Sunday, November 28, 2010

invocare christmas party

well... another year has come (and almost gone...) for invocare wa. we had our christmas wrap-up last night at the burswood casino in the astral ballroom.

it was a good night, good food - good company
and a fabulous show on the dance floor from carissa and susie

merry christmas to the invocrew!! x

happy hundy

far outttt. one hundred posts.
i didn't think i even had the dedication to go half that long.
yet here i am
at post

one hundred

with nothing to say except....

go me!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the simple things

today was down right rotten

i got mad with everyone, i was busy to the point of ridiculous and had two arguments - one with someone i like, and someone else i don't like a bit.

but i felt like a crazy and... i hated it

it took standing out the front of a church in a quiet street at someone elses funeral, under this beautiful tree to make me realise that it didn't even matter

not even one little bit

there's lot of pretty things amongst the ugly and crazy -

i just have to look for them

temple tins

our young women are spoiled rotten...

imagine their delight when they showed up last night and we had a room full of pretty wedding stuff, complete with things to cut up - and cake and "champers" to boot

temple tins were the on the nights agenda :)

all the glory to dannii... when she was in yws in mandurah, they made a temple tin each - an oversize coffee tin (which mum scored from the ages care kitchen she works in) filled with fabric samples, dress pictures, flowers pictures, generally every possible idea you can come up with for your wedding - plus a slip of paper with a letter to your future husband, and even possible kids names. freaking love it!!! i am just annoyed i never got to make one when i was in youth!!

but it was so much fun - the girls got really into it and got to work

i just can't wait to see if any of their predictions actually come to pass when they are opened when it's time for...

their temple marriage :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

i love winter best

i've been slack this week - and haven't written a thing - cause the week is dragging and it's so freaking hot

there i was... thinking i could escape summer in all it's violence this year - yet here it is, burning me already

sometimes i wish i was one of those people who love summer... who jump at the chance to go to the beach - stay in the sun and go crazy.
but i'm not...
cause i love winter best

Sunday, November 14, 2010


so... as all of you know - i am more than just a little obsessed with cardigans and seahorses, so imagine the look of "iwantiwantiwantiwant..." that was on my face when watching ep603 of himym last night.

i am in love with this amazing cardi -and totally want it, but much to my disgust it is a whopping 335 american dollars!!! don't think i'll be getting one any time soon.

but hey - i'll keep dreaming... and if anyone wants to buy it for me, did i mention it's my birthday in 29 days!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what's in a name??

i have to share this - cause i thought it was the cutest thing ever
sandra at work, has a sister clare - who has just given birth to the most beautiful little boy
isaac william
and where did the name come from?
well... we were throwing names around when she was 8 1/2 months preggers and sandra was getting frustrated beacuse she hadn't chosen one yet... the only thought was zac - which meh... i don't like all that much... i commented "i like isaac... -it's my brothers name... i'm just not into the name zac"
the name was suggested - and here he is - inadvertedly named after my big brother!!
let's just hope he doesn't take after him - he'd be a terror!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

makes it all worth it

occasionally you have one of those days at work that reminds you exactly why you do what you do.
today was one of those for me...

obviously won't be mentioning names, but we did a funeral today for a gentleman about 10 or so years older than my dad - with children around my age...

at the end of the service the pallbearers wheeled the coffin out of the church and then carried it down the stairs - before lifting the coffin onto their shoulders and carrying it to the hearse that way. the two gentlemen at the back of the procession wrapped their arms around each others shoulders for balance (and support also i assume...) it was such an amazing sight... i know this used to be the norm for all funerals - but in these days of occupational health and safety blah blah blah - it's not done and in fact basically discouraged, so it really touched me. five and a half years in a funeral home and i have never once seen a coffin shouldered before. it is impressive! and certainly brought more than one tear to my eyes...

and reminded me exactly why i do what i do


photograph courtesy of the funeral scene in love actually
(one of my all time favourite movies- check it out!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

freo with f-i-l

by fil... i mean father-in-law - steve

i'm pretty sure all his dreams came true in a matter of just a few hours as we trekked around freo yesterday afternoon
and took him to the:
-bon scott statue (on the fremantle fishing harbour)

-the bon scott memorial (at fremantle cemetery)

-and the fremantle prison (where ac/dc shot their
jail break video clip)

and personally i think i was much cheaper than
the highway to hell tour!
and a lot more fun!!

p.s. steves favaourite story to tell everyone is pretty damn good - so i am going to share it - bon scott (as most of you probably know) was the long time leading frontman of legendary aussie rock group ac/dc - who passed away in 1980. he is from perth and has a memorial at fremantle cemetery... where i quite often get to go through work (again... for those of you possible randoms reading my blog - i am a funeral director) one day i am at the cemetery running between funerals and some random passes me and says "excuse me - do you know where i could find bon scott?" jade - "ummm - does he work here - one of the gardeners?" random - "you're kidding me right? bon scott... leadman of ac/dc? he is memorialised here..." jade - "right... nope, no idea - ask at the front office" and i walk off...

he's never let me live it down