Thursday, May 23, 2013

o-p-p yeah you know me...

just recently i had the most amazing weekend opping and got some awesome stuff. if you're new to my blog - then you should know, now... that i am op-sessed. i cannot think of a way that i would rather spend my day than digging through a bin of old cast offs from someone's place. can't help it - that's my hobby (disclaimer, i am extremely ocd and my mum thinks it's hilarious, but that's what hand sanitiser and baby wipes were invented for right?)

so the above dish was bought at the local st vinnies warehouse... an anchor glass cake dome... brand new, in the box. i crap you not. i was so flipping excited and snapped it up instantly. $25 was well worth it, especially once i had googled it and discovered they were $90ish in the states and who knows how much shipping would be to get it here...

and this? this gorgeous, combination lockable black travel case (complete with an internal swivel mirror and all) was the best bargain in ages for only $2.50!! i was stoked and snapped it up for my beautiful sister in law to stash her kilos of makeup in.

i know there are so many bargains to be had and can't help getting out there pretty much every weekend. can't think of anything better and i am gradually converting all my friends too... so stay tuned for more bargains - cause i do love to show them off. x

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

sensory pillows

we are currently doing a stake relief society service project constructing "sensory pillows" (and aprons) for the alzheimers association of wa. these pillows allow persons suffering from alzheimers a possible opportunity to reconnect with past memories and places by using their sense of touch.

i went into a little op shop this morning and looked for some random items all with different sizes, textures and feel and got the whole lot for $2... score! then home to drag out all my things i have stashed away and i got sewing! i had to do most of it by hand unfortunately due to the awkward cushion shape... grrr, but eventually had both finished and ready to hand over to stake! yay!

i actually enjoyed it in the end and am pretty proud of my efforts. makes me feel good that i've done something nice for someone else :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

cousin love

i snuck these pictures of miss maddie and her cousin emma-kate at our mothers day lunch at my older brothers house... both of them were completely oblivious to me taking them, but after seeing them having a tea party out the side door of the house i couldn't resist.

what absolute cuties!

"cousins are usually the first friends we have as children, and usually they remain that way." - anon.

Monday, May 13, 2013

mum and dad leave

and just like that - they're gone. mum and dad left this afternoon on their flight to nz, where they'll spend a few days before they fly out to samoa to begin their mission. we were so lucky to spend yesterday (which conveniently happened to be mothers day...) with them.

 it's so hard to believe that for the next 18 months that i can't just pick up the phone, drive an hour - or just have mum and dad nearby. but i know that they are needed there, that they will help people in ways i don't even know about - and be so much to so many. so i am doing my best not to cry and upset mum more about leaving. 


last night we went with them to be set apart at our stake presidents house and it was an amazing experience. they were promised so many wonderful things for their faith and i know it will be something they will remember forever. good luck mum and dad! we love you heaps and can't wait to see you again.x

freshly set apart elder & sister goodlet with our stake president

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day

i have the best little girl with the best daddy who knows exactly what this mama likes. needless to say i was pretty thrilled with my mothers day gift's - a bottle of my favourite perfume, marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh and a madeline board book to read to, my madeline - obviously. what cool gifts.

i also came home from ben and laura's wedding yesterday to these gorgeous flowers from my mummy, what a lovely surprise! i am going to miss her very much... ♥

ben and laura get hitched!

yesterday we went to ben and laura's wedding. such a beautiful day and it was amazing to see all his family, it's been so long since we have seen them all! we know bens family from queensland days, in fact ben's sister beth is the one that introduced doug and i (we used to live together) - thus our little girl being madeline beth! 

ben also served his mission in perth many years ago and it's lovely to know that he'll be back - for good. thank you laura!

a few pics of ben's lovely fam (including some of the boys that have married in below...) while we were waiting for laura and ben to come out after their sealing ceremony.

ben's parents jim & debbie 

beth and my dougie - besties from way back

perth temple... the best place on earth. where my little family started for time and all eternity - and where i have had the chance to see so many others do the same.

doug and i with laura and ben - such a cute couple

and us having a bit of fun... how i love my boy! 

ben's dad jim is a mad rugby fan and was a bit bummed that he was missing a game during the reception. it's all for a good cause!

the cake!

loved up at the bridal table...

all the kids minus two, sarah who was too pregnant to fly, and emma...

my camera getting a workout... ain't nothing like a good bathroom selfie!

ben and laura's first dance....

we had such a good time at the wedding. it has been a long long time since i have laughed that hard. ben's best man had the entire place in stitches, he was telling the best stories and was just a complete crack up. i am so glad we have remained friends with this wonderful family for so long, and had the chance to share in their special day.

there is a happiness that has no end, it comes when marrying one's best friend ♥
congrats ben & laura and best of luck as you embark on your next adventure of happily ever after...

i had my personal hairdresser beth whip me up a 4 minute hairdo. freaking amazing!!! couldn't resist showing it off. :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

maddie is twenty-two months

this little girl is twenty-two months old! i have tried everything, but it keeps happening. luckily for me though, she keeps getting cuter. and cuter and cuter. she is still running around everywhere, full of endless energy and love for everyone. she has been talking to nanna on facetime nearly every day this week while i've had time off work and now everytime she sees my phone, she starts to call out, "nanna nanna nanna!" i don't know how i am going to handle her once her nanna has been taken away.

she loves boost juice and if you buy one, she won't take no for an answer. you better buy a big one, cause you won't be getting much. and if you don't share, you'll know all about it.

seeing as we are off to melbourne soon, we had a practice run in the aeroplane at the local shops. she loved every minute of the ride, and then proceeded to slide back and forward in the seat when it stopped yelling, 'more more!' as if it would make it start again.

we love to make faces together, sometimes we look at each other and she makes a face and i copy it, then i make a face and she copies it. plus she's always happy to have a good duckface selfie with mama.

we went to harbourtown a few weeks ago with some friends and found these fabulous nikes in size 14. they make maddie look teeny and oh so cute. especially in her to die for red poncho and shoes from aunty jo.

cuteness. overload.

Friday, May 10, 2013

clark is out of here!

our little clarky has taken off for the philippines last night. niques and i were lucky enough to be there as he was set apart, though doug was unfortunately still at work... it was such a lovely thing to be a part of, though hard for him... vivienne was called away to nz earlier this week, her mum has been ill for quite some time and isn't expected to last much longer. but it was amazing! i know he will be a wonderful missionary and i am so glad we have been able to be a part of his journey right up til now!

we had a "last supper" at macca's in tuart hill (clark has been eating for two... (years) for quite some time now) before they went off to the airport, which is where we snapped this shot - full of crazy people haha.

clark and our stake president minutes after being set apart as elder f.

i couldn't resist putting these pics up from clark's last sunday at dianella either. apparently it is tradition for someone in their family to ruin every family shot they have - and looking at these, i am guessing it was tayla's turn this time around.

best family. i am sure the next two years will fly by. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

lily gets hotttt

my friend lily and i haven't know each other well for all that long, but we get along like a house on fire... (totally found this out during hula rehearsals) and when she asked if i knew anyone that could help her get all prettied up for the wildcats mvp ball (her husband everard plays for them) i totally called in reinforcements (sister in law niques and gf jo) who made her look hot as. yes, i confess, all i did was paint her fingernails.

ev was happy to wait (amazing... i bet girls all over the world are looking for a man like that...) - he obviously knows that good things are worth waiting for, cause the end result was amazing! 

she's amazing without makeup, but looked so exotic with it on... and by the time she added that dress and heels