Wednesday, February 26, 2014

what's in a name?

joseph goodlet

"what's in a name? a rose which we would call by any other name would smell as sweet..." 
william shakespeare 'romeo and juliet'

it took us a really long time to name baby joseph. a long time. with madeline it was so easy - i had always wanted to name my daughter madeline, and her middle name came easily with our friend beth who had introduced us - but boys names were much harder. we had joked numerous times whilst i was pregnant with madeline that it was lucky we were having a girl as we just could not agree on a boys name. it was impossible - and it proved to be so again this time around.

in the end, family love won out and we decided to name our little boy after our paternal grandfathers - joseph goodlet and evan kendall. grandad joe and i were very close and i have always loved the name, whereas dougs dad has always told him that he wished he had have named him evan after his father as they were so alike - so it was a win for the middle name.

with further research we discovered that joseph means "a gift from god" and evan "a young warrior" both qualities that i am very happy for our little one to bear. i also love joseph for the amount of times it appears in the writings of the prophets, the scriptures - obviously playing a huge part in our religion especially with our first latter-day prophet being a joseph.

he is already being called plenty of nicknames, baby joey, joe, jojo and from big sister maddie - jofis. i am sure she'll learn to say it eventually. 

we are so proud of the name he bears and hope that he can make these two men who were such a huge part of his parents lives, proud to call him their great-grandson. they may have passed on, but we know they will be watching him and cheering him on from the sidelines.

p.s. the bit i love the most? joseph in samoan is quite a common name - iosefa, and the nickname is seffa. classic - and even funnier if you have seen sione's wedding
madeline's next door neighbour (in the books) is a little boy called pepito whose father is the spanish ambassador. pepito in english is... yep you guessed it - joseph! :)

evan douglas kendall 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

wedding anniversary & blogiversary!

it's been 8 years today since doug and i knelt together in the temple and promised to love each other, hold each other and uplift each other - for time and all eternity. i'm not going to lie... it hasn't always been easy, there's been rough days - but more good ones. i remember one of the young women asking me once how i knew it was time to marry him and my response was - "when there was more things about him i liked than i didn't like." i certainly wouldn't be where i am in my life without him - and i know that i made the right choice. knowing that he loves me and our babies means more to me than i could ever explain and i know that he's the one i want to spend my eternities with.

after all - "the greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother."

today also brings my 500th post on my little blog that probably no one reads, but what matters is that i made a goal to keep it going and i have! it's kind of like my journal and i love to look back at what i was doing, where i was, who i was with and how life was at the time. i've had two kids since i started - along with so many other things happening. but here it is! 500 of them. hope you've enjoyed - and prepare yourselves for the next 500. i am not a quitter, so you'll have to put up with me for a long time yet!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

leaving the hospital...

daddy and maddie came to the hospital yesterday to bring us home with aunty dominique who took some lovely photos of us all. maddie was so excited to see baby joseph (who she has decided is called baby jofis) and wanted to hold him and love him and kiss him. it was so cute. she even cried when doug took her away from him after a while.

her first hold and she was all smiles. :)

i cannot believe i have two babies! two! 
they are so sweet and snuggly, and one of the most amazing experiences in my life was definitely when i got to hold them both together for the first time. 

doug is loving having a little boy, i am sure. i'm pretty sure that there's nothing better in the world when mummy has her little girl and daddy has his little boy. i am sure he'll be subjected to hours of football, rugby, basketball etc etc while i keep painting maddie's fingernails and braiding her hair... haha

thank goodness she loves him!

it's amazing this time around i am not nearly as nervous, even going home the next day. i feel like i actually know what i am doing, and he is feeding so well that i am sure he will sleep much better than madeline did when she was so new. last night wasn't too bad - every three hours is okay, let's hope he keeps it up.

being a mum is amazing. i am so so lucky. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

he's here!

he's here!! baby joseph evan kendall arrived yesterday (feb 20th 2014) at 4:15pm, delivered by the lovely midwives at osborne park hospital (once again too fast for the doctors!) weighing 2480g (7lbs 6oz) and a very long 55cms. he is so so beautiful, i guess this is the good thing about being born quickly, neither of my babes have ended up with a squished head! haha. like maddie, he didn't cry, just took a big breath and looked around at his new world.

i ended up being induced, the day before my 41 weeks - having my waters broken and a drip to assist contractions, and a few hours later, he was with us!

he was obviously more than ready to join us - the minute he was placed on my chest he nuzzled in and started to feed without even any help from me. what a good boy.

his first picture with daddy, he is proud as punch to have a little boy. oh how i love them both!

amazingly enough, even with daddy's strong genes, joseph has blondy brown hair at the moment - not red! he is so alert and curious, looking around constantly when he isn't sleeping.

here he is being weighed and checked over by the midwife... loving having a chill under the light

and my first picture with baby j - at 3:15am the next morning when we were up having a feed. what a sweet boy, not very much noise, just a few quick cries, but he settled the minute i snuggled him and fed again. lets hope he continues like this.

getting used to the light - chilling in his portable crib in the hsopital

and passing his hearing test with flying colours. what a champ.

we were discharged at lunchtime after maddie and doug came to collect us - and off home we went. i can't get enough of this sweet boy. more soon - but for now, welcome to the world baby j! x

