Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i have often heard people say that when they are given a speaking assignment in church that it's something they really need to work on in their own life. yet again, this was the case - and i found myself with "let us oft speak kind words" handed to me. sigh. upon researching the topic as best as i could, i came across this golden piece of advice on pinterest on someone's board aptly titled "let us oft speak kind words" and oh did it make me think. everytime i go to say something now it goes through my head - which of course is a good thing, so i am very glad that i found it. maybe it will help me in the future to say much better things. one could only hope - as quite often i am convinced that i only open my mouth to change feet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

and that's what you missed on glee

alexandra mcIlwaine... or should i say rachel berry? cause that's what i'll be calling her from now on. hilarious. and the best bit? she totally went along with it. there's no one like our alex. x

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ella ella ella eh eh eh


do you remember my amazingly hot friend lisa? the one i had a great time taking preggo shots with here? well, today she let me take pictures again, this time with a new prop... baby ella! what a cutie... i had a fabulous time dressing her up and taking photos, even if it did take all day... you know what they say - never work with children or animals. haha. but i loved every minute, just love seeing something in my head and trying to make it work in real life. hopefully she's as happy with them as she claims to be. haha. was a great day.

 and after

  sweet sleeping girl

 i love this girl! so precious.

our little "aussie" girl, ready to rock the u s of a, with her passport that arrived this morning!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


holy moly this is post 300.

i can't believe i have made it this far. how the heck did that happen? there i was innocently minding my own business - just decided to have a crack at "this blogging thing" and all of a sudden i have written 300 entries in what i've come to think of as my "online journal."

i know for a fact that at least 4 people read about my adventures and occasionally i'll get the odd comment that makes me feel as though making another entry is worth my time. i mean seriously people, this actually takes quite a bit of my time some days. it's not a two minute sit down and press post thing. there are distractions (ie. other peoples blogs, facebook always bloody facebook, ebay, catchoftheday, google and a million other websites) that continue to call my name... a house to clean, dinner to cook, a baby to attend to and of course a life to live. but saying all that - i do love to share my life with the whole four of you and will continue to do so for as long as you're willing to read.

that being said, my bed is screaming at me to join it - so i shall - and i'll see you all, next time.

another 300? we shall see.

eleven months!

eleven months?!?!

i swear it was just yesterday that i gave birth to this crazy, smiley little girl, but i can't remember a life without her. at eleven months madeline is now saying just three things, mum (mummumm-mumm) dad (very clearly) and bye (bah bahh) and thanks to aunty dominique she also waves along with the bye bye. what a champ. i am sure it won't be much longer before she starts with more words - it's already difficult to shut her up when she gets too excited.

she stands up and walks along the furniture, as well as pushing her table along the floor, sings to herself and generally flirts with every single person she meets. when we shop people stop us all the time to tell her how cute she is and say hello. it's nice to know that we are not the only people that think so.

next month will bring a huge change in her life... just after her first birthday, mummy is going to back to work and aunty dominique will be coming to look after her for a year. i am sure she'll be fine, but it's a big leap of faith for me, i have a feeling that she is going to take it a lot better than i will - but only time will tell. :(

mothers day gift

so... on my return to perth i discovered the reason that madeline couldn't take my present to brisbane for mothers day. it was exactly what i wanted... (how convenient that she found the catalogue i left on the kitchen bench with it circled...) a new jewellery box from prouds. it is huge and extremely cool with a sectioned top layer, lift up lid and two drawers with more sections. can't wait to use it!

the verdict, first mothers day gift? perfect.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

meeting miss ella!

i can't even tell you how happy this picture makes me! miss ella and miss madeline meeting for the first time. it was adorable, maddie just wanted to touch her so badly - and couldn't understand why we would only let her look... (she has a bit of a flapping habit and i was petrified that ella would get a slap to the head or face!!) it was the sweetest thing seeing our little girl look at that new baby and smile at her... hopefully she'll like her own siblings when they eventually come along. eventually...

seeing ella, for me was the most surreal experience, holding her tiny frame and thinking i had never seen anything smaller in my life, then being amazed to know that madeline was actually smaller when she was born!! how quickly we forget! feeling a new born with their perfectly formed, but tiny body with their minature fingers and toes makes me wonder how on earth anyone could ever deny that there is a god. creation and life are such amazing things!

ella is just a doll and i am so in love with her. lisa and brandon certainly made one cute kid. congrats again to the reese family on the arrival of their beautiful little girl.


madeline with grandma and poppy ♥

after doug went home, madeline and i stayed in queensland for an extra week so that dougs parents could spend some more time with madeline. after all, the last time they saw her was a week after she was born! i don't know how on earth oli is going to cope now that i've taken her back to perth - every morning she was up and stealing her out of her cot the second she made a noise and feeding her anything she looked at! haha i think i am going to have to detox the poor kid now. ;) oli went back to work the last week that i was there - and kept calling each day to tell me that she was missing her, so i guess they'll just have to hurry up and move to perth! :)

i have been very blessed with a wonderful family - and now extended family - and only wish that everyone i loved could all live within a reasonable distance of me. maybe one day... ♥

madeline with poppy steve

mingas with attitude

words cannot express how much this crazy girl means to me... she's the closest thing i have ever had to a sister and i love spending time with her. on our trip to qld, it was like not a day had passed since i last saw her, and we had a fabulous time together.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

queensland mates!

waiting to meet chelsea and ammon

the problem with travel being so accessible these days is the tragedy that after travelling around the place, some of my dearest friends are so far away. i did however enjoy every minute of being with some of them during our very quick visit to queensland.

chelsea and i

the last time i saw chelsea and ammon was over two years ago at their wedding in brisbane when i was a bridesmaid (woo- so much fun!) three kids (between us) later we finally got to catch up for lunch, and... she hasn't changed a bit. while we left the babies with the boys for a few minutes as we ordered lunch, it was so easy to feel as though not a day had passed.

i read once that "the best friends are those whom you can see once in a blue moon and feel as though not a day has passed" and chels is indeed once of those. we had a great afternoon together and i know that no more how long it is until the next one, that things will never change.

(chelsea and ammon's) baby aubrey and i - such a cutie!

craig and katie with madeline

i got to see craig also after doug left for wa... craig and i met back in 2003 when i first moved to queensland, we only knew each other for a short amount of time - and then all of a sudden a few years later - he appears in our ward... on his mission! what a champ. he and i get along like a house on fire and i miss him like crazy - so the brief afternoon we got to spend with him was fabulous, especially since we finally got to meet the girl that was crazy enough to marry him - the lovely katie! what a gem she is! can't wait for our next trip to get to know her better, :)

state of origin

mother of the year strikes again... i woke miss madeline up on state of origin game one night - just so we could say she watched it. as you can see, she was more than happy to have a cuddle with daddy while queensland kicked new south wales to the kerb.

of course a good night of sport is just not complete without pizza and beer (ginger of course!)