Wednesday, April 30, 2014

flybuys freebies

i am so flipping proud of myself, i just scored this fabulous slow cooker by redeeming my fly buys points from the coles group online... woohoo. i am honest when i say i don't know anyone that's ever gotten anything decent from their rewards, so when they relaunched the program a few years ago i actually paid some attention to the emails they sent me and discovered that i could earn bulk bonus points, by buying certain things at certain times - activating bonus offers that were emailed through, and lastly - when doug and i took out extras cover with medibank, we earn bonus points there too! woop woop. so when i got an email recently telling me about points redemption, i thought i would check it out, and i had over 30000! clearly all my bonuses had paid off.

i have been playing with the old crappy slow cooker that i found in the cupboard at mums right before she left, apparently a friend of hers was getting rid of it and she grabbed it, and everything has worked beautifully. it is so so simple. throw it all in, set the temperature and come back hours later and it's cooked perfectly. so easy and good. so when i saw this in the options for redemption, i was all over it. i am so excited to get it in the mail and to get cooking. woop woop. i'll let you know how it goes. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

mckay family photos

yesterday i was lucky enough to take pictures of this gorgeous family! melissa worked with me in the co-ordination office at invocare and we got along like a house on fire... she's an absolute crackup, her husband scott is hilarious and their two beautiful kiddos don't fall far from the tree.

we had planned weeks in advance with all the beautiful weather we had been having... only to have it cloud over in the morning (i was excited - made for beautiful lighting...) and then start pouring down with rain at lunchtime. grrrr. 

we decided we would still take a chance and headed to kings park with umbrellas... and amazingly enough after i spent the whole drive stressing... actually got some pics that weren't half bad

they were the easiest family to work with and to be honest - scott was the easiest of all the husbands ever... met each picture with a huge smile and didn't complain once. champion.

and such obliging children... 

i'm a bit black and white obsessed, so you'll have to deal with not seeing any in colour this time around :)

and this gorgeous boys smile just melted me. so so darling. could have taken a million shots of him quite happily...

and last of all... my two favourite pics - with the whole family. mel i had such a great time with you guys - thanks for letting me make such beautiful memories with you all. x

Friday, April 25, 2014

anzac day 2014

we will remember them

lest we forget

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

two months!

look at this chubba! clearly he's not being fed enough. har har har. he is so chubby and delightful and weighed in at a whopping 7.2kg today at his appointment with the child health nurse. he is right up there in the 97th percentile and still growing steadily. clearly mama has a good milk supply. he is now 60cm long...

he is such a generally happy baby, other than the fact that he is suffering with colic... he sometimes cries for long periods of time with a sore tummy, but hopefully  it won't last forever. look at that sweet smile as he snoozes.


he loves doug and i so much and always stares up at us while we hold him and talk to him, even if it means fighting sleep to do so. he loves maddie too and always tolerates her constant loving of him - even when she gets a little too close for comfort.

and even though he looks violated in this pic, he gets cuddles from her all the time. maddie will come in and say "he wann sitn my lap?" and now that we have worked out how to sit her so she can balance him well, she loves to cuddle him every morning on my bed after he has had his milk.

 i love these too so much. i may be tired - this silly mummy runs around like crazy trying to get everything done that i couldn't do while they were awake, the minute they are both finally asleep. i'm sure i'll get my life down pat eventually - just give me time... and until then, i'll continue to function purely on the hope of sleep that will come in the future! x

Sunday, April 20, 2014


i love easter! it's such a lovely day every year - and so wonderful to have a time specifically dedicated to remembering the sacrifice that our savior jesus christ made for each and every one of us. this year it was a bit bittersweet for us - as tomorrow morning our best friends in our ward, the beautiful fepulea'i family are off to baldivis to move into their new home. 

their eldest son wade returned from his mission on friday night at midnight and today as he gave his homecoming talk in our ward he also was saying goodbye to a ward he's never lived in... he was followed by his parents, speaking beautifully about easter and the atonement and finally saying their goodbyes. :( we are going to miss them so much. madeline can't remember life without them and is always asking for aunty vivi and teesha and taytay... she was only 10 months old the first time we went to their house for family dinner and we have seen them so much since that she doesn't know any different. 

so today was our final family dinner (although we have promised to have it once a month at the new place...) and melinda and i slaved away on saturday to make sure it was perfect, mel on mains, and i with the dessert menu... and it was lots of fun and laughs and a really good time.

josephs first easter... what a cutie pie in his cool threads, daddy and i bought him a pirate egg and an afl my first colours book... i am sure he had absolutely not a clue what was going on - but you can't not get them one... that would just be weird!

