Monday, October 31, 2011

shamed out

here's me...
oh. my. gosh. 
i cannot believe this. history is repeating itself. ugh. the last thing i wanted to happen has happened... miss madeline is turning into a finger sucker, just. like. her. mum.
it no longer bothers me now that i'm almost 28 to admit that i sucked my fingers until i was 12 - and i don't want her doing it!!! augh. i'm trying and trying and trying with the dummy - it's much easier to throw away a dummy than to hack fingers off!!
and miss maddie

Friday, October 28, 2011

happy anniversary jen and mat

it is so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a whole year has passed since my bestie jen, married my friend from kindy - mat. a whole year! we had a celebratory lunch at the restaurant where they had their wedding today (btw - won't be going back there... but luckily the company was better than the food!) and had a great old time laughing it up and reminiscing. thankfully today there were a few less flies than there were at the ceremony (one of their actual wedding shots is mat dousing himself in aeroguard. hahaha)

the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper so i made them a tree with the lyrics of their bridal waltz printed over and over through the branches, and two hearts hanging from the bottom branch (and yes, i may well have gotten the idea from pinterest thank you very much - and seeing as it's the first thing i have made from pinterest, i'm a little proud of myself!)

anddddd the back...

a day out with the two of us is never complete without one of these...
happy anniversary kids!
here's to many, many more...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


there's nothing like a good freebie!... and i scored one last week. when i was preggers with miss maddie i was in coles one day and saw a pamphlet for the coles baby and toddler club so i decided to sign up - since then, i have gotten an email every couple of weeks with handy tips, competition and recipes etc, a magazine in the mail every now and then and last week the magazine had a voucher for a freebie bag which had so much cool stuff in it! excuse me getting all excited, i'm beginning to sound like a real mum over here aren't i?!
the bag had two baby spoons, two nappies, baby food,  a dummy, nappy sacks, lotion and a voucher to buy two boxes of nappies for the price of one. (which i promptly did...) score!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

rugby world cup

yesterday was the rugby world cup final for 2011 and we had a mini party with jamie-lee, mark, tony and deb. maddie