Monday, October 31, 2016

halloweeeeeen twenty-sixteeeeen

i'm not really a halloween person... to be perfectly honest, i have always thought it is a stupid american tradition that doesn't really belong in australia... but after last years exposure to the joy of halloween in our new house where there are lots of new houses and lots of young children i realized that it's kind of fun.

this year we went out trick or treating with maddie's friend isabella and her little brother and hit up about 20 or so houses just by wandering around our neighbourhood looking for decorations. the kids were loving it, until we got to one house that had a guy dressed in a scary costume that jumped out and scared the kids, then it was tears all the way home... i couldn't help but laugh, but they were seriously scared!

queen elsa and her witchy friend

doug stayed home and wore his chimp mask whilst handing out lollipops to the neighbourhood kids... i think he had just as good a time as we did! as we walked around, i told the kids to knock on our door, much to their amusement.,, but that's our house! oh daddy! he's a monkey!

having the best time ♥

and our little joseph... doug's parents bought him a little skeleton suit, but he wasn't having a bar of it, so in the end we showed him his all blacks shirt, which he was more than happy to wear. done. let's go!

you never know, halloween might just be growing on me...

Saturday, October 29, 2016

halloween visiting teaching

i do love it when i find something cute and appropriate to add to the visiting teaching message... i've never been a huge fan of halloween, but stumbled across this gorgeous handout on pinterest and was thrilled to see it because finally... someone gets it!

i loved it, and hopefully the ladies i visit teach will enjoy it and the cupcakes i made to go along with them ♥

Thursday, October 27, 2016

a big boy haircut

we finally managed to get this little man in the chair at the barbers today and i cannot believe the difference a cut made. i think it aged him about 12 years and i can't even deal with it. i mean seriously, he's gone from being a baby to a little boy!

all his hair, gone! it's been so long since he let anyone touch his hair that we had started to call him samson... whenever you would ask him if he was going to have a haircut, he would cry no no! and then run away. even at the barber he sobbed and sobbed when we put him in the chair and eventually we had to let him watch a little video with the disney cars in it, whilst sitting on dougs lap in the chair. but we got it done! big big thanks to the awesome barber eli at babaz in ellenbrook... we are thrilled with little j's new cut. ♥

and last of all, here's a before shot of our little man before we got him in the chair... i still can't get over the difference!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

movie day ❤️

there is nothing better than a catch up with friends you haven't seen for a while... mel and her kids went to new zealand for over a month and we were so happy to have them back and for the kids to hang out again while we caught up. joseph and analeah are always so funny today, i love this picture of them together and i seriously can't stop laughing at it.

these girls had a good time too... we cranked a movie in the theatre room and gave them a bowl of popcorn each, while we gasbagged away. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

a double baptism

today our two of our friends daughters got baptised at our chapel and it was such a good day. these little princesses twirled and danced and laughed together while we snapped some pictures.

how could you not love the two of them? so funny!

i made some cookies for the afternoon tea... temples, "holy ghosts" and snowflakes... (for that scripture, though your skins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow (through repentance and baptism) in isaiah 1:18) 

cookie recipe can be found here :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

choc chip cookies!

earlier this week i had a must bake chocolate chip cookies day, i needed them after the morning i had... which i'll explain in a minute!

i have hunted for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe for quite some time, i have tried a few and just not been into them, but somehow stumbled across this one (here) from rebecca judds website. gave them a try and they were amazing! so so so yum that i probably could have eaten the whole lot myself... thankfully i have a husband and two kids. seriously try them, you won't regret it! (and yes, you definitely should double the choc chips, or at least add another half a cup! :)

so... this was the reason i needed chocolate. madeline and i were chilling in bed that morning and i hear a noise that sounds like pen on paper. maddie looks behind and squeals, "mama! joseph is drawing on the bed!!" and so he was. i yelled, he threw the pen at top speed, then plonked himself on his little bottom and started crying over and over "sowweeeee mama! sowweeeee!!" oh my gosh. it was so funny, i couldn't help cracking up at him and even more so when i managed to get a snap and he was making this face... priceless! seriously. cutest little man there ever was!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

oli's birthday ❤️

it was my mother in laws birthday today... and since i was feeling the birthday spirit, i made her a pretty cute cake! i love love love doing these birthday sponges, as they take minimum effort for maximum effect!

it's as easy as this... go to coles and buy an unfilled double sponge from the bakery section, and cut each of them in to two through the middle, place the bottom on your plate and spread a thin layer of strawberry jam, then cover with a layer thinly sliced strawberries and then a layer of whipped cream. place your next cake piece on top and repeat two more times before placing your top cake on. sprinkle with icing sugar and fresh roses, or if you don't have a generous friend with beautiful roses (or it's the wrong season) simply pop a few more strawberries on the top!

see! so easy and super cheap!

and as you can see, she was thrilled with the results... this woman is a sucker for cake with fresh cream

blowing out the candles with the grandkids help ♥

and it tasted just as good as it looked!

happy birthday oli! we love you!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

baby zoe's blessing

my gorgeous friends bianca's little girl zoe had her blessing today and oh is she a little doll. just look at those cheeks! ♥ 

she was looking so sweet in her dress and headband, that i couldn't help but take a million photos of her...

she is such a peaceful baby and slept through most of the day, what a perfect baby, i just love her!

and here they are... the happy landis family of four ♥

Saturday, October 15, 2016

upside down and inside out

today we helped friends of ours move and took these two crazy kids along for the ride. doug helped move heavy things and i cleaned... and they played and giggled and got in everyones way but had a good time.