and this little bunny hopped in for the afternoon... with the most adorable easter bunny hairclip that i found through a handmade business page on facebook. too cute. she was thrilled with her peppa pig items, there isn't too much that makes her happier than ol' peppa... maybe that's why she's so sassy, following in that little piggy's footsteps.

and even i got spoiled... with doug arriving home from work thursday afternoon with a gourmet egg for me! he picked well, it was even green. haha.

i am well aware that easter is about more than just eggs... 
i am so grateful to have a beautiful family and friends to share it with,
even if so many we love are so far away,
but the real reason is because of a life given for me and for you.

happy easter! x

Friday, April 18, 2014

ruby's frozen party

today maddie and i got to attend ruby's frozen party! ruby is a girl in maddie's nursery class at church who maddie talks about all the time, "ruby's my best friend..." so she was super excited, and even more so when we told her it was a frozen party. i think every little girl i can think of right now is completely obsessed.

ruby's mum did such a good job though... the kids played musical statues and pass the parcel to songs from the frozen soundtrack, pin the tail on sven (the reindeer from the movie), had a little lunch with frozen themed food... marshmallows (the big scary snowman in the movie is called marshmallow), carrots (cause sven likes them), popcorn (looks like snow), blue jelly (looks like frozen water) and drank from water bottles with funky printed frozen labels...

but the coolest game? they got to build a snowman of their very own! such an amazing idea! here is maddies... she was so excited to make one and then show it off to me. ruby's mum also made a frozen cake, with white snow icing, blue toffee ice and the characters from the movie. so cool. (pun intended.)

and just when i thought there was nothing else that they could possibly do to make it any better, along comes an ice cream truck. can't get much "cooler" than that!! the kids were stoked and so were the big kids, as ruby's parents bought us all one too.

ruby and her cousin blowing out the candles at the end of the day... i feel so lucky to know people so kind to invite us to their childrens special occasions and i know madeline had such a good time... there was even a goodie bag with blue easter eggs and a frozen "kinder surprise" egg, which i know a certain little girl can't wait to open!

coolest party ever!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i don't want to be a mum

i remember just before madeline was born, a lady in our ward told me that if i didn't ever have a day when i wanted to throw my baby out the window, that i wasn't doing it right. being a mother of four children herself, i was more than happy to take her advice, especially seeing as she has her head on right and her kids are lovely and well mannered. i know what she meant by it anyway... that every mum has bad days... and this week i've had a lot of them.

i can honestly say that this week i have thought more than once that i don't want to be a mother... i am trying to toilet train madeline and it's not going well. i know that the best possible way to do it is to let them run in undies and when they have accidents that they'll learn to run for the toilet. so we bought some peppa undies for the little miss and gave it a go. she does not want to use the toilet and i am getting so frustrated. she knows when she needs to pee, i know that for sure, cause it's when she comes to me and asks for her nappy. she has peed once on the toilet, when she had asked me for her nappy so many times that i sat her on there and just wouldn't leave. she cried and cried and begged for one the other day to the point where i cried too, then the poor love peed on the floor right in front of me and then cried some more. then she held it for the rest of the day. sigh. she also keeps telling me that she has a sore tummy (obviously because she needs to poo) but waits until we put a nappy on her for bed and then goes. she has asked me a few times to go to bed at 6:30 and once as early as 5, so it wasn't hard to work out why. i guess it's all about perseverance and i'll just have to keep trying. 

then we have joseph who kept not burping and eventually vomiting up all his milk after i'd fed him. this went on and on and on, until i finally went to the chemist, where they told me he must be colicy, gave me two different medicines for him and thankfully it's helped... cause i was over the vom like i can't even tell you. hopefully they'll continue to settle his tummy.

i know i am lucky. i know it. i have two beautiful children, some people don't even have one and yearn for them. my children are healthy - and most days things are great. not perfect, but great. but just so people don't think that i have it all sorted... i felt like i needed to write this. i don't have it all together. i may never have it all together. but i am trying. heaven knows i am trying. and i'll keep trying until i do. 

but this week i don't want to be a mum. i honestly would love to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head and sleep for more than three hours at a time. thinking of my teenage years when i could sleep until lunchtime make my mouth water... but seeing as i love my babies and was willing to give all that up for them, i guess it's back to work. ♥

Monday, April 14, 2014

it's coronation day!

it's coronation day!
the king has arrived!

jonas stanley goodlet arrived this morning at 9:11am in london, england to my very proud brother aaron and his beautiful wife katja, weighing 2735g (6lb even for those of you who don't speak metric...)

