Tuesday, November 29, 2016

dye time

i have been wanting to try and dye some clothes for quite some time, i've always seen clothes i liked that just weren't the right colour... and thought oh c'mon, it can't be that hard to change them... but have never done anything about it. until today. i bought the above dresses (left hand one is mine, correct colour shown below, i have zero idea why it came out pink in this pic, and the other is for maddie, maybe next year) and love them both, but hate the colours. so... let's fix them!

actual colours (if you can't see, very pale yellow, but a fluro shade and beige - washes me out more than usual haha)

i bought this dye from ebay... here

and got to work... just followed the instructions... dissolve the dye, add salt... so on... and then stirred them around in it for the next hour or so.

ta-dah! the finished product. well. the verdict. 
1. i knew they wouldn't be navy blue as there was pre-exisiting colours going on
2. apparently some types of fabric do not take dye whatsoever. this includes the thread used and the zip on maddies dress and the lace trim on mine
3. the colour of madeline's is much bluer, my dress came out sort of a periwinkle colour

i am happy with them both and certainly will attempt some more in the future

Saturday, November 26, 2016

thanksgiving 2016

i went to the temple for the very first time with dominique on thanksgiving. doug and i went went along to do a session with her on thursday, which just happened to be thanksgiving day. we have never been with her as she ended up going through in samoa right before she went on her mission, so it was a lovely experience for us all to be there, together at all. i really can't tell you just how wonderful it is to have her home with us.

i always feel like i have a bit of a claim on thanksgiving seeing as my grandfather was american, and this year i only had one thought all day... how grateful i am not only to have enough for myself, but to have enough to give. i have so much, everything i need (and want!) and i am able to help others with things they need. that's the greatest blessing of all. ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

kringle mingle

today we had part one of our relief society activities for the christmas season. our activities co-ordinator came up with an idea of doing something called host or coast, which enables 4 sisters to host an activity during a chosen week, which in turn allows more sisters to attend an activity as they are all on a different date and time. hence the name host or coast, as we can either host an activity or coast between them as we choose. each this time had a christmas activity (the one i attended had a pass the parcel, each layer had a piece from a nativity set - and whoever opened each piece, got to tell what that piece meant to the christmas story. that was a lovely way to spend some time together.

after that, we had an amazing lunch, full of goodies we had all brought along  and some extra special dishes prepped by the ghergori team for us. it was so good! as you can see, it made us all pretty happy (and full)!

lastly, we exchanged our secret gifts. the instructions on the invitation had said to bring along one of your favourite things wrapped in brown paper. i took some of my handmade earrings (totally allowed, earrings are definitely one of my favourite things!) and ended up with two mangoes. i was completely stoked!

it was a lovely morning spent with some of the sisters from our ward. such a great idea and a lot of fun.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

primary presentation 2016

another year, another primary presentation - and we are so proud of our girl who got up there today brave as anything, said her part and sang smiling away. a lovely change from the girl that didn't want to do it at all yesterday! we loved watching her and the other children in our primary as they spoke of their love for the scriptures.

maddie's part was "we really love lehi's wife sariah. she was a loving wife and when heavenly father told them they had to leave their home and travel into the wilderness, she was obedient."

we love our girl ♥

and this monkey too, who decided today was a good time to climb a tree. we have really been blessed with gorgeous children. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

release time

last night we got to be a part of something wonderful, as dominique was released honorably from her missionary service in the new zealand hamilton mission of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. we have watched from afar as our girl has grown and changed, as she has tirelessly served her heavenly father each day and we are so, so proud of her and what she has achieved.

after a meeting with our stake president, family were invited to join in, as she was officially released! i know there are so many wonderful things ahead for her and can't wait to see where life takes her next.

besties reunited! ♥ 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

sister kendall is home ❤️

our girl is f-i-n-a-l-l-y home! 18 months done and dusted and she is back home with us. dougs "little" sister dominique (aka sister kendall) arrived back from the hamilton new zealand mission and we are so so happy to have her home. it is all madeline has spoken about for weeks and she has taken great delight in crossing out each number on her "aunty is coming home" calendar. 

we all met at the airport and arrived a little while before she did, just in time for madeline to find herself a good spot to watch for aunty from... ready to rush into her arms when she came through the gate.

us kendall girls reunited again... we are so happy to have her home and cannot wait for the fun to begin! ♥

