Saturday, December 31, 2011

perfect nye

i am not even going to try and deny my love for the annual victorias secret fashion parade... and by pure, fabulous luck - we happen to be house sitting for friends who have foxtel (and a nice large screen on the wall powered via projector...), and it was screening on new years eve ♥ what better possible way to spend my evening could there be than watching the hotties in their underwear parade up and down the catwalk?

and in pure woman form, you must sit with your junk food, cramming as much as you possibly can down your throat, all the while complaining about your own body whilst imagining yourself with one of the supermodel bodies. clearly not going to happen via junk food addiction. oh well. diet starts tomorrow :)

was just me, doug and maddie... the way it should be.

congrats on making it through another year all!
***and happy 2012***

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


it is tradition in the goodlet family to make a display with one's birthday or christmas presents to show off. so we did. mum says that she and her siblings used to do it as kids too. so it obviously goes way back.

so here we are...


and maddies!

would you believe that we did not open our presents until almost five o'clock? - yes people i know you're rolling your eyes and thinking that for people with kids that's normal - i do not mean am. almost five pm - (christmas obviously was a sunday so between getting up, getting maddie and ourselves ready and being at church early so i could have one final practice with sis chapman before singing in sacrament meeting we just couldn't be bothered!!) we got home... had lunch, and then finally got to the gifts. mum thought it was the funniest thing of all time, and said it was the latest in her life that she could ever recall opening them. me too! something tells me it will never happen again either. not now that there's a baby in the fam!

church was gorgeous, really lovely speakers and three of them were kids! i loved it, as in my opinion the best part of christmas is the excitement from the kids ♥. i sang "it came upon the midnight clear", a rearranged version by sally deford which you can see and hear - here! i love her music, she is so talented and has such a wonderful spirit to her work. it was such a perfect day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

maddie k's first christmas

maddie's first christmas was so lovely! she's such a delight and we had a great time. doug and i finished putting all presents under the tree in the early hours of the morning - and then took pictures (to add to the millions of others we have to torture her with one day...) but it looked so pretty!!

of course we remember the real reason that we celebrate christmas - the birth of jesus christ - i saw someone i know on facebook this week had said on her status that she didn't understand why people would claim to be atheists and then celebrate christmas... it's like saying to someone, i don't believe you're real, and i don't like you, but i'll come to your birthday party!! i though she had made a very good point. well - i believe in jesus christ and yesterday i celebrated his birth with my family. i know he is real!

after we got home from church i insisted on posing for photos before we got changed, a fair call i thought... i mean, c'mon - we looked gorgeous!!!

smoochies for our bebeh!!

 maddie loved the tree - all the lights and glitter... (me too!! - i would leave it up all year if i could)

and had a great time ripping the paper of her gifts, once we put it in her hands so she could help :) 

here she is gnawing away on the paper of her first gift before we helped her open it - mum made the stocking for her a few months ago - i love it!!

the\y don't call it the silly season for no reason... doug and i had a great time taking funny photos with miss maddie - she has the funniest facial expressions

i am so sad it's all over for another year, i love the feeling of christmas in the air and the excitement, the peace and the kindness that people show to each other. i only wish people could be like that all year around x

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

harry potter love

i totally get this.
 there are some books that you read and love.
 that will stay with you for always. 

christmas with the fam...

we had a lovely family lunch at the darlington reserve on sunday... and got some lovely shots-
here's a quick sample!

me and my bebeh

me giving miss emma kate a hand when she insisted on having a hold of the baby

my daddy and his lovely new grand-baby

me and laura (any one that thinks we don't look alike is clearly delusional!!)

my 5 beautiful nieces and nephews (clockwise from top left):
jared david, laura, grace, benjamin & emma kate

and the luckiest girl alive (me!!) with the two most important people in my life.
i love them more than words can say

Sunday, December 18, 2011

birthday week over for another year...