what a beautiful baby... we are so excited that he is here and maddie is loving looking at photos of her baby cousin and telling us about jonassss, my cousin! hearing her say names is hilarious (we are still stuck on jofiss...) but she can say jonas perfectly!

the little sweetheart eventually had to arrive via c-section so he is lovely and perfect and not at all squished like some babies are... i am completely and utterly smitten already. proud aunty here.

my big brother with his bundle of joy, i have never in my life seen a smile like that on him! this picture makes me so, so happy.

and here she is! my gorgeous sister in law, who aaron reports handled the whole thing like a queen, with her fresh out of the oven baby boy. i am so proud of her, what a legend... and what a ridiculously good looking child. coming from those parents, there is pretty much no chance he could possibly not be! most genetically blessed child i know, he may as well be a celebrity! haha.

and one more of the boys. so excited. especially for joseph to have a cousin that's exactly the same age as him. i can hardly wait for a facetime date to see his gorgeous little face. welcome to the world baby jonas!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

baby book

we have been so lucky... when mum and dad decided to go to samoa to serve a mission teaching at church college we were so worried about who would live in their house, of course we wanted to make sure their home and their things were safe... but time started to creep up on us and still we had no idea who there could possibly be that wanted to live in a house in clackline! 

but god works in mysterious ways and one day i received an email from a friend - who knew i had attended northam branch when i was younger - asking if i might know of anywhere near there for rent, as people from his home branch in new zealand were moving over for work... boom. obviously it still all depended on whether or not the people were happy with the house and wanted to live there but it was a start.

greg and his wife chris turned up to have a look, they got along with my parents like a house on fire and a few weeks later they moved in - and are taking fabulous care of the place.

much like my mother, chris is into all kinds of art and crafts - and a few weeks ago gave me this beautiful book she had made, as a gift for baby joseph. i ummed and ahhed for some time about what to do with it and then had an amazing idea... when i was pregnant with madeline and in her first year and a bit of life i wrote in a journal for her to have, with all her milestones and the likes, but it always struck me as a little boring. it was all writing and no pictures - and although beautiful was not something she would probably want to share with anyone, as it was very personal, being full of her mothers thoughts and feelings.

so i decided to make the book full of the photos i had taken and to handwrite his milestones into the book alongside them. here is the beginning! our first look at our little boy - at my half way ultrasound...

photos of my growing bump as time went on throughout my pregnancy...

then his birth announcement and little bits and pieces, like a small paragraph about jourdin our student midwife who helped throughout my appointments etc...

and then... each month i'll add josephs month shot on his chair (see here for the ones i took of maddie) and write a little something about what's going on. i am so super excited about it and can't wait to keep adding to it. thank you so much chris, you're the best!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

6 week check up

yesterday we took this baby off to the gp for his six week check up... and found out he is definitely not little. at six weeks, he is already 6.33kg. holy moly. madeline had barely made it into 0000's at this age and he's already well filling 000's. yikes. we are going to have a bigggggg boy. but to be fair, it's much nicer for little girls to be petite and boys to be "sturdy" (how i like to word it...) so i am okay with it this way around. maybe this kid is finally putting some of those good polynesian genes to use.


he started doing actual smiles during the last week... so sweet - i just want to cuddle him all the time! and how could you not? he's adorable! the longest he has slept for during the night so far is 4 hours... we'll work on that! and trust me, i'm not complaining, i know there are people who have it a lot worse than i do!

we were told today though that the light isn't travelling all the way through his right eye and it will need to be checked, so we now have a specialist appointment. hopefully they can explain exactly whats going on... but i am sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for it. fingers crossed! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

student midwife program

this lovely girl cuddling our baby is jourdin - a student midwife from curtin university - who is not only absolutely amazing, but someone that i now consider a good friend. upon waltzing in to one of my antenatal appointments at the osborne park clinic, i met her, sitting with the midwife who was doing my appointment. we got to chatting and i asked her question after question about what she was doing - and more importantly what are you doing here ?! i learnt all about the curtin midwifery continuity of care program and that i could have her at all my appointments and that she would be there to help deliver the baby when he arrived. sooooo - after how well we got along and how much we laughed i was like hey why not? so i chatted with doug and is was onn!

we had a great time together over all the months that i had clinic appointments - and then unfortunately due to family circumstances, jourdin was overseas when joseph was born :( but we still love her! she's been to check ups and such with us since he was born and the other day came with us to have his hip scanned too! at an appointment with the gp we discovered that joseph had a clicky hip (which maddie also had...) but again we have been given the all clear! nothing wrong with him at all! we did use it as a great excuse to get a picture of him with our sweet boy that i can keep. and aren't they cute?!

