Sunday, January 31, 2016

my "baby" is growing up

i can barely believe it, but my little girl is off to school tomorrow! it seems like just yesterday that i was holding a little pink bundle in my arms and now she is off to take over the world and learn her little bum off! she is so excited that it scares me a little bit but i know she is going to be amazing.

so for 5 days a fortnight this year i'll be without my little shadow... and i am fairly certain joseph is going to be lost without her. but we will push on through and make the best of it hahaha.

so ladies and gentlemen, may i present the newest kindy student i know... miss madeline kendall ♥

Thursday, January 28, 2016

temple enrichment evening

tonight was my first enrichment evening since being called to relief society a few weeks ago. we had a temple evening and it was wonderful! 

with an emphasis on the temple and the blessings that can be found within its, we had three classes set up: 1. a family search class to teach those attending more about preparing family names to take to the temple 2. making "temple rocky road" (white chocolate rocky road) 3. making foil temple pictures for our homes (i have made these in the past and actually taught this class, to make your own and see what i'm actually talking about, check out the tutorial from a girly craft night a few years back here)

we also watched my favourite mormon message called "temples are a beacon" which is an absolute must see, (you can watch it here) it tells of a family in a remote polynesian island who saved for years to take their family to be sealed in the hamilton temple. it spoke to me especially because it is the temple in which my parents and both sets of my grandparents were sealed and dougs sister is now serving in the visitors centre of. 

when madeline was a small baby, we went to new zealand to attend the unveiling of dougs grandparents grave and while we were there i insisted we had to drive to hamilton to see the temple. my own parents drove across australia in the heat of summer, with my two oldest brothers who were 2 & 4 at the time, in an car with no air conditioning... they then flew to new zealand and drove up to hamilton. the minute i arrived at the temple, all i could think of was the sacrifice my parents had made for all of us and how grateful i am to be part of an eternal family.

the evening was a success, with myself and two other sisters in the ward also speaking of our love for the temple. i am so grateful for the temple and know that no blessings on earth can compare to those found within its walls. ♥

Monday, January 25, 2016

the house of the lord

on friday evening i had the chance to attend a session at the perth temple, for the first time in a really long time. it was so wonderful to be there! to learn and to think in the quiet rooms. i have made a resolution to attend at least once a month this year (writing it down here, as a goal unwritten is simply a wish!) so i am officially one twelvth of the way there!

it's funny though, how you hear things you need to, when you need to... the relief society lesson on sunday was based on a talk entitled: shipshape and bristol fashion: be temple worthy in good times and bad times. it spoke of the importance of always holding a current temple recommend, regardless of whether your circumstances allowed you to attend the temple or not. 3 points i thought particularly important were 1. to practice righteous self control and conduct at all times 2. honouring the sabbath will increase righteousness and be a protection for the family 3. divine protections are provided when we are righteous. exactly that. when we are righteous. heavenly father loves his children, but he excepts us to be obedient and turn to him.

a sister in our class spoke of an experience where she had attended the wedding of a close family friend, had waited excitedly in the waiting room and then passed her recommend to the clerk at the desk, only to discover it had expired the day prior. she said she felt as one of the foolish virgins, who had not brought their oil and had been left outside. what an awful lesson to learn! but what a lifelong reminder to be prepared at all times to receive the blessings that can only be found within the walls of the temple.

i am so excited to attend the temple each month and know that i can and should do so, as this year will truly bring me closer to my father in heaven. 


