Thursday, March 31, 2011

oute alofa ia te o'e

in loving memory of

peter matthew paramore

22.01.1934 - 18.03.2011

aka papa - to many granchildren and great-children

doug came home from the funeral yesterday and its so good to have him back!!

but i know that papa will be missed by a lot of family and friends. i have had reports that more people were at his funeral than stake conference!! he was a lovely man and we were truly blessed to have him as part of our lives...

my only consolation, is that my children will know him, because we are an eternal family, and with us, it's not just until "death do us part"... we will be together forever, and he will know his great-grandchildren - even though they're not here yet

so papa... "until we meet again..."

families are forever

Saturday, March 26, 2011


last night for the first time...
i could feel the baby moving from the outside!
it was squirming when i was ready to go to sleep,
a little more than usual -
and sure enough, with one hand on my tummy
i could feel it's little squirm from there

doug will be so excited!! as last week, he announced to some friends of ours that he felt left out because i said "doug! the baby's moving!" so he put his hand on my stomach to feel it and felt... nothing. i tried to explain that it takes time, but he enjoys teasing me. i can't wait for him to feel it too!! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i... don't

(cake by clare - sandra's lovely sis)

today at work we had a lovely suprise delivered...
a divorce cake!

after 18 years of marriage to "the psycho" sandra is calling it quits, and as far as we are concerned, any reason to celebrate...
so divorce cake it was
sandra's reason for leaving? patience wore out
results of marriage? 3 beautiful children and a
permanent headache

and as the cake was cut - we asked sandra if
she had any final words...
she did indeed... and replied "i don't!"

and it just so happens that our manager mark has also
signed his divorce papers this week...
2 for the price of 1!
marks achievement was 13 years of marriage to the "no comment"
reason for leaving? i didn't
results: 3 beautiful children and a bottle of whiskey

congrats guys! all the best for your single future...
may you never make that kind of mistake again,
unless of course you end up finding the right one

- and sandra my love...
just remember the age old saying:
"why get married and make one man miserable, when you can stay single and make thousands miserable?"

Monday, March 21, 2011


exhibit a: my completely trashed funeral shoes...

completely trashed, letting in sand on burials trashed.
and... they'll probably be the last pair i ever do trash,
as there's just 3 months left until i leave for the baby to arrive!!

but for those who say we do nothing all day?
these shoes prove otherwise!

ps: i realised afterwards, the tops don't look all that bad -
yeah the lining is shot, but it was the bottoms and the sides
that really were shot - oh well, too late
they're more than likely already at the tip ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st paddy's day

some useless trivia for those bored enough to read
my blog on st. patricks day

the correct answer to: "top o' the morning to ye"
is actually: "and the rest of the day to yourself"

and by the way
if you ever happen to find the end of the rainbow, you'll also find chuck norris there, roundhouse kicking leprechauns in the face.
(i'm sorry - i couldn't help myself)

and that my friends, is all :)

just because

it's freaking cool!!
absolutely no other reason...

(last night the 380 hit 88888kms)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


there is nothing more beautiful than a clean white canvas, with paint thrown all over it. we had a blast tonight with the young women, fingerpainting (in crystal and emma's case) and artisically made portraits (aggie and lina) on these beautiful clean canvases.

it made me think of life in general, starting out with our nice clean canvas and being able to decide exactly what we want to place out there on it for the rest of the world to see. we can make choices and know how they'll affect us... because we know the plan and what is in store in this life - and the life to come

it's like that quote that i love to torture the girls with
"the lord has given you the gift of agency and instructed you sufficiently to know good from evil. you are free to choose and are permitted to act, but are not free to choose the consequences. with absolute certainty, choices of good and right lead to happiness and peace. while choices of sin and evil eventually lead to unhappiness, sorrow and misery."
i don't know about you - but i think i am going to be pretty careful what goes on my personal canvas. i want to be seen in a good light, with bright and confident brush strokes
- that i am proud to hang for others to see.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

young womens camp 2011

our girlies monday morning, extremely ready to head home
due to there being no stake young womens camp this year -
dannielle and i decided to brave it, and take the dianella girls for camp to dardanup over the long weekend. i was amazed at:
1. how well behaved the girls actually were and
2. i actually enjoyed myself quite a lot.

was a good time had by all...

friday night -
we left dianella late for the trek to dardy - arriving to find cody's brother in the middle of a party with his friends... a very late night of ysa playing britsh bulldogs, you should have seen their tackling skillage

saturday -
morning on the boat
arvo opshopping and food shopping after lunch at red rooster
dinner - spaghetti, followed by tangled on the
projector screen before bed

sunday -
church in bunno
free time
then dinner and a sunday night fireside watching
mountain of the lord...
if you haven't seen it yet - watch it - it's amazing!

monday morning (early) -
cody's brothers let the tent down on the girls
(very loud response followed)
before pack up and heading back to perth

props to cody's parents for putting up with us for that long, but it was great fun - and i am so glad to see the girls growing up...
they can be such an amazing bunch :)

only downfall - it was soooo nice and cold down there... coming back to the heat of perth was ghastly!!
anyone wanna move to dardanup with me??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 whole years!!!

it amazes me that it has been five whole years since doug and i got married for time and all eternity in the perth australia temple. this post is actually a week late coming, as things have been nutty - and quite simply i just forgot to write it down. i certainly didn't forget my anniversary - just forgot that all of you needed to know as well.

on may 21st 2005 doug and i were walking in the gardens out the front of the temple, he picked me a yellow rose (from the temple garden - ooh mah) and handed it to me, before we continue our walk. i stopped to look upwards, as you do when there's a beautiful gold statue to look at, then then when i turned around,
there he was, kneeling in the grass.

i asked him what he was doing... to which he replied,

"jade, i have loved you since the first time i saw you,
i still love you, and i will always love you...
and i would really love it if you would be my wife."

then those three magic words that every girl dreams of:

"will you marry me?"

the rest of course is history,
married 23rd feb 2006
in the perth temple with our reception at the
olive garden restaurant in west perth,
a perfect day.

and here's to at least another 5 years.

i love you douglas stephen kendall
and i will love you


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

introducing baby kendall

so there we have it folks!!
baby kendall for you all to see...

isn't it beautiful??