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


i must admit, i am not the most patient person in the world, but waiting for this baby to come is not bothering me at all. i am completely content to remain pregnant for as long as i need to, which may be even until next monday - probably because i remember just how little sleep i got when madeline was born... but then again i probably have a bit better idea what i am doing this time around. (or do i...?)

we had a lot of visitors today - jamie-lee and zara came to visit and madeline got the most beautiful christmas gift - the tutu dress she is rocking in the above picture. i am in love! then hayley came over and us girls went for a trip to ikea and bought some things that we "neeeeded" (funny how every trip to ikea you don't go looking for anything in particular but end up buying things that you just can't live without.)

ended the day with a trip to the osborne park hospital assessment unit, where baby k had another ctg (heart rate) scan - all is well, it's very happy and... i'm still pregnant with no idea when it will arrive. i did however confirm with the midwifes on duty - that you are normally induced on day 10 - so next monday it would then be. i guess we just wait and see what happens! one thing is for sure, i can not wait to meet the little one.

Friday, February 14, 2014

40 weeks!

check it out! i actually made it to baby k2's due date 
and... well - nothing. 
baby is clearly not ready to join us just yet. so we wait. i have lost track of how many people have messaged, emailed or called today - but i can assure you, i will let you all know! 

it's strange, i never made it to this point with madeline, being induced 12 days early... so now i guess i just sit and wait. wait until something happens - and just hope that it comes when doug can actually get to the hospital in time - seeing as he starts training south of the river on monday for six weeks! i found out this week too, that my student midwife has to take off to england on sunday night for a week, due to a family funeral... so i just hope all goes well! valentines day would have been a cool birthday, but i guess it's just not meant to be. haha.

keep your fingers crossed for me please! 

double date

last night we were treated to dinner at silks restaurant (part of the crown burswood complex) by our beautiful friends jo and thomas as a last hurrah before baby k2 is due to join our little family. spoiled rotten... it was a wonderful dinner, beautiful food, amazingly attentive staff and fantastic company. highly recommend you go check it out.

maddie and baby k also got their fair share of spoiled, with maddie getting some gorgeous clothes (including some from witchery kids... droooool) and a whole bunch of beautiful outfits for baby. maddie is quite the fashionista and loves getting dressed up, so she was stoked when she got up the next morning and found all  these clothes waiting for her. she proceeded to sort through them a few times in a row, placing them all carefully on to the table and telling me all about them. such a crack up...

we feel so loved and spoiled and are so grateful for beautiful friends. ♥

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

package for baby g

posted this package off for my newest nephew - who is still cooking away nicely - in the uk. my middle oldest brother and his wife katja are expecting the little one in april (and thankfully never read my blog) so i can even tell you all about what's in it... and thankfully because of how organised i was - could send it sea mail - for half  the price! yay!

onesie on top with a handstitched-on vintage tie (found in the op-shop of course) - made by me!
australian animal finger puppets - kangaroo, koala, treefrog, crocodile and platypus - from funky kids at karrinyup shopping centre
waffle wraps - from target australia
fox and deer double sided bibs (tartan backing!!) - from target australia
plastic soliders - from target australia (an absolute obsession of aaron's as a child)
funny magnets with raising your baby tips - for katja
and the cherry on top an amazing vintage tie from the local vinnies (which is exactly the same as the one aaron rocked as a child, please see photo below...) i almost screamed when i found it, i was so excited - i only hope he appreciates it!)

cannot wait til he's here!!! australia post - please deliver! x

Monday, February 10, 2014

behind the red dress

warning and disclaimer...
the following images are confronting and contain topless material. they are not in any way meant to be sexual. the aim of this project is to raise awareness for breast cancer. if you feel as though you may find these images offensive in any way, please do not continue to read this post.

"every day we walk past people. these individuals appear normal but under their clothing, sometimes their bodies tell a different story. beth whaanga and photographer nadia masot aim to find others who are willing to participate in this project so that they can show others that can affects everyone. the old and the young, age does not matter, self examination is vital. it could happen to you."

this beautiful and amazing woman is our dear friend beth. she is the same beth that introduced me to my husband, the same beth that our little madeline beth bears the name of. beth is 32 years old and in november 2013 underwent a double masectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. the months that followed were both frightening and heartbreaking for her and her husband, not to mention their four young children, yet beth has borne her trials with grace and still come out on top - fighting as always.

after posting these photographs to facebook on sunday morning beth experienced both support and criticism from friends and those who surround her daily life. she awoke monday morning to discover over one hundred and thirty people had removed her from their friends list - as well as learning that her photographs had been reported to facebook over and over for pornographic content. 

facebook has now reviewed her images and ruled in her favour - allowing them to remain in place, for now. however people are continuing to report them, as her message goes global - with thousands of shares - even ending up as far away as germany - on twitter! they will be featured in the wednesday "courier mail" newspaper in queensland, australia - where beth and her husband have lived since their wedding in late 2003.

these images were taken by another dear friend of ours - photographer nadia masot - who has poured her heart into them, she and beth have been dear friends for years, and i can only imagine the heartbreak she felt when taking them. 

ladies, check yourself. beth took these photographs to promote awareness, not to disgust, shame or make anyone uncomfortable. she wants nothing more than to save lives, to ensure that is doesn't happen to someone else. please ensure you are aware of what could happen to you - or someone you love - and feel free to pass this message along.

beth we love you and we always will!