Monday, February 25, 2013

7 years and counting!

7 years ago, on saturday i married this amazing guy. who would have known, that all those years ago - i would have taken a leap of faith, going to brisbane even though everything had gone wrong (would you believe that i actually went to brisbane for someone else?) before i had even gotten there... but i got on the plane and decided to give it a go - and met the one. in all honesty, everything i never knew was missing in my crazy life.

doug was friends with my flat mate beth, who introduced us in the kangaroo point chapel foyer after i had sang at a friends baptism. i didn't really think too much of it, seeing him again at a party that night where i waved hello and kept on walking and then seeing him again at our house the following week where i was introduced again with a quip from beth, "this is my friend doug, you can marry him if you want!" not exactly what i was wanting to hear that week i can assure you. i was still dealing with the burns from the last one...

but... we came to be friends, and it all went from there. he invited me to the stake ysa ball, we kissed - and we have been together ever since... and i wouldn't change a thing. he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i am so grateful that he chose me. looking into his eyes on our wedding day 7 years ago and promising to love him not only for this life, but for eternity was the best choice i ever made. i can't wait to spend eternity with him, miss madeline and our babies that are yet to come.
for eternity 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

mission calls!

yep - you guessed it! the parents mission call has finally arrived and my oh my are they excited! they went to their house in clackline to collect it - where they were met with this blackboard and the envelope... last week they made the brave step of moving out of their stripped house and selling their car to the people that moved in... and playing the waiting game, just knowing that everything was going to be fine.

so the call arrived and guess where they are going? western samoa!!!!!!! this has amazingly special significance to us, as that is where doug was born! all those years ago, dougs dad was working in western samoa, met his mum and the rest is history - but doug was actually born there and moved to new zealand with his family when he was less than a year old. its is so especially exciting to us though, as it gives us the chance to visit while they are there, so doug can explore his roots and... drumroll please... hang out with his uncle and aunt who are also there and who actually have something to do with the school that mum and dad are assisting at! how exciting!! for all of us. they are due to go may 14 and are now looking for ways to fill in the time... 

but wait... there's more!! our 'little brother' clark got his the same day! it was crazy town... he is off to the olongapo, philippines mission leaving may 10. what an exciting day for all of us. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

canvas love

this wonderful piece of love came in the mail last week, that i ordered from fabness. it's from the gorgeous family shoot kai did for us last year and i am as in love with it now as i was then. 
such a wonderful, happy family photo...
 full of love!

Friday, February 15, 2013

vday love...

my gorgeous husband bought me an awesome gift this year for valentines day... when i got home, these macarons from babycakes in tuart hill yummm yum yummm. what a fabulous gift, especially seeing as he put them on a cute star shaped plate for extra effect. we don't normally do anything exciting for valentines day so it was a lovely surprise. what a gorgeous husband i have. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

19 months!

i know i say this every time i post this month shot of little miss m in her chair, but where on earth has the time gone? i look at this little munchkin and can't help but remember when i brought her home from the hospital absolutely swimming in her 0000 outfits and looking lost in her car seat - but 19 months have just flown past and here we are...

miss maddie just cut her 13th tooth and has another one about to come through... she loves to play round and round the garden goes the teddybear and when you stop will point to her hand and say 'more more!' she also loves to play peekaboo - or in her mind 'where's maddie?' she will cover her eyes and wait for you to ask where's maddie over and over and then peek out and look excited when you say 'there she is!' sometimes she will just take one hand away from her eyes and think it's a good disguise and that we won't possibly be able to guess that it's her... classic. she is so much fun though with her gorgeous little laugh and wonky running and her love of music and dancing. we got a video of her dancing the other day and i am loving her boogie-ing down for all of us to see...

she's pretty much the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen and i still feel incredibly lucky to call her mine.

Friday, February 8, 2013

les miserables

doug and i just got home from seeing this masterpiece on the big screen. oh my goodness, it was incredible. i feel like i have suddenly understood everything that the story was really about, all the stories from each character, so much more about the characters and what was really going on! it was so amazing to see all the sets up close (which is always very difficult when watching it on the stage of course...) and the facial expressions and it was just - perfect. such a tragically sad story but well worth the watch! loved every minute!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

back to school... back to school...

these gorgeous, amazing, fabulous, attractive children are my nieces and nephews 
and as an afterthought - they happened to go back to school this week
jared (above) is at high school for the first time - and miss emma is off to kindy.
they are so cute and i just couldn't resist swiping these pics from my sister in laws facebook and posting them here for the world to see.
proudest aunty ever...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

family dinner!

every once in a very rare while, our family manages to pull together the entire family for family dinner. it happened this week. 15 of 16 family members all together on one night for dinner at my brothers new (awesome!) house in glen forrest. (side note! what a freaking cool house - built on the edge of bush in glen forrest with awesome views, cool set up and all round fabulousness including a wicked above ground pool that ends up being the right level any way because of the slope in the property.) in my opinion that's a pretty good effort, zac & ren from mandurah, jared flew in from kal for the weekend (just donna and the kids have moved for now while he keeps working in kalgoorlie), mum and dad drove in from clackers, doug and i from nollamara and aaron decided to make an appearance all the way from england! what better excuse for a get together? aaron had to fly to hong kong for work and decided to try for stand by tickets to perth and thankfully he was in luck! only bummer was that katja wasn't able to come too, but i know she was certainly with us in spirit...

this does not happen often... me with all of my siblings. my boys! love them so much!

family gatherings just aren't right without a full blown attack on dad from the boys... i think secretly he loves every minute of it.

me and aaron... can't wait until the day he gets a clue and moves back to perth and brings his gorgeous wife with him. if only...

maddie had a great time with uncle aaron after avoiding him like the plaque for the first few days he was here. luckily she warmed up to him enough to have a few pics before he disappeared on us again.

mum and dad have put their mission papers in a few weeks ago and expect to be leaving to be serving a senior couple mission any time soon in the next few weeks/ months... so really, this was the last time we'll all be together for quite some time. it was a great night and i only wish it could happen more often. i love my wacky loud crazy family and wouldn't change them for the world!