Sunday, November 13, 2016

the best dressed kids on the block...

i love sunday for a million reasons, but one of them is being able to dress up my kids and snap cute pics of them to show off. i told madeline that this was the last photo we would be sending to aunty niques before she comes home from her mission (this coming tuesday!!!) and she busted out this gorgeous smile straight away. i love how much she loves her aunty and can't wait to see them reunited.

and this little dude has the cutest face ever. i know he is mine and i know that makes me love him more and possibly even makes me a little biased, but seriously... that smile just melts my heart. i am so so blessed with these two.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

lily has a birthday

maddie's friend lily had her birthday party, celebrating at her grandparents house with a bouncy castle, some yummy treats and a dip in the pool when it got too hot. these two crack me up, the weird things they talk about, how much they boss each other around and their crazy laughs, i just love seeing them together.

a dip in the pool made maddie pretty happy, shes clearly not my kid haha.

happy birthday lily! ♥

Thursday, November 10, 2016

photos for the hinks

maddie's best friend from school is a girl called isabella... and the girls spend plenty of time together, in and out of school, with playdates happening regularly. thanks to this i have gotten to know their family quite well... and while isabellas older brother is here from nz, we took some snaps!

these kids have got sass and i love it

the boys 

and miss isabella ♥

Sunday, November 6, 2016

northam branch

sunday found the kids and i gracing northam branch with our presence for the first time in a long time, while daddy was hard at work. i loved watching them sit with their nanna, smiling as grandad blessed the sacrament and taking it all in. i love church with family and i loved being back at my home branch... even more with my kids. they may be small, but they are big in spirit and after all these years, it still feels like home ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2016

faith & testimony

i taught the lesson in relief society this past sunday and loved it so much that i wanted to share... please take the time to click here and read about faith and testimony, in the words of howard w. hunter. i especially wanted to share about how the gospel entered my own family... all starting with this beautiful, worn, very old copy of the book of mormon

“the supreme achievement of life is to find god and to know that he lives.”

i read this sentence a few times over when i began to prepare this lesson and i feel as though it describes faith and testimony in itself. to find god – requires faith, to know that he lives - is our testimony

this book of mormon (an 1888 edition) belonged to my great-grandfather (my mothers grandfather) stanley henry leopold marshall, who met the missionaries, purchased this copy of the book of mormon for 1 pound and was baptised in london in the 1920s. he and his wife violet may marshall then made the choice to take a ship to new york, took the train to utah and joined the saints. my grandfather was born in salt lake city in 1924 and grew up in the gospel. stanley worked as a clerk for some time, but developed cataracts, as his sight worsened he worked as a gardener at the salt lake city temple. sadly he eventually lost his sight altogether and it was then that they decided to return to england to live. back in england the church became less of a priority and over time the family fell away, leaving my grandfather without the gospel in his life. due to being american born, jobs in england around this time were difficult to find and eventually he joined the american army and served in the peace keeping corps in germany after world war two. whilst on leave in england he met my grandmother who was a friend of his sister. they were married in 1948 and moved to australia in 1952. fast forward to 1964 when my mother was a child and the missionaries knocked on their door in mount pleasant, western australia. my grandmother felt something and asked the missionaries to come back... my grandfather said "you do whatever you want to do, but i'm already a member and clearly i haven't been going for all these years..." she persisted, joined the church and he eventually became active again.

five years earlier just a mere 10 minutes away, my fathers mother had the missionaries knock on her door and asked them come in, much to my grandfathers annoyance. he supported her in her decision to learn more, whilst showing zero interest, but as the missionaries taught her, he moved from the kitchen, to the dining room, to the lounge room doorway, eventually to the lounge and after a few months more he joined them in the gospel. both of my grandmothers had lost a child and grasped onto the promise of an eternal family as they learnt more about the gospel. how grateful i am every single day for these two stubborn women who stood up and made their choice, regardless of what their husbands thought, to enable me to have what i have.

both of my grandmothers died when i was very young (mums when I was 3 and dads when I was 6) so the very few memories i had of them have almost gone... i look forward to the day that I can actually get to know them too. i just know that they set a fine example for our family with their dedication to attending church, serving within the gospel and their unwavering faith and testimonies.

as the result of all of this, i was lucky enough to have been raised in the gospel. how grateful i am for that.