Sunday, November 29, 2015

primary presentation 2015: take 2

"my name is madeline and i know my saviour loves me because he gave me a family who loves me and we can be together forever!" 

she did it! after suffering unnatural stage fright at the dianella presentation,this time around, maddie got up and bravely delivered her part for everyone to hear. we were so proud of our little girl.

i always miss having pictures with madeline (because i am always the one taking them...) but managed to get someone to snap one of the two of us today. so here is me and my little girl. ♥

oh how i love her! 

maddie has settled beautifully into primary at our new ward, especially since "aunty dom" is there to run to every sunday. we love this girl and how much she loves our kids!

and just because he is adorable... here is the cutest little boy i know! looking more and more like his namesake (my grandfather joseph) every single day. ♥ 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

we met santa!

we met santa today! after getting a tip from one of my friends, we looked out for santa in the local target... no line, a free polaroid print and they were even happy for us to snap pictures on our phone! 

woohoo! thank you target!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

giving thanks 2015

thanksiving 2015 started with me finding this perfect quote online. honestly, i could not have said it better if i had tried. it's really what life is about. give thanks and take nothing for granted,

so the thing i am most grateful for, is certainly my family, especially my husband and these monkeys that were "playing sleeping" in my bed while i got ready this morning. i love them both madly!

we were invited to thanksgiving dinner at our friends (the pinkers, who else) and our invitation requested formal dress, so we were careful to appear dressed to the nines for the most delicious traditional dinner, turkey and all of the sides! 

joseph and madeline enjoyed themselves as always, behaving like they own the place, because let's be honest they pretty much do... as they were doted on endlessly by their aunties and uncles (one of those families that one makes for oneself...)

it was an amazing night and we were truly filled, with thanks, love and food!

this girl. i love how girly she is. pants? what are they! and those pearls. oh my ♥

my contributions for the evening were cauliflower cheese and trifle (thanks mum and grandma for the recipes) and the pumpkin pie below... i even made my own crust this year and it worked beautifully... and it was easy phew!... i was thrilled! check out the recipe here.

so happy thanksgiving to you all! xx

Monday, November 23, 2015

summer in the brook

you know there's danger when church is broken up early and you're all sent home... we had a lovely welcome to summer in ellenbrook today, when the first huge fire for the season threatened homes in ellenbrook and people started to be evacuated. we raced home and got into our estate without any issues, but being that our suburb was on "watch and act" i was not risking anything and proceeded to pack all the things we can't replace into the car, ready to leave. 

thankfully the fires were contained and our home was never in any danger but i am thankful for a practice, to know where everything is that i would grab in an emergency. (also for home and contents insurance!) and to know that even if things weren't safe that we have plenty of places to go... and family who love us. ♥

Sunday, November 22, 2015

21 months of joseph

what's that? another month down? um excuse me father time, can you slow down a little please? i would really appreciate it. our little joseph is at such a cute age and i want it to last as long as possible. 

he is still not a fan of bedtime, but he is getting there... the last few nights have been looking promising so let's keep our fingers crossed. he loves to pounce on unattended shoes and clop through the house and smile at any spectators as he does so. his current food obsession is watermelon pieces (i mean seriously, who could blame him, he obviously got that from his mama and his nanna!)

he is a little speedster and has perfected zooming through the house on madeline's little pink trike, the speed at which he takes the corners actually frightens me a little, i really need to make a video! when he wants to be cuddled, he loves to cuddle, especially first thing in the morning when he is busy watching his favourite show, "dinosaur train". he is trying to copy most of the words we shoot at him nowadays, but often misses the first syllable, meaning we get things such as um (mum) and ad (dad) even though he has got those two perfect more often than not.

when daddy comes home from work, he drops whatever he is doing and rushes for him smiling, with his hands in the air, wanting to be picked up and tickled. it's the cutest thing ever!when he is excited or sees something new he says: oooooooooooh! and... he hates to have his hair washed. let's hope that ends soon, cause it's getting old, very quickly!

