... look at those huge eyes! she is just the cutest!

analeah and her mummy, my friend melinda

and their older daughter, ngawai, madeline's bestie. this photo perfectly shows of her personality, a blur of energy...

analeah loved the attention and smiling for the camera

and all the kids had a great time playing together

including a lovely game of pass the parcel...

it was a gorgeous day, lots of laughs, fun, family

and photos ♥

thanks for having us lovely people! xx

Saturday, June 20, 2015

we have a 16 month old!

this boy is the funniest! 90% of the time he is happy and laughing and trotting around the house making mischief. he runs quickly on the spot sometimes when he is excited, a few quick steps and then rushes off again, funny little thing.

he has so many troubles with his teeth though, such a change from madeline, hers just came through without any problems, where this baby is always grizzling and grabbing at his gums when one arrives which seems to be every second week. boo. he has 14 teeth now! someone call the dental police!

he has started to do what we call baby yoga, when he leans forward and put his hands then head on the ground and makes a triangle shape, all the while giggling and looking side to side to make sure we are watching. he and maddie are always together, up to something...

nothing has made me laugh harder than this though. joseph has worked out where we keep bowls in the cupboard and obviously associated them with food, so when he is hungry, he trots into the kitchen, helps himself to a bowl, then comes and hit me in the leg with it. as if to say, "what are you doing woman! get me some food!" it is the funniest thing!

he is still not saying much, i guess it's hard to get a word in edgewise with madeline around, but he has started to say up!

we love him!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

hospital visits

my heart is hurting so badly. tonight i've been with doug to the hospital to visit a dear friend who probably won't be with us for much longer. i'm off to brisbane monday and was planning to visit when i return, but after speaking to one of his family members today, i was encouraged to go in asap, to say goodbye...

i'm so glad i did. he is a church friend, but also a friend from my early days in the funeral home... i was practically a shuttle between their funeral home and ours (the boys would always make me go to hang out with my "mormon friend"), when they did work for us and i loved the time  i got to spend with him chatting. we talked about everything, funeral related and not... and oh did we laugh. he is just an all round great guy.

i am so grateful to have known this man. to have been blessed with the time i've spent working alongside him. when we left the hospital tonight and said goodbye i cried and cried and didn't want to leave. death may have been such a huge part of my life, for such a long time, but when it is someone you know and someone you love, it's completely different.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

baby boy besties

i am in love with these two boys

melchizedek and joseph, born 7 months apart, who already love to see each other and laugh and squeal excitedly when they do.

they are even happy to sit and pose together for their mamas to watch them and snap pictures.

the sweetest boys there are, as different as night and day, but already...

the best of friends ♥♥

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

emma kate is seven!

my sweet littlest niece emma kate turned seven today and asked madeline to join her and her school friends for a little party after school, so off we went! we had a lovely afternoon playing and watching emma open her presents after afternoon tea.

plue, donna made her this adorable fairy home cake. loved it!

happy birthday emma!

awesome glitter shoes and waterbottle from kmart... what other stores could one need?!

and joseph had a great time on the piano, with grace leading the way. ♥

Sunday, June 7, 2015

sunday with the fam

it's so nice to have aunty favz here with us for the weekend, the kids are loving it (please just ignore josephs grumpy look he is wearing, it's been a very long week with teeth coming in right, left and centre blerrrrgggg) and i am so thrilled to have a photo of my kids with their great aunt who adores them.

 we are so lucky to have the temple in the back yard of our chapel and to see it every time we go to church, it serves as a constant reminder of promises we have made and the life we strive to live.

and how i love these happy chatty kids, they make my life so sweet.

and the fact that they love each other so much, makes me so happy. i am hoping that it continues into their teenage years and that i don't have to remind them daily to be nice to each other. fingers crossed for a good outcome. haha.

and this sweet girl. what a joy it is to see her growing up loving the gospel and waiting to enter the temple. she is such a light in our lives.

sundays? they are my favourite days of the week ♥

Friday, June 5, 2015

disney on ice: dare to dream

tonight we had a girls night at disney on ice: dare to dream at the perth arena. i went to disney on ice with madeline last year and when i told mum how good it was, we decided we would all go this year ans it was an awesome night out. yay! some of our other friends joined us too, as well as dougs aunt and cousins daughter who arrived this morning to visit from melbourne.

elsa and anna from frozen were chilling (get it? hahaha) in the foyer, taking pictures with people as they arrived... i am hoping this is a hint that frozen on ice will soon be coming to perth!

and my favourite of the modern princesses... rapunzel, had her own little photobooth upstairs as you went into the show.

i was absolutely thrilled to see that this year, one of the major sections of the show was dedicated to tangled, which i am obsessed with i mean seriously, find me a girl that doesn't have a huge crush on flynn ryder...

the finale was amazing as always, including a dance with all the disney princesses and princes on the ice together and even a few mini fireworks. i loved every single second, because i'm clearly a big kid at heart. i think i'll have to take madeline until she begs me not to.

my favourite little one and i  :)

madeline showing off her rapunzel flag that we bought. i must admit, it is possibly more for me than her... hahaha.

and a shot with her cousin emma overlooking the rink. what a wonderful night out.

thanks mum!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

missionary mail

monday brings missionary mail and photos from dominque in new zealand. she is currently serving in pukekohe with sister park from utah and by the looks of it, having the time of her life.

she hasn't changed one bit, seeing the pictures of her... and i know she has made the best decision she has ever made in her life - because by the time she is done, everything will be different!

she is a legend, i love her, i'm so proud and miss her every day. ♥