Sunday, February 28, 2010

choc cake in 5 minutes??!!

yes it's true...

what you do when your husband who's been sick for 2 days
winges at 11pm that he wants something sweet
and there's nothing in the house?

choc "mug" cake

and it actually works!


vintage ball...

last night was the dianella ward vintage ball
it all began after the purchase of this fabulous dress for $10 from winifred and bance in inglewood a few months ago...

when murray and valerie - our ward activities chairpeople were looking for activities - this popped into my head. vintage ball. i could already see the dress in all it's glory.
add a $2 pair of shoes from st vinnies in osborne park and a pair of fishnet stockings from my local woolies?? priceless!

my parents joined us - as the photographer (you can't see from the pic - but he has a card tucked in the hat with "press" written on it - ready to capture the latest stories!) and his able assistant - who provided us with our vintage items for the corner - and of course... did my hair. what a gem.

doug wasn't well - so taui filled in as my "date", har har har, which basically consisted of keeping me entertained as the night went on and on and onnnnnn
twas a fun night for all...
and the dress? awesome.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


guess who scored a vip ticket to the
wa ballet at the quarry last night?
well... me of course!

my gf anouck called me at 415 asking if i wanted to go - she works for woodside, one of the corporate sponsors. so vip it was!
drinks and nibbles before the ballet began...
and it was certainly interesting!
and i don't know if that's in a good way...
the dancers were good... the dances not so much.
a bit modern for my taste - i'm more into ballet that involves flowers and tutus, but that's just me!
we had a heap of fun though, and lots of laughs...
nothing like a free night out with a mate!
thanks chick x
p.s. the quarry amphitheatre is freaking awesome.
check it out sometime!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a zest for life!

doug has a job!!!!!!
best anniversary present ever, ever, ever
they told him yesterday, that starting from friday
doug will be working at zest,
close enough to walk to walk to work!
i guess all that training at the australian institute of fitness
has paid off

i'm so proud!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 years and counting!

this time 4 years ago i had been married for just a few hours!
but 4 years, 48 months, 208 weeks, 1461 days later here i am...
still smitten - he's still just as hot!!

i enjoyed every minute of piking on the couch with
wok-in-a-box & a movie
even if the power decided to go out - and my western-power-employee-father was "conveniently" unreachable, hmmmm.

i got a present too!
a plaque for the wall - that i have been lusti
ng after forever!
soooooo pretty!
here's to at least another four!!

love you!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

new beginnings

sunday night was our new beginnings night at
dianella for the young women

awesome night... i am so grateful to the girls for hel
ping me out, and making sure the night ran smoothly. extra special shout-outs to leigh, mel and anouck for their beautiful presentations. we discussed the values and their meanings, personal progress, preparing to serve a mission and sharing activities and the gospel with friends, as well as our mutual theme for this year
- then... snacks! mmm lots of cake and muffins, only the best, "healthiest" treats for our girls :)

all in all was a great night had by all with
three teeny hiccups...
(which hopefully no one noticed - fat chance!!)
1. none of our amazingly talented presidency can play the piano so i had the hymns on cd - ready to go, only all the cd players in the chapel had conveniently been relocated and could not be found... eep! thankyou to sis o'neil for stepping in and saving the day!
2. i left the programs at home!!!! after spending all that time making them and making sure they were perfect i forgot them... eep! thankyou jacob for being quick with the photocopier!
3. all my girls were running late! maybe next time i should tell them a 1/2 hour earlier than i want them grrrrrrr - i guess they were running on 'mst' (mormon standard time) haha

nothings perfect - but this wa
s as close as could be...
lot of work though - glad it
's only once a year!

i love my girls and can't wait to watch them go places!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

gone... but not forgotten

yvonne goodlet

yesterday i attended the funeral for the last remaining 'grandparent' i can make a claim on. yvonne married my grandfather (joe - my dad's dad) somewhere around my eighth year on the planet, after my grandma passed away when i was six... making her my step-grandmother.