our little family all together on my birthday! ♥

as a goodlet i have been a part of something fabulous my entire life known as "birthday week". birthdays are not a single day to us - but an entire week. (sometimes more - depending on how long we can manage to stretch it out for!) my birthday was on wednesday of this week - right smack bang in the middle, and oh did i manage to stretch it out.
on monday we had dinner at hans in subiaco with our usual crew and then san churros for dessert (ohhh san churros - i miss the brazilian version of those things - massive!)
tuesday my lovely friend lisa took me to the movies to see breaking dawn again (this is tradition - we've seen all the twilight movies together - simply to bitch about how badly they are all made of course... haha)
wednesday (my actual bday) pip and i spent the day together shopping and then jamie-lee and mark dropped in to give me a gift and then stayed for dinner (and brought me cake!!!)
thursday dom and leah dropped in and brought me my lovely red velvet cupcakes...
friday i got to collect my gift from the in-laws ordered online from wild lily empire (yum yum yummm)
saturday we had bday dinner in mundaring with mat and jen from little casaers pizzeria (if you haven't already experienced this - go. go now. amazing. ah-mazing.

our little caesars haul. droool
and sunday (today) we had family christmas in darlington with jared and donna and the kids (don't worry - pics to follow!!) and i got another birthday present... from their bunch. i'd say i succeeded quite well in dragging it out!!
mads passing over my present with daddy's help
a birthday with a bebeh is certainly different... maddie got breakfast in bed - not me... mind you, she did then pass me (with doug's help...) a gorgeous little gift - a little girl for my pandora bracelet. very sweet. doug's parents got me a pair of filagree earrings, jamie-lee and mark got me an owl ornament, jared and donna a tree necklace from diva and lisa and dannii got me a coke with jade - finally! (i'd like to point out that there were other sensible things, that was just the funniest!) it's about freaking time someone found me one!! and pippa. oh pippa. a bracelet with a mini silver jar attached to it with three mini saints inside. hilarious. no one supports my strange love of catholic stuff (i know it's strange, i'm a mormon for goodness sake...) like pip does. jen... a babushka cake tin, a scarf (also a tradition, we always buy each other a scarf for birthdays... i have no idea why - my birthday is in december! but i love it! haha) and a glass star charm for my bracelet. what a love.

anyway, before i put you all to sleep i'll wind this up... but it was lovely! i had a fabulous time, and i am very grateful to everyone that made it so special! :) x

birthday week is officially over.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

red velvet birthday cakes...

my beautiful friend dominique (friend - not sister-in-law - these are two different people!! and yes, i know the chances of not only knowing two people with a name that unusual, but actually being related to one and very good friends with the other, is extremely unlikely - yet i have succeeded in both! thankyou thankyou...) anyway, i better start again, as i am sure you're all lost by now... :|

my beautiful friend dominique rocked up at my house tonight with these - for me!!! i was so excited... well, am so excited - because only two of them are gone so far... her specialty is red velvet cupcakes, and as always, they are exquisite. thank you my love!! you're the best! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

countdown is on...

13 days to go!!

christmas party

on saturday night we had a big christmas dinner at our friends house... a bunch of couples and everyone brought something to share for dinner (so we had a traditional christmas dinner with ham, turkey, pork etc and all the trimmings...) plus something for dessert. it ran so smoothly (big huge props to dannielle for organising the whole thing) and we had a great time. we dressed maddie up in her little santa suit and she looked adorable... only thing - we realised on the way home that no one had taken any pictures after all that effort! :(

the only ones i had were of the desserts i had made to take. i freaking love those rudolph tarts - my friend jen made them for a party she went to and i begged her for the recipe, only to be told that you could get it right here on the arnotts website! not hard, but a little time consuming...

and i made trifle!! doug kept saying he hadn't had it in ages (hinthinthint!!) so i made one and took that too. it was almost as good as mums. i'd say i have to practice a bit more yet!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

wild lily freebie!!

some time back i was doing the work banking at anz in subiaco and noticed a particulary attractive clutch wallet being carried by the lady in front of me in the line. i'm not too fond of talking to complete strangers but plucked up the courage to tell her how in love with it i was and ask her where she had purchased it. she proceeded to tell me that she and her mother were the "brain-children" behind wild lily empire... one of my favourite shops! i mean seriously... i love that place. they have the cutest jewellery, homewares, knick-knacks, handbags etc... it is a fabulous place to find gift ideas!

so i went on my merry little way and kept dropping into the store on the odd occasion... and discovered on one of these occasions that a mailing list was being started and i could sign up to recieve updates via email... (which by the way i might add scored me a mini coin purse, just for signing up - how generous is that!!??) these grew to include updates about their online store and eventually a facebook page, which of course i "liked" about 5 minutes later :)
this christmas though, the lovely crew there decided to choose some lucky facebook "likers" to do a test run on some of their products. i threw my hand in the air and said "pickpickmepickmeee!!" and much to my utter delight they did!!