he is certainly growing up, but for now he is my baby... and i am willing him to stay that way. ♥

Saturday, November 21, 2015

lily is 4!

maddie's friend lily from our new ward had her birthday party today and her theme was to dress as a disney character. madeline wanted to be ariel from the little mermaid, and even tried to convince me to buy the character costume the other day when we were in toys r us to which i replied, "madeline, it's $50! do you have $50?" "no mummy, but you do!" i couldn't help but laugh. but i still wasn't spending that on a costume.

so i decided (after spying a cowboy hat in our friends house last week) that she could be jessie from toy story and proceeded to throw together an outfit with things we had around the house.
a flannel shirt that was in joseph's too big stored clothes, joseph's cow print bow tie, maddie's denim skirt and glittery shoes (seriously what is a costume without something that has glitter on it?) plus for bonus points... we had a toy bullseye that she carried under her arm for extra effect. total cost? nothing! boom!

maddie had a lovely time and enjoyed all the games and hanging out with the other kids. i always love taking her to kids parties, cause it reminds me how much fun i used to have at them.

lily's mum bec made this adorable cake with "ice" made from dyed white chocolate, with a elsa pop figure on the top. so cute! 

some of the party crew ♥

Friday, November 20, 2015

we have a winner

finally! our little girl has just managed to make it through 28 consecutive nights of sleeping in her own bed and not getting into ours. thank goodness... we got sick of this almost daily ritual about 6 months ago and took her to the shop to choose a prize in the hopes that it would speed up the process . it did for the first week or so, but we started again and again and again so many times *and i nearly gave up hope), until we finally made it... and broke out the sunset shimmer and twilight sparkle dolls she'd so carefully chosen. 

what fun was had with her new equestria dolls and not only do we have one happy little girl, we have a thrilled mummy. i've often read it takes a month to break a habit, let's hope that's the case. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

family means everything

"friends are the family one makes for oneself"

there are some people in our lives, who although are not blood related are the family we have made for ourselves.we have known the pinker family for so long now, that we almost cannot remember life before we knew them. an unscheduled visit to their house this evening for dinner saw my kids having the time of their lives, running around with their "aunties and uncles" before having a shower and snuggling into bed and watching kids tv with aunty dom to wind down.  i couldn't resist snapping a few pics of them all together before we threw them in the car to go home. cutest scene i've seen in a while. ☻♥

Sunday, November 15, 2015

sunday funday

oh sunday, my favourite day of the week... even if afternoon church is grinding on my nerves... haha. joseph is used to going to down to nap at the time church starts, so he is not really liking the time change, but on the bright side, we move back to mornings as of the first week in january anyway, so we really have got it good. maddie has fitted right into primary and is having the time of her life (especially since aunty dom happens to be in the primary presidency at our new ward haha) we have their primary presentation in 2 weeks as well, so she has the chance to redeem herself too! haha

this little monkey stayed awake for the whole of sacrament meeting and then even for some of sunday school before he crashed hard... in daddy's arms. it was the sweetest thing you have ever seen, watching doug carry him around, but every time he tried to put him down he would wake up, so that was how it had to be.

we are absolutely loving our new ward and are so grateful that people are making us feel welcome. looks like there's another plus on the moving house list 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

free to choose

there's been some big changes in my family recently and sometimes change is hard to deal with, especially when you don't agree with decisions that are being made. it's been a rough few weeks for me trying to take it all in and stand by watching, and not try and force my opinions if what "should be done" on them. but as i have watched things unfold, a scripture from moses 3:17 has been on repeat in my mind, "nevertheless thou mayest choose for thyself"

god has given us our lives, our freedom and our agency, to allow us to choose our own path as we desire. we chose to come to earth and make our way back to our father in heaven, to be tried and tested along the way. i know that my family can be together forever and i have faith that one day it will be so, but as we continue our life on this earth... i will continue to pray that all of our paths will lead us back to him.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

jahvi's unveiling

yesterday our family was honoured to attend jahvis's unveiling party with all his friends and family. 

