Monday, February 28, 2011


so i had my ultrasound today -
(more info and pics to come tomorrow!...)
but for those who are dying to know

we don't know for sure what it is!!
the tech said she's 80% sure it's a girl - but can't say for certain
so i guess i had my way after all - and
i don't know!! :)
and now - we'll have to wait and see!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

so freaking hot!!

this weeks bargain buy - gorgeous mimco scarf
@st vinnies claremont - $2

statistically, right now - perth is having it's hottest february in something like 25 years! it's been over 30 degrees for something like 30 days, and it's looks like 14 days straight of 33+. it's hell.

so my fave facebook post for this week
needs no further explanation:

"jade loves that the old lady in the opshop only charged me $2 for that fab mimco scarf... i'm pretty sure it's cause she thinks i'm mental and wasting my money...
it's never going to be cold again!!!"

and i honestly wonder if it will!!

butterflies in my tummy!

i was 19wks yesterday - and tomorrow brings an exciting adventure... off to have my first ultrasound - and (sigh) to find out what "flavour" baby we'll be having!!

(sigh explained - i never wanted to know what we were having, but doug really, really, really wants to know, and i think even though he could totally keep a secret from me for that long easy... it's mean him having to, so i am taking one for the team - and tomorrow i can report on whether it's a blue one or a pink one!)

i have been wanting to to say for weeks now - she's doing this, or she's fine... i have no idea why... but pip thinks i have motherly intuition. methinks?? i'm never right - so it's gotta be a boy!
i'll know soon though!

i have been feeling "flutters" and slight amounts of movement in my tummy for about a week now - since last fridayish (19.02.2011) so i definately know there's something in there. i didn't realise what it was though, until carmel at my work asked me if i could feel the butterflies yet!
explanation... i have butterflies in my tummy -
but one day it'll be a real, live baby to kiss and cuddle

i can't wait!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


i am so freaking stoked! for the first time in my entire life...
i have fingernails!!

woohoo - even enough to pain them in my
favourite colour of all time
tropical teal

thank you revlon
and thank you pregnancy vitamins :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

not for v-day

doug and i aren't really into the whole v-day thing...
(and i am not saying that like a bitter old woman who didn't get anything and has no hot date...) it's just not really us

but... when he bought home a lovely gift for me on friday (the 11th people - the 11th!!) i was thrilled... as it was actually - just because

perfect in fact...
a silver necklace with a disc stamped with the word wish - the i dotted with a teeny diamond, and a teeny star hanging on it too

oh how i love him!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

cheesymite scrolls

just for the record... i can cook - regardless of what anyone says
last night our friends lisa and brandon had their "year in australia" party - yes they've been with us for an entire year now!! :) - and i made cheesymite scrolls
i was so damn proud of myself!!

got the recipe via google from here
and a few other cool ones i might try soon...
apparently they were edible (i didn't actually try one...) but yay for me!

and happy days lisa and brandon - here's to at least one more!!
i love you heaps! x

Monday, February 7, 2011

song of the heart

sometimes i wish i could say things as well as others can...
i have a new app on my iphone - love quotes -
and this one is by far my favourite:
to love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.
- author unknown

Thursday, February 3, 2011

heartbeat... heart, heart beat...

i heard my baby's heart beating for the first time yesterday.
it was incredible!!

i went to the doctor and she poked my belly with this little microphone looking thing until i hear this little
pitter patter - it's teeny tiny heart!

like it's actually real now... cause i have proof it's there!
more than just a couple of lines on a stick i've peed on and
my work skirt feeling like it's choking me.

it's really in there - sitting and waiting
til it's ready to come out and meet me

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

singleton beach resort...

we were lucky enough to get an invite to spend a day during the last weekend at the winters "singleton beach resort" from our friends cody & dannielle
and even better - brandon and lisa were there too!!
we did a beach run - and i didn't even get burnt (except for one spot on my arm - that i missed with cream) - because of lots of clothes, lots and lots of suncream and being wrapped up in towels as soon as i got out of the water... i had forgotten just how much fun the beach could be!!
then fish and chips (and bakery treats) for lunch, lazy cricket and cards in the backyard - and homemade spaghetti for dinner (guess who lost at cards - the girls had to cook - not that i really did anything - full props to dannii and lis for that one)
was a lovely day - there isn't really much
better than a lazy day with mates :)