me with my gift, ready to rip it open...

so wednesday last week i ran on in to their northbridge store to collect my free gift and spent a while looking at the pretty wrapping before i tore it off to check out what was inside... yum yum yummmm. i lovvvvve candles and couldn't wait to get this one going.

as you can see from the picture i scored an organix tangerine and tea tree jar style candle... which smells like heaven... somehow i managed to hold off until today to light it, but i'm kind of in mixed emotions as to whether i should have burnt it earlier so my house would have smelt this good before today, or waited because now i can have it for longer. hmmmm it's a hard one.

but the best surprise was what my husband said when he walked in the door from work today. [quick background info on the husband... he hates "smelly stuff". hates it. when i want to go into dusk/ candle shope/ body shop/ shop with smells of soap/incense etc... he waits outside and says, "oh i'm good, i'll just wait here until you're done. no lies] he walked in, closed the door and says, and i quote "oh that smells nice. is that  that candle you got from that shop?" yes husband. that is that candle i got from that shop. haha. anyone with a man in their life will understand the lack of enthusiasm about many, ehrm, most things.

but it is really that good. the house smells lovely!! put it this way... if there was a way to share smells via blog, i would attempt to upload it here for you all to smell. i think i'll have to go back and get another one when this one's done... or possibly buy a pile for aunties, cousins, female friends etc for christmas presents. i am positive that any female over the age of 13 would love one! so good... plus... i am sure there would be other scents as well. (i'll have to confirm that one with the shop when i go in next...)

so there you have it. my review of my free christmas gift from wild lily empire. if you haven't already been into the store, then go... there are three stores, in nedlands, northbridge and leederville, or you could always check out their online store - here. well worth the look. lots of the the things on my christmas wish list are from their store, so maybe their staff will be seeing my unenthusiastic-about-smelly-things husband (bless him...) soon!
thanks guys for such a lovely opportunity!!!! :)

p.s. if you're curious to see the clutch that caught my eye - you can still find it here on the wild lily empire site!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


it's quite frightening really...
this is doug and maddie - about 2 months apart in age. can't half tell who her dad is can you?!
oh how i love them both :)

skatt experience

last week i had the awesome opportunity to be a mystery client for my good friend lisa's salon skatt in mount hawthorn. it was fabulous!! her girls are doing such a good job and my hair looks great. finally got rid of that 2 inches of grey (thanks for that mum and dad!!) regrowth that i've been collecting since miss madeline was born. i was given wonderful, friendly service and a colour and style that i would be happy to recommend to anyone. so go and get your hair done there. go go go!!!

my beautiful friend lisa at the mount hawthorn launch party. (a rather old photo but very cute!) she opened her first salon in her very early twenties and has been doing a great job ever since... the salons are very modern with heaps to look at, and offer fresh new looks and not only hair, but tanning and beauty treatments too!! all in one place... who could ask for more?
she and the staff have also put on wa's biggest hair and fashion show every year called skattwalk... not to ever be missed! so freaking good. we're talking along the lines of the victoria's-secret-fashion-show good here. :)

ta-dahhhh - an inside look at the mount hawthorn salon. so amazing. when the salons have their seasonal fashion shows - that hot pink "table" down the centre of the salon becomes a catwalk and the models strut their stuff on it. honestly couldn't be cooler.

so take my word for it - you won't have a better experience anywhere else. get going! x

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

the decorations are up... christmas is on it's way... and now i'm starting to feel really excited
it's my favourite time of the year!!
here's a peek at our decorations...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

invocare christmas party

saturday night we had our invocare christmas party at the hyatt hotel in perth. it was a great night, and my first time away from maddie for more than just a couple of hours. we left her with jlee and mark and apparently she wasn't too impressed with someone other than mumma putting her to bed. was all okay though, cause after a little while she got over it and went to sleep, thank goodness.

we had a lovely night though, food and company was great and i had a delightful hairdo thanks to jlee, to go with my gorgeous new dress :) bring on christmas i say, if this is a taste of what's to come!! it's my favourite time of the year, and i'm loving it already! :)