Thursday, May 15, 2014

mothers in my life

mother i love you, mother i do.
father in heaven, has sent me to you...
when i am near you, i love to hear you,
singing so softly, that you love me too.
mother i love you, i love you, i do
(lds childrens songbook 207)

seeing as we are still in the week following mothers day, i thought i would show you the six most important mothers in my life...


my own mother - and truly my best friend in the entire world. she has been everything i could ever need and always known the right thing to say (or not say) throughout my entire life. i can honestly say, that if she wasn't my mother, i would hope to have met her so at least we could be friends. she's ultra cool, stylish, funny and amazingly talented with cooking and sewing. the only thing she can't do is sing! and i know that comment won't insult her so i am safe. oh and most importantly... she taught me every last thing there is to know about opshopping. clearly information i put to very good use!


my mother in law - raised a good and worthy young man in the gospel, encouraged him to serve a mission and be married in the temple. she has been wonderful in my life, loves my children in that perfect grandmother way and always defends me if there's an argument! plus... she buys my kids great clothes! family is her whole life and i am so blessed to have her in mine.

(aka nanna)

my mothers mother. gave me the most precious gift - the gift of life, without my mother i wouldn't be here... and she brought her to this earth. i have just one memory of my nanna, which is amazing enough in itself, she died a few months before i turned three! i know from my mother that she was a true english lady, dinner promptly each evening at 5pm and never, ever adjusted to the "awful heat" in australia. christmas to her was never right with the snow missing...


my fathers mother, passed away when i was 5... she was an amazing cook and taught my own mother much of what she knows. she loved to have all her grandchildren around her. she sang - and people who knew her tell me she had the voice of an angel! i credit my love of singing and music to this beautiful woman. she also crotcheted non stop and i still have my grandma-made blanket in my home today! ♥

(doug's mama)

doug's mothers mother, was all about family above all else. her children and grandchildren loved to be around her. she was samoan and didn't speak english, but i know her encouragement of doug's mother helped her to teach doug all he knows.

(doug's grandma)

doug's fathers mother, was a very attractive woman... kind and very protective of her children. she died when doug was very young, but doug's dad has told us what a good mother she was and how she would always look out for them.

i can't wait to see my own grandmothers in the eternities, sometimes i feel almost as if i was cheated out of having them as a child (- even though i know that they must have been needed more elsewhere...) and i can't wait to get to know them better. also to know dougs mama without the language barrier and to meet his grandma. 

i am grateful to these women for shaping my family and i am looking forward to our family being together for eternity!

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