Monday, January 30, 2012

what i wore sunday 1

welcome to wiws - what i wore sunday!

i sometimes read a blog called the pleated poppy and lindsey (who writes the blog) has a post each week that she calls wiww (what i wore wednesday) - encouraging herself to be creative with what she wears (or sometimes just to get out of trackies!! haha) and show it off to fellow bloggers. well... my sunday outfits are always much more interesting than my wednesday outfits - i'll be honest - i do like to use sunday to wear something nice - sometimes something new... and it's good fun. so i'll be sharing sunday outfits - starting with yesterdays.

in kalgoorlie for church - with rob and bianca...

dress (with belt) - valleygirl (on sale 2 weeks ago for just $12.95!!)
cardi - valleygirl (way old - but still good)
undertee -
pearl shell earrings - stolen from mum :)
bracelet -
birds nest ring (unfortunately got cut out of the picture) diva
shoes - invu (steal from the local st vinnies!)

stay tuned - i may or may not continue this... but hey - it was fun! ♥

first swim

on saturday madeline had her first swim - in kalgoorlie at uncle jared and aunty donna's house with her cousins. she was so adorable... and loved the water! she was kicking away and smiling at us both as we bobbed her around in the water. ben and jared insisted that she had to have a turn in emma's "boat" as well which was so so funny. such a sweet little girl.

maddie in emmas "boat"

mads and daddy swimming away

getting used to the water... it was lovely - not too cold!

frog kick!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

road tripppppppp!!

doug, maddie and i set off yesterday for our first long road trip since miss madeline was born. off to kal! 6 hours... poor maddie. after breakfast at mum and dad's (where maddie took great care to point out that the milk was not right...) we set off and started the drive

at our stop in merredin maddie decided she was going to have a drive...
beep beeeeeeep - get outta my way!!


and apparently wasn't too interested in what i was offering for lunch - and decided to eat her toes instead. mmmmmm. i love jam. toe jam. tasty.

the road to kal is long. very long. and at some points - you can see the road ahead for ages and ages. it's like it will never end. but eventually you make it. we arrived safe and sound and surprised the heck out of jared and donna before moving to rob and biancas to stay. stay tuned for more adventures! ♥

Monday, January 23, 2012

sooooooooo hot

perth is set for our hottest summer in 47 years, according to the west australian online... my iphone weather app shows this for the next 5 days and all i can say is - ugh. oh my gosh... i don't think my fair skin is cut out for this weather - it just makes me sick, and poor maddie, born in the middle of winter... she's not liking it at all!

this right here is what i am dreaming of...
cold. winter. maybe even snow.

the snow is never going to happen here in perth -
but maybe i can go find some one day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


just when i thought she couldn't get any cuter... check this video out!
oh my gosh - funniest laugh ever!

special thanks to brandon and lisa for making her laugh so hard! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it explains it all!

sometimes i sit back and wonder how on earth i ever got married... i think this just about sums it up. cause think about it... in all honesty - we're all a little wierd.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

i'm madeline, i'm madeline!!

this week maddie and i had our passport photos done, we are off to nz in april to meet the rest of doug's family and we clearly won't be leaving the country without them...

we were paying on our way out of the pharmacy - and the young female assistant in there was clearly besotted with our baby girl and kept smiling at her, as maddie smiled sweetly back. "oooohhh," she said, "she looks so much like madeline!" i laughed and told her that madeline is actually her name. she was so excited and as we left, i heard her telling everyone that worked there. something small but very sweet - i've never had someone guess her name before! but it is definitely a nice thing to know that she looks like her name. :)

six months old!!

can you believe this gorgeous girl is six months old?? i certainly can't!! it was really six months ago that i was in hospital meeting her for the first time. wow. she certainly made sure we knew she was six months old though, between the first tooth cutting on saturday, the first full rollover on sunday - and then on tuesday... she decided to not sleep the whole way through the night for the first time in months. what a shock that was to me!! the day before she was six months, i wake up to a baby babbling away in the dark... ugh 4:15am? i had completely forgotten what you looked like... and to be honest - that you even existed!!! but - it was obviously the sign we needed that miss maddie was ready for some real food. fun fun fun. so on wednesday (the actual six month day) when she woke up at 4:15am again (i thought i had better make sure it wasn't just a fluke that she'd woken up...) miss maddie was treated to her first taste of rice cereal.

she did look a little unsure at first but managed to make her way through the teaspoon i'd mixed up with breastmilk. i must say i was impressed, i wasn't too sure if she'd actually make it through it all. what impressed me the most was the fact that after the initial shock of having something other than mum's milk in her mouth, she actually seemed to be enjoying it, gumming away and then doing a bit of a gulpy swallow. woohoo.

and the biggest surprise? after having that one teaspoon of cereal, at midday - it was enough for her teeny tummy for her to sleep all the way through the night again. amazing. i can't even tell you how happy that made me! :)
all that in just one week?... i feel like my baby is slipping away from me :( she's becoming a real little girl!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a toof and a roll!

what a clever clever girl we have... miss maddie was a teeny bit grizzly last week after her needles which i thought was really strange, because last time she was okay, but then when i had a feel in her mouth on saturday there was a sharp little tooth edge poking through!! a toof, a toof!! oh the joys i have ahead.

plus, she managed to stay still enough for me to actually take a picture... what looks like a tooth is actually drool, it's the darkish line below it that is the tooth poking through.

and then on sunday, we put her on the rug to play and she rolled the whole way over - twice! there's been plenty of half rolls from back to front and front to back, but never all the way over so quickly. she's so clever!!! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

i'll drink to that!

big big congrats to the husband... as of february 6, he'll be starting at western power as a trainee linesworker. :)

funny that, my dad retired as of december 31st, and now doug's starting with them. we are very excited!!

as i quoted from hellcats while we waited, and waited, and waited some more to hear back, "positive outcomes only!!"

positive outcomes indeed! :)

wrong... made right

so for christmas, i made these - and they did not work out exactly as i had hoped. this picture is not mine. this one is from the blog that i swiped the recipe from via pinterest. they look delightful no? and very festive. mint brownies. what could possibly be cooler for christmas? but alas... when i cut into them, the filling just wasn't set. even after hours and hours in the fridge, so clearly it wasn't ever going to set... it just dripped out of the middle all over the tray and plates. :(
filling fail.

i was, however, determined to make them into something worth eating. i bought a 2 litre tub of plain vanilla icecream and let it melt a bit... then hacked up my failed brownies into pieces and stirred away!!back in the freezer for a few hours to set... and you know what? it's pretty freaking good.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


so here it is... 2012
the year that the world is supposed to end -
but so far for me it's going pretty well.
no end of the world here...

so - my new years resolutions? i know you're all dying to know - my big wide audience of what? 4 people? 6 at the most?? well - i saw a fabulous idea on one of the blogs i read, the author has decided to choose a one word resolution. i thought it was great, so i am going to do the same.
my resolution is: "family"

my little family has grown by one member this past year and what a joy she is to us... i love spending time with her and doug, just the three of us... but also with our extended family too!! so this year, i'm going to spend as much time with my family as possible. immediate and extended. doug, maddie and i are off to new zealand in may for the unveiling of his grandparents graves and for maddie to meet the rest of doug's family and we are very excited...

so bring on 2012, with it's challenges, hopes, dreams and...

my little family!