Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ward talent night

a ward talent night? i haven't seen one of those since i was a kid and certainly can't remember actually participating in one. haha. so when it was announced and i thought i had better set a good example and sign up to do something... i can sing, but that didn't seem to be exciting me as for once i wanted to do something challenging. so flute it was! 

i learned to play the flute when i was 10 at primary school and played it up until my final years at high school, but haven't really played it too much since, other than busting it out on the odd occasion to see if it still worked.

so maddy (pictured above) and i did an arrangement of "did you think to pray?" and it was fun! i am so glad i did it and feel inspired to practice more in the future. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

keiras birthday

another saturday, another party... saturday was maddie's friend keiras birthday party at another one of the play centres scattered about the place. the kids played, while the mums drank coffee (or in my case milo, kindly bought for me by another one of the mums that's learnt i'm not a coffee drinker) and gasbagged as the day went by

she and the squad had a ball as usual, oh i love these girls ♥

Friday, August 26, 2016

a new nephew ❤️

i have another new nephew!! my brother isaac and his partner kat brought this a son into the world earlier this week who they have called marshall. what a cutie!

looks like he's got that dad thing down pat ♥

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

we love sundays

i have said it before and i will say it again, over and over, sundays are the best day of the week. i know it's tuesday, but i can't resist sharing this gorgeous pic from a few days ago...

family, faith and photos (it has an f sound, so i am totally counting it!) there is no place i would rather be than with these cuties, at church, recharging before i embark on another week ♥ 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

a trip to the temple

still on my (at least) once a month for this year temple commitment, we went to the temple last night with dougs parents and it was beautiful. what a blessing it is to experience the beauty of the sacred ordinances therein and to share it with members of our eternal family. during a recent relief society lesson we had, the teacher asked us to picture ourselves in the temple with the people we would most like to share that with... and of course 99% of us thought of members of our family. i love that this gospel enables us to spend not only this life, but eternity with those we love.

we hit up the local nandos for some food afterwards and snapped this pic to make sure that dougs sister dominique who is still on her mission in nz, could be part of the fun. i bet she'll be thrilled. haha.

and here we are... my mother in law and i, as i introduced her to snapchat. i seriously love this pic ♥

Thursday, August 18, 2016

a mothers love

when i was 5 years old, my mother decided to make a quilt for my bed. i watched her spend a good part of the next year sewing these blocks up and then handstitching the entire thing stitch by stitch until it was done. i would hide underneath the fabric as she sewed each night and was thrilled to pieces when it was finally done and spread onto my bed for the first time. i loved it then and i still love it just as much. so all these years later, it seemed a waste for it to sit in a cupboard when madeline is using my old bed... so mum go to work once more and made it hers...

this new piece was added to the quilt a month or so ago, quilted over the top of four calico hearts with the letters of my name... and this week the quilt has one again taken pride of place on my old bed. madeline is thrilled to pieces and couldn't wait to snuggle under it this evening.

"those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of love ♥ "

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

after school hangs

yesterday we had our first after school play date with maddie's friend from school isabella. it makes me so happy seeing her with her little friends and knowing she is so happy with her life and loving her school. there was even an added bonus, that isabellas little brother and joseph are similar ages, so the party was on for young and old. 

of course the girls had to put on something matching which cracked me up to no end, i remember well the days of pretending to be twins with  my friends by wearing the same clothes. we had a lovely afternoon and i can't wait for my next catch up with isabellas mum - cause mums have fun too! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016


eighteen years ago, my life changed for the better, when my niece laura was born, my first niece. the years have absolutely flown by and here we are, celebrating her 18th birthday today as i wonder how on earth she (or i for that matter) got so old. i am so proud to be laura's aunt, she is focused, funny and certainly going places in life. i can't wait to see what she does in the years to come ♥

happy birthday beautiful! we love you x

Thursday, August 11, 2016

a little big boy bed

we finally took the side of master josephs cot, after he managed to climb out of it every morning for about 2 weeks straight and he's not been too excited about it. until i discovered a lightning mcqueen pillow case in the cupboard and alllll of a sudden, he couldn't get in there quickly enough! haha.

then, gumtree saved the day, when doug discovered this gorgeous vintage style disney cars cot set and now it's on josephs bed, he is thrilled, he's sleeping in there without trying to run off and my little boy seems to have suddenly gotten a whole lot bigger :(

Monday, August 8, 2016

happy birthday aunty!

aunty niques is still on her mission, but it was her birthday on saturday and that didn't stop her mother, who bought her a cake for us to enjoy earlier today at family home evening. the kids were completely delighted and couldn't believe that aunty got a cake when she wasn't even here hahaha

joseph was very happy to pose with the cake for me

and madeline couldn't wait to cut it and make a wish...

we all miss aunty very much and can't wait until she gets home, 2 months to go! ♥

Saturday, August 6, 2016

inflatable world

another party today for the kindy squad! gem had her birthday today (and was quite unobliging about having her photo taken hence the lack of her presence in these pics) at inflatable world in malaga. the girls had such a good time, i love listening to them laugh together

isabella charlotte and madeline, the 2016 esps kindy squad!

maddie at the bottom of one of the slides. inflatable world is set up in an indoor sports centre and runs in the off season, an awesome idea if you ask me!

i am loving the kindy parties, can't wait for the next one ♥

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

the frock exchange

we had the most incredible relief society additional meeting on the weekend, the frock exchange. our additional meetings coordinator like me, is an opshop lover and had a brainwave of having a frock exchange, to allow the ladies in our ward to bring along their awesome but unworn items and trade them with someone else. i was in opshop heaven... even more so because there was no money required :)

we did have a monetary system that consisted of one button per item checked in, which we then used to "purchase" other items at the end of the evening. 

and a fashion show covering the eras from 60s - now with these epic modest dresses loaned to us for the evening from omika australia worn by some awesome volunteers from our young women and young single adults. 

as you can see, our crew made an amazing amount of effort creating a store and a cafe and i was just blown away when i walked in and saw it all set up. i mean seriously, our activities coordinator even went to the effort of having vintage look signs painted up to place around the hall.

and it's no secret the we mormon ladies love to bake... and just look at the spread we busted out on the evening!!

it was such an incredible night, i can't even tell you how good it was. huge props to the ellenbrook ward additional meetings committe ♥

Monday, August 1, 2016

ice skating!

we had our first kindy birthday on saturday, for madeline's friend isabella and maddie thought all her christmases had come at once, because it was at the ice skating rink!! she is forever asking if we can go ice skating and was thrilled to bits to finally try it out. it has been about 17 years since my last ice skating adventure (back in young womens) and i am proud to say that i didn't fall over once. it certainly took effort to stay on my feet and not end up on my butt, but i managed it.

i forever hear about isabella and charlotte, "my best friends mum!" and today i saw the three of them hanging out together, laughing together and having the time of their lives, so i quickly snapped this pic of them. i love knowing that maddie has made friends at school!

we loved ice skating and can't wait to go again!