I hold before you two credit cards. Most of you are familiar with cards such as these. The first is a bank credit card. It permits me to secure merchandise on credit and then pay for my purchases at one time. It is a valuable thing and something to be safeguarded. If stolen and dishonestly used, it could cause me great loss and perhaps considerable embarrassment. In accepting it from my bank, I enter into a contract and become bound by obligations and agreements. In accepting the card, I agree to meet the conditions under which it was issued.
It is issued for one year only and must be reissued each year if I am to enjoy the privileges afforded by it. It is not really mine. The bank retains ownership. If I fail in my required performance, then the bank may shut off the credit and repossess the card.
The other card which I have is what we call a temple recommend. It represents a credit card with the Lord, making available to me many of His greatest gifts. The bank card is concerned with things of the world, the recommend with things of God.
To secure a temple recommend, the receiver must also have demonstrated his eligibility, and that eligibility is based on personal worthiness. Once granted, it is not in place forever, but must be reissued each year. Furthermore, it is subject to forfeiture if the holder does anything which would disqualify him for its privileges.
Eligibility for a temple recommend is not based on financial worth. That has nothing whatever to do with it. It is based on consistent personal behavior, on the goodness of one’s life. It is not concerned with money matters, but rather with things of eternity.
The bank card opens the door to financial credit. The temple recommend opens the door to the House of the Lord. It is concerned with entry into holy precincts to do sacred and divine work.
This recommend which I have and which so many of you have is a precious and wonderful thing. It makes one eligible for an exclusive and remarkable privilege—the privilege of entering that House which says on its wall, “Holiness to the Lord—the House of the Lord.” Live worthy to serve in that House. Keep it holy. Do your part to keep from the Lord’s House any unclean or defiling influence or person. Enjoy its beauty. Enjoy the wonder of the things that are spoken there, the beauty and the blessing of the ordinances there administered.
To those who have not yet been to the temple, may I suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity of being baptized in behalf of the dead. And then let that sacred experience become an anchor to your lives, that you so conduct yourselves at all times and in all circumstances that, at the proper time, you may secure a special and restricted credit card with the Lord, even a recommend to His holy House, there to enjoy all of its blessings and privileges.
-Keeping the Temple Holy: President Gordon B Hinckley (Ensign May 1990) Read the full talk here

Saturday, January 23, 2016

maddie does the lion king

the luckiest little girl in the world got to go to the lion king last night with aunty dom and nanna leah! she was so insanely jealous that i had been and couldn't take her with me when i went a few weeks ago and had been asking non stop when it would be her turn...

so aunty dom asked maddie to come to their house for a "very special surprise" then informed her that they would be going to the lion king! she was so excited, loved every single second and sang along with the biggest grin on her face. how lucky we are to have bonus family, who love our children so much. ♥

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

joseph is 23 months

cheeeeeeeeeeeese! i am 23 months now mum mum mum! only one more month until i'm 2! i still cannot get over how fast these past 2 years have gone, yet here i am, planning a little birthday party for this cutie! 

this month our joseph decided he had a hat obsession and spent most mornings collecting up his favourites from daddy's wardrobe, lining them up on the bed and then modelling them for me one by one. 

he got a 4 wheeler motorbike from his grandparents (dougs parents) for christmas and he loves the noise making buttons and scooting through the house at top speed.

joseph learnt (and quickly mastered) how to open doors and has made quite the game out of wandering into the kitchen everytime he is hungry and opening the pantry door (and still, as he has the last few months, the fridge door) to see what's on offer.

he cut three of his 2 year old molars and kept waking up on cue every night at 10pm to remind me something was wrong, silly mummy couldn't work out what it was until i did some investigating one night... ouchie!

andddddd, he made one attempt at climbing out of his cot and fell down smack on his bum... i think it was enough to put him off as he hasn't given it another try...

he and maddie love to play together (most of the time...) and i love to hear them laugh. i am so so lucky to be their mum. ♥

Monday, January 18, 2016


this morning we went off to have some fun at the bunbury bowling alley with dannii and cody and the kidlets. we had the best time, with lots of fun and laughs and some excellent bowling from our preggo friend dannielle, who put us all to shame and beat the lot of us! what a legend.

i have to say, this girl has got sass, she loved every minute of it and leapt up when it was her turn, eager to push the ball with daddy's help.

considering maddie is four years old... she did pretty well, even if we did leave the bumpers up and had the ramp ready for her to push little yellow ball off of. we will definitely have to make this a more regular occurrence as she got so into it.

with her little yellow ball," it looks like a dinosaur egg mummy!"

and the cutest part of our day, young master joseph, who sat in his highchair next to the chairs on one side of our lane, simply observing and keeping an eye on things. he is the cutest. that sweet little face makes me so happy... ♥ thank goodness he was happy to be there too.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

president goodlet

in other news today... i am now the daughter of a preacher! haha. 

my amazing dad was made the branch president of northam branch today... i know he will be incredible, he is such a humble, giving man and i am so s proud to be his daughter and to watch him as he serves the lord.

i was brought up in a home taught by goodly parents, who focused on the gospel and serving our fellow men. i know he will be perfect for this calling and that my mum will continue to support him in any way possible as he serves.