i will remember yvonne for many reasons:
*always being ready for a gas-bag
*never forgetting a birthday
*being the life of the party
*having the biggest heart on the planet
and last but definately not least
*having the bravery to marry my grandad
and put up with his crap

sleep peacefully dear one, and enjoy your forever with roy -
i know he's been waiting a very long time for you to join him!

we love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

horse drawn hearse

fun being short for funeral of course!

not every funeral is a somber sob-fest
this one we did yesterday was certainly not

the gentleman that died loved horses and his family decided he should go out the right way
so we called in lara of golden sunset tours who provided them with our historic "crystal hearse" for the service.
the company i work has been going since 1889 and this is one of our original hearses, restored to it's former glory, all ready for use

it was an awesome sight watching the horse-drawn hearse roll into the cemetery right on time, trotted down the main road by the two beautiful huge horses

it was an amazing experience
one that i certainly won't forget for a very long time

it's days like this that make everything about my job all worth it :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy heart day!

happy heart day!
i got a valentines day present this year, from my spunky husband...

i love me a good new perfume,
especially when it's dropped on my head at half past seven in the morning...

he also got a good present though, the thing in the k-mart catalogue that i found circled with a pathetic attempt of my handwriting next to it that said'
"for my husband" with a heart.

and... seeing as i was feeling particulary nice, and i had a few extra minutes up my sleeve that morning - i made the AP's little "wedding cakes" out of amazingly cool vintage ties that i found at the local op-shop when i was at work on saturday
valentines day is gay and commercialised,
but a good present is always appreciated
any day of the year

happy heart day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a shower of babies!

it seems as though everyone i know lately is announcing that they're pregnant or about to pop out a child. so it comes as no surprise that i'll have to attend a baby shower or two (or three or four *sigh*) angela from my work is having a baby next month, so all the girls from chippers, under the watchful eyes of deb and gail (the organisers) had a great old time yesterday afternoon in the lounge at chippers myaree.

i was the lucky one that got to organise the games...
we played:
-name that baby (a quiz of celebrity babies/ bible babies/ movie babies etc)
-guess how many babies are in the jar (in our case a ziplock bag!)
-the nursery rhyme challenge (fill in the blanks on the old monday's child... poem)
-the peg game (say the word baby and lose a peg - whoever has the most at the end wins!)
-how big is ange's tummy (done with string - closest to the length wins!)
and had a bucketload of laughs...

ange got this fabulous "babycake" as a gift... idea has been filed away for future use :)

we all were saying how exciting it must be to ange's mum that she's finally having a baby - and it got me thinking about my mum being a grandmother again (hahaha one day it'll happen!)

my mum is nonna to my nieces laura, grace and emma
and nephews jared and ben
but what will she be to my kids?
the ones that haven't arrived yet!
i don't speak italian, so nonna is not likely an option...
portuguese is avo *shudder* - no thanks

i have decided i want her to be babs
nanna babs is ok if she doesn't like just babs
but i love it
it has a nice ring to it

i can't wait to hear that screamed gleefully sometime down the track
"nanna babs! nanna babs!"

she's awesome...
enough said

nanna babs it is :)

one day...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the power of positive thinking... and valentine's day

so, after scoring yet another free set of movie tickets (i've also manage to get some to twilight - last year sometime - and bright star - but more on those in a minute) doug and i made our way to carousel tonight to see the new rom-com valentine's day that is released tomorrow. i loved it, not like, love. i thought it was great, lots of laughs, heaps of hollywood best and extremely cute.
much of the same concept that love actually offered, being many different people, that are somehow tied together, but it was definately cute. go see it. you have my approval
and keep entering the damn competitions in the paper,
people do win them - you now know one!

so - back to bright star...
my mother is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, very much so.
so when that crazy woman entered a competition in the west australian newspaper to win me a set of premiere tickets to a indy-style film called bright star, to be honest - i didn't think all that much of it - until the tickets arrived in the mail a few days later
turns out that mum had entered the comp purely cause one lucky person at this premiere would be winning a star shaped diamond studded necklace, set in white gold on a white gold chain
and mum had decided that this person, was going to be me
i am a star-lover after all
for those who came in late

and did i mention that the premiere just happened to fall on my birthday?