i have to admit - i love all the midwives i have met - and everytime i leave the hospital i desperately want to be one. the only thing is, i cannot bear to see anyone in pain... so maybe that's not the job for me. i'll keep thinking about that one...

i admire them so much, their calmness in what can be such a stressful environment, their caring and the love that they have for each and every patient that is in their care. it is so inspiring, and i am grateful every day that i have been blessed to be cared for by such beautiful women. ♥

Thursday, April 3, 2014

frozen obsession

there's a little girl in our house who is quite taken with the latest disney offering - frozen. ever since the first time she watched it she's been obsessed and i have to admit that it is pretty good... just saying.

i finally made a cd for the car with all the songs from the album and she loves it (actually loves is the understatement of the century) and always asks before jumping in the car - mama can we watch frozen in the car? mama? can we? so cute! then she sits in the back singing along at the top of her voice just generally loving her life. we've also gotten to enjoy (had to endure?) her singing let it go - literally - just the one line from let it go... over and over and over for weeks at the top of her voice!

the other morning she actually asked niques if she could go and build a snowman and insisted she needed clothes for the snow, so aunty put her in tights, a jacket, hat and gloves... she's also insisting that her name is queen elsa (which anyone who has seen the movie would know is weird seeing as it's anna who is really the star of the show - plus maddie totally has red hair - just like anna! and to make it even stranger, all the while she is telling us she is queen elsa, she's quoting anna! she told us for over an hour the other day that "she's my sister, she would never hurt me..." and then today said to doug "please don't shut me out daddy! please don't close the door!" it's all we can do to not crack up and actually answer her with a straight face!

i am fairly certain all her dreams are about to come true, on sunday the mother of a little girl from maddie's nursery class called ruby - asked us if maddie could come to ruby's birthday party in a few weeks, apparently she is having a frozen theme!! she is going to think all her dreams have come true. can't wait. we caught the two of them jumping up and down in glee a few minutes later with ruby chanting, "you're coming to my party, you're coming to my party!!!!!!"

plus - just for your amusement, if you happen to have seen the movie - check this out - it is absolutely hilarious, it'a a couple driving in the car perfectly lip syncing the song "love is an open door" from the movie. the husbands facials are priceless, and the daughter just sits in the back seat looking bored, completely oblivious to what is going on. watch it now. you'll find it here! enjoy!

p.s. last week we got in the car and i started singing and looking across at doug - laughing about the abovementioned video only to have him look back at me and offer one single word. no. there go my dreams of a theatrical performance in our car! haha.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

himym is over...

doug and i have been watching how i met your mother since the beginning - and tonight we finally got to watch the last episode - where ted meets the mother - after 9 years of episodes. i've loved it - all of it... but the finale really ruined it for me, and i am so not happy with what they have done.

***major spoiler alert***
the entire 9th season has been covering the few days leading up to barney and robins wedding - all 22 episodes. we have seen random scenes of ted with the mother, but still haven't seen how they met. in episode 23 barney and robin finally get married, only for us to find out in the very next episode that it didn't work out and they got divorced. robin then stops hanging out with the crew and kind of falls off the planet - only to appear at ted and tracy's  (the mothers) wedding because tracy called and begged her to come. weird. 

barney then gets some girl pregnant and doesn't seem bothered by it until he meets the daughter, who becomes the love of his life... and then tracy dies. um yes. she dies. and this is just glossed over, as part of the story telling... we see nothing more than the mother lying in a hospital bed, we are told she's sick and then told she's dead. no funeral, no goodbyes, nothing. on with the show! i felt a bit ripped off that after such a build up to having her even enter the show they could have given her some kind of send off for goodness sake!

the story ends and the kids then tell their dad how clear it is that he's still in love with aunt robin and why hasn't he asked her out yet. so off he runs with the blue french horn to her apartment where the story ends. what the heck? why didn't you just call the show "how i settled for your mother while i waited for your aunt robin" ? he was always running back to her, after her - through everything, so clearly it makes sense that eventually they would end up together - plus to be fair, the kids mention that it's been six years since the mother passed away... but it was just such a letdown. why couldn't he and the mother have actually lived happily ever after? would that have been too much to ask? 

there have been very few positive reviews of the finale online, and one disgruntled fan even went so far as to make what he thought should have been the ending - which i completely agree with. if you've seen the finale and it made you want to throw chairs (like i wanted to...) check it out here - it's perfect!