Monday, May 26, 2014

bargain central...

anyone who knows me will know how much of a bargain hunter i am, and how i completely and honestly detest paying full price for anything. so much so that i live to op shop (that's thrifting for you peeps in the u.s. that may have stumbled upon my little blog) and always make a beeline for the sale rack when shopping. i don't see why people waste money when you can get good things that are cheaper - but of course every now and then there's that "must have" item, but to be honest, i still try to get them cheap too!

just last week i had some amazing luck getting two things that we've been needing for a while, on awesome sale... it was amazing, we had a capsule for baby joseph - but he was already starting to grow out of it rather quickly and we could tell he would be needing a seat in the very near future. maddie had a car seat that i picked up second hand from ebay which was nice but getting a little ratty. then we got our junk mail and instead of throwing the catalogues in the bin which i do when i am trying to save moolah, i flicked through the babies r us catalogue and found this great baby seat! suits 0-4 years, starts as a rear facing laying down seat, with baby inserts - then goes to the sitting up no insert seat suitable for a babe until they are into their booster seat. one hundred dollars off. i am not kidding. it was amazing!! we snapped up two of them quick smart and they go beautifully in our car. yay! if you need a new seat, these are great, i am super impressed with how nice and safe they are, so go go go while they are still on sale! you can find them here!

my other steal of the week was this baccarat knife set, with a rrp of $399... which we got for $80. legit. doug and i were walking through the shops and saw them for a $100. cool... let's go back and get them... we ran out of time and when we passed the store again it was shut. stink. thennnn we were at kambo's picking up tickets at their ticketek centre and i happened to spy them for $80! score!! the knives we bought from k-mart when we got married were really and truly starting to fall apart. so this was great. especially with the free chopping board. woohoo. you can get them here!

your personal shopper jade signing out... but if you need either of these, get on it peeps!

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