mum couldn't make it - so my bestie pip was selected as the lucky chica to accompany me to the specified "girls night out", and the positive thoughts began... mum and i told everyone, the boys at my work, all my friends at my party - of course pip
she was under strict instructions from mum that if she happened to win, that it still had to be mine, as she planned it to be the best birthday present of all time

and oh it was

thoughts by now were flying thick and fast from everyone that even remotely knew me and i, whilst on the inside, was rolling my eyes and thinking, pfft things like this just don't happen in real life, there's no way i could win, was staying positive, refusing to say anything negative and even went into the bathroom right before the session started, to mentally "try it on"

we had to choose our seats from a board and i chose d1 and d2, with d2 for me. inside we were shown to our seats and the usherette but my d2 card on d1 and walked away. so i sat. with my card d2. on seat d1. i realise, turn to pip, and say, "i'm in the wrong seat." we both laugh and don't move. then the fun began. some geezer from jan logan jewellers in the city comes up and announces that they are not going to keep us in suspense and asks us to check under our chairs for the piece of paper that says bright star, and whoever has it will be the proud owner of this necklace, (insert oohs and aahs here) i reach under d1. nothing. pip reaches under d2 and there it freaking was. not kidding. things like this just don't happen in real life. the chair i had picked. and *sigh* not sat on

and did i mention that the premiere just happened to fall on my birthday?

pip let me have it (duh) and i was thrilled. ecstatic. amazed. beyond words.
after collecting it from mr jan logan i spent the rest of the movie in a daze.
the movie was good, my necklace better.
watch the movie though - it's amazing

and the question i know you're all dying to ask...
did i keep it?
yes i did
you like?

for a few reasons:
1. it was a bday present from mum after all
2. if i had $2000 i would always find something more important to spend it on
3. if i sold it i would never get $2000 for it
4. i freaking love it

it's been 2 months now, but i am still amazed - and totally not over it yet

and i once mocked the power of positive thinking?? eejit.

never again!

i now believe.

Monday, February 8, 2010


i've been toying with the idea of blogging for some time now... thought it might be a good way to share ideas, memories, fun times etc with people i love, and of course the randoms that happen to stumble onto my ramblings...
so here goes...
yesterday at church - a lady approached me about singing at a relief society thing. this is fine no worries, but she started the conversation off by asking me, "who are you?" i worked out pretty quickly that she was asking me who my parents are (as in - where did i come from); this is a pretty normal thing when one is a mormon, everyone knows everyone, very small world... but for a second i thought - wow - i could answer this with anything.
so here's some of who i am-
i'm jade
jade ellen kendall (formerly goodlet)
i'm doug's wife
i'm neil and barbara's daughter
i'm jared, aaron and isaac's little sister
i'm donna, katja, renee and niques' sis-in-law
i'm steve and oli's daughter-in-law
i'm roy, gwen, joe and phyl's grandaughter
i'm laura, jared, grace, ben and emma's aunt
i'm jen, pippa, dom, chelsea, chelsea and lisa's friend

i'm someone that works in a funeral home and couldn't be less somber
i'm someone that hates capital letters and
really can't be bothered with them
i'm someone that's lazy - yet full of energy
i'm someone that can't imagine life without music or books

i'm the only girl, the unexpected
i'm best friends with my mother -eep
i'm the girl that believes op-shops are better than myer, david jones and
every other designer boutique put together
i'm the one that stays awake at night worrying
about things that don't even matter
i'm the girl that wakes up with music in my dreams
i'm the one that loves too easily and gets her heart broken
i'm the girl that is obsessed with stars
i'm the one that would rather watch those stars than the latest blockbuster,
listen to classical than pop,
eat fruit than lollies,

i'm odd, yet disturbingly normal
i'm different...
but i'm me

and i'm okay with that