"choose you this day whom ye will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the lord." - joshua 24:15

yay for president goodlet!

church in bunno

church in bunbury was quite the event... with my children finally being used to morning church again, the trip just completely threw joseph as he was more than ready for a long nap before church even started. madeline was happy to sit with her dad and cuddle, which was ruined by him having to take joseph out and put him to sleep. oh kids...

we got to listen to one of the most amazing talks though, a girl i know had just returned from the jakarta, indonesia mission and by chance was giving her homecoming talk the day we happened to be in bunbury for the weekend and at her ward, even funnier as there are two to choose from.

it left such an impression on me, as she spoke of points relating to their mission theme that i even emailed her later that day to ask for the theme written down. she gave an incredible recount of her mission and some wonderful stories of great faith.

obedience is the price
faith is the power
work is the committment
love is the motive
the spirit is the key
christ is the reason

what a wonderful day to happen to attend her ward! i am so grateful constantly for the sacrifice made by the missionaries of our church, what wonderful blessings come to them and to their families from their service ♥

beaching in bunbury

as a kid, i always remember fondly holidaying in bunbury and staying with my aunt and uncle and cousins... and most of all, endless trips to the beach... that will be funny to anyone that knows me well, as in my adult years, i've not been the biggest fan as i am so super sensitive to the sun and burn at the drop of a hat (haha i am funny aren't i. look at that awesome pun!)

it makes me happy to know that my kids can now have the bunbury experience too, as our friends cody and dannielle have moved to eaton (just the other side to where we would stay) and we can visit any time we please! yay! they were in karratha until a few weeks ago and we are beyond thrilled to have them back in driving distance. this will definitely be a regular thing! hello long weekends :)

this morning before church we took the kids (and their dogs) to the beach for a bit of a run around. madeline loved every second of it and i loved to watch her! i really need to take my white skin to the beach more often... it makes every one so happy!

maddie and her new friend millie, she has learned to love dogs in recent months, which is so nice to see, she was bowled over by an excited dog when she was smaller and was petrified of them for years. she explained to me this morning though, "oh i am okay now mummy, i like dogs now, just not the excited ones!" hahaha

the boys and marley, just watching the waves come in

and doug and baby j. he wasn't so sure about the beach, but he loved holding daddys hand tightly as he walked around taking it all in. most observant our boy!

i am loving bunbury! can't wait for the next visit ♥

Friday, January 15, 2016

sometimes it's really hard

i really tried to be kind, i tried so hard... and this week i saw red, let my mouth go and said something i regretted instantly, to someone i needed to try really hard with, who i fear i may have ruined things with. although i apologised quickly and very genuinely, i know that's the awful thing about words, once they are said, there is absolutely nothing you can do to take them back and you have to live with the consequences,

i truly felt genuine sorrow for what i did and stressed endlessly (and even cried somewhat about it) and although i know i'm okay and past it now, i really felt like i learned a lesson in all of this. i made a promise to be kind and now i know the grief that comes from not trying my hardest, i feel like i can try again and try harder.

"three things there are that will never come back, the arrow shot forth on its destined track, the appointed hour that could not wait, and the helpful (in my case, apologetic) word that was spoken too late"

kindess begins with me

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

literary love

i am in love.

 i am a bookaholic and today these babies were finally anchored to the wall and ready for me to fill with my loves. big love to doug for assembling them and dad for doing the hard bit of anchoring them (that did not look like fun...) this sight makes me so incredibly happy... and i am loving all the little changes we are making here to make this house our home.