jahvis is my friends nephew, and two years ago, when he was just 6 years old, he passed away from leukemia. his father chris, is samoan and so keeping in their tradition, a year after a persons passing, their headstone on their grave is unveiled, as family and friends celebrate their life. in this case, his parents weren't ready when the year mark approached, so they took another year to prepare and the celebrations were amazing!

jahvis' mum serena and dad chris have both remarried and the four parents get along beautifully, they spoke together at the start of the night before we were treated to a huge dinner (including lots of delicious samoan food, doug was in heaven...) games and arts and crafts for the kids (including two giant bouncing castles outside) a photobooth (that's where i came in!) a photo tribute... and heaps of dances. what an amazing day!


there were so many people working together to make sure the day ran smoothly, including those who helped to decorate and serve the food, not one thing was left undone! it all ran so smoothly and was absolutely perfect.

jahvi's mum serena and her husband mark hamming it up in the photobooth

jahvi's dad chris and older sister kavana (above)
and (below) with his wife francine

at the end of the evening, everyone at the party was asked to join hands and move together in a giant circle to one of jahvi's favourite songs and then dance altogether. jahvi loved, more than anything else, to dance and i know it would have made him so happy to see so many people he loved, and who loved him, happy together, celebrating his life, instead of being sad that he wasn't with us. there was so much love in that room and i felt so happy to be there, being able to capture those moments for his family. i loved it. ♥ thank you to serena + mark and chris + zina for letting me be a part of jahvi's big day. xx


and two more pictures of good luck, mel and aitu's little girl ngawai was part of a hula group to honour her cousin and i cannot keep this picture to myself. isn't she just a doll?!

and of course... my boys in the photo booth. how i love them both ♥
(maddie was m.i.a. on the bouncing castle for hours, which is why i do not have a single picture of her to share... she had the time of her life!)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

a day in the life of...

sometimes being a mum is really hard work! they may be cute (and ohhhh are they cute) but sometimes i feel like i am losing my mind... i spent the day with mum out in bassendean and am now debating if i should ever leave the house with them ever again. it's funny thinking it about it now that i'm home of course, but it was a long morning. after walking joseph back into a shop for the fourth time and watching him plot his next escape, i seriously considered investing in a baby straitjacket.

but as a mum we do it again... and again... with a smile on our faces. i love them so and would never change anything, but sometimes i need a little time off.., thank goodness for grandparents!

and for sweet, adorable, funny children ♥

Sunday, November 1, 2015


i must admit i have always been a little but of a halloween scrooge. i always feel like it's an american thing and have never really gotten too excited about it except for when we had american friends living in australia that threw a party each year. this year though miss madeline had her heart set on doing something for halloween, so when we got home from the show, she dressed up in her ballerina dress (she insisted she wanted to be a ballerina, not something scary thank goodness!) and we went trick or treating in our neighbourhood. we went to about 5 houses (here if people want to participate they decorate out the front of their house so you can tell...) and that seemed to be enough for her so off we went home again.

our new neighbourhood seems to be right into it though, there were some houses that had some mad decorations, including one that was a fully decked out haunted house maze, and they had blocked off the entire street! i wish i had have managed to get a picture of our street, there were children everywhere for hours!! the park was full, there was so much noise and there was even a haunted carriage tour, a horse drawn wagon full of kids that was picking up and collecting from the park across the road! the horses were painted with bones on their coats, the girls driving had costumes and their faces painted as sugar skulls and it looked amazing! i assume they were taking the kids to all the awesome local houses... what a cool neighbourhood to live in! i am feeling very inspired for next year.

maddie's favourite bit though was definitely answering the door when people knocked on it. we didn't have decorations but we got the occasional knock. she would race to the door and tell each of the kids she loved their costumes before she gave them chocolate... and when we ran out she was even more excited telling them that it was all gone. weird kid.

oh well. here's to next year. i will be prepared!