joseph even frightened all of us, when we couldn't find him at one stage... only to discover he was laying in a beanbag and had covered himself with the other... phew!

and at the end of the day, we made samoan koko and sat around chatting at the new house. it was a good day, a very good day ♥

Friday, October 14, 2016

a new old sewing machine

as a child, i learned to sew on my mums elna sewing machine. i would collect scraps and make little bags and whatever other easy things took my fancy. i watched her sew so many different things over the years and i have always had a love for her machine.

when the time came for me to have my own, mum searched for one the same to no avail. she eventually bought me a modern one which does the trick, but is plastic and just not the same. i had always hoped to find one the same one day and this week it finally happened! i was on the local buy, sell, swap page and it just happened to appear in the newsfeed... at an excellent price! i was so thrilled, as was mum when i showed it to her - as apparently it's the model up from hers! ♥

cannot wait to get sewing with my "new" machine

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

a big truck!

uncle isaac called this afternoon and said he would be unloading a huge amount of timber from his truck at a new block, not far from our house and asked if joseph would like to watch... so i loaded him into the car quick smart and drove him over there, and it was so worth it! he giggled with delight, pointed away and loved every second of it.

he is so so so obsessed with things that go... and trucks are so high on the list right now. he often says truck and points as they go past, so it's no wonder he was so thrilled to have had this great outing today!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

general conference october 2016

what can i say? i love general conference, hearing the words of the church leaders... and i especially love that living in australia and watching it a week after those in the united states, i get to have a feed full of quotes two weeks in a row! ♥ this morning we watched the sunday morning session here at home (on the big screen woo!) and there were two talks in particular that i really loved.

the first was joy and spritual survival by russell m nelson, in which he spoke of finding joy, even in the darkest of times... it was so beautiful and i am sure it was comforting to so many. you can see it here

the other was "to whom shall we go?" which you can find here. this really touched my heart. i know there are so many who struggle with the gospel and are yet to find their place... those who struggle to remain active and those who just struggle in general! i loved hearing his words of comfort and counsel and will definitely listen to it again in time. 

general conference how i love thee!
you can find the whole lot...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

the annaliah doll

today i made a doll. all by myself! i went to mums to for supervision, so that there was no way i could mess it up but i was pleasantly surprised that i actually managed it! years ago i purchased the pattern for the "elsie" doll from candy kirby designs (before their dolls were available to purchase, the pattern was available) and finally had a really good occasion to use it, to make a doll for a special little girl in our ward. miss annaliah is having heart surgery in a matter of weeks and i wanted to give her something special to take with her.

it was so much fun and i am thrilled to pieces that i managed to get it done, especially all the little details like stitching on her face and adding a little lace collar...

here she is ready to stuff...

and her little mary janes!

and as a little finishing touch i found a ceramic heart button in mums sewing room and drew some little stitches on, so that she really is just like miss annaliah. i can't wait to see her face when i give her to her this weekend ♥

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

rise up (and become the person you were designed to be)

on saturday we had our stake relief society convention: rise up and become the person you were designed to be! it was such a wonderful day (being that i was already on a spiritual high from attending the temple with the graham family that morning ♥) and i feel so blessed to be part of a stake that had made so much effort to ensure the day was enjoyed by all who attended, but enabled us to be uplifted too.

throughout the day, there were classes held, with topics such as "dear are the sheep that have wandered", "lift up your heads and rejoice", "raising a valiant warrior", "nurturing marriage" and "direction, correction and warning" 

i attended the last two i've mentioned, which were great, the latter was about recognising and listening to the promptings of the holy ghost and certainly gave me a lot to think about. it was wonderful to be able to listen to the life experiences of others and think about how we can apply them in our own lives.

our lunch and dinner was provided in this amazingly decorated hall, which had been done in the theme of alice in wonderland, with three long tables, one themed as the mad hatters tea party, one as the queen of hearts and the other as the white queen. it was incredible, absolutely breathtaking as we walked in and saw it all set up.

i am just amazed that so much effort was made for us to enjoy our day

i mean seriously, all these little details, that i got to have a look at as i walked around taking photos on the day

and these funky signs about the place, directing us to our classes. so much effort on the littlest things made it all that much cooler

there was even between class snacks available as we went past...

my beautiful parents were invited to present a class on the day, entitled "if you have desire to serve, you are called to the work" where they spoke of their experiences serving a full time mission in samoa. i am sure it was wonderful to listen to (i was banished, mum said i had heard their stories enough times and sent me elsewhere to learn something i didn't already know haha) and i loved their little island set up that i got to help with!

me and my mama

at the end of the day, after dinner had been served, we all filed into the chapel, to watch the general womens session of general conference (which you can find here) it was incredible as always. i feel so grateful to be able to hear the words of the prophet and other church leaders.

the cutest set up in the foyer as people entered the chapel 

and the best part of the day for me? seeing these amazing hats displayed and being loved by everyone in attendance. each ward in our stake was asked to make and provide 5 "mad hatters" hats for the set up and under the watchful eye of the most arty girl in our ward, we busted out these babies! i am so beyond proud of what the girls accomplished (my claim to fame here is that i helped with the paper mache) aren't they amazing? my favourite is for sure that gorgeous flamingo!!

more mad hats from ellenbrook ward... woo!

there was even a little service project on the day, assisting with the making of teeny little warm blankets for premmie babies in the local hospitals... i loved making them, they were so so cute!

and these beautiful women... are the ones that made the day happen. i love them so much and i am so so grateful to be a part of the dianella stake relief society. 

what. a. day! ♥