Monday, January 11, 2016

"camping" in clackline

what a weekend to decide to visit my parents in clackline! we have had weeks on end with no relief of scorching hot weather and on saturday while we were in up there, a huge sudden storm hit and made quite the impression on the area.

there was more than 30mm of heavy torrential rain over a period of under two hours, that seemed to come out of nowhere, accompanied by thunder and lightning and seemed as though it would never stop, then as quickly as it began, it was over!

it did however sill the creek beds so quickly that in some places the water rushed over the banks looking for somewhere to go... and over the entry to the spencers brook road it went! it was probably around a foot deep flowing over the road and oh was it a sighe to see. in all my years of living in clackline, i'd never seen anything quite like it!

doug and the kids had been swimming in the pool at jen and mat's place when the storm came on (again, it had been incredibly hot!!) and when we hauled them out and took them inside to dry off...

amongst the waterworks, thunder and lightning going on outside, they then started inside from one madeline kendall who was hysterical, worried that her nanna and grandad would not be safe with the storm going on. aunty jenny made some fairy bread and poured some chocolate milk which seemed to ease the pain a little, but she was well and truly worried!

one of my favourite places in the world, the old railway line that runs along the road below my parents house.

and rightly so! their power went off just after the storm and was not restored until almost 48 hours later! i had orginally planned to stay until tuesday morning with the kids, but when sunday night came and they were still without power, we elected to head back to perth to air conditioning and other comforts...

we did have a lovely time while we were there though and joked about "camping" there seeing as we were without power the whole time we actually did stay. you'd never know it though, my parents just know how to make it all work.

the property is beautiful regardless, i always feel so lucky to have grown up there!

madeline having a drive up "the bumpy road" on daddys lap

and joseph discovering grandads boots and tools

i am looking forward to our next visit, hopefully they'll have some lights next time around! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

raffaello cheesecake

i made this cheesecake to take to the new years eve party we went to, and then again to take to a lunch we'll be attending this weekend. it turned out so well that a few people asked for the recipe, so i thought i would share it here first. 

may i present...

raffaello cheesecake
1 x 250g packet milk arrowroot biscuits
150g butter or margarine, melted
3 teaspoon gelatine
1/4 cup water
375g cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 cup caster sugar
300ml thickened cream
packet of raffaello chocolates (i used the christmas gift box, i think there was about 30 in there...)

1. grease a 24cm springform tin, place on an oven tray.
2. process biscuits until finely crushed. add butter and combine. press biscuit mixture evenly over base and side of prepared tin. cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.
3. sprinkle gelatine over water in a cup. stand cup in pan of simmering water; stir until disolved. cool.
4. beat cream cheese, vanilla essence and sugar in a small bowl with an electric mixer until smooth. beat whipped cream in a seperate bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. stir gelatine mixture into cheese mixture with halved chocolates; fold in cream. pour mixture over base in
tin. cover and refrigerate until set.
5. serve decorated with extra cream and chopped raffaellos on top.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

a new nephew ♥

well lookie here! guess who became an aunty for the 7th time today? um well, i'm assuming you know the answer is me seeing as this is my blog you are reading... 

i would love to introduce you to baby felix ryan goodlet, who was born today in the mater hospital in brisbane city. he is the baby of my brother aaron and his beautiful wife katja and i am 100% instantly in love with him. isn't he just the cutest? look at that little face!

i am so excited, they are coming over for easter this year and i'll get to meet both of their boys for the first time. i absolutely love being an aunty and i can't wait!

congrats a & k!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

landis/ sheasby family photos

some people like to take pictures of things, i like to take pictures of people. especially people i know and love... and family photos are my favourite.

last night i was thrilled to hang out with two of my dearest friends, with a bonus, because their family was visiting from south africa with their adorable children. taking photos is a breeze when every one is having fun!

everyone together, after swapping kids...

travis and tamzin with mason

and rob with hadyn and bianca with malakai

mason with his parents watching the last few minutes of the sunset... and what a gorgeous one it was!

and the sheasby family. love them!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 resolutions

it's a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate, a new chapter, all of those nice things and the time when people make resolutions of things they will do, stop doing and change about themselves. a few years ago i read a blog online where the person had decided to choose a focus word (a single word) each year to work on. 

although i have made a few different resolutions this year, there is one thing above all else about myself that i need to try harder with. i need to be kind. to try harder to be kind. and to be kind to people who may not be kind to me. to remember that as that old primary song says, "kindness begins with me." and as president thomas s. monson said in his october 2015 general conference address, "speak with tolerance and kindness." i know i can make a difference if i only but try, not just to others, but to myself. 

so 2016 is the year i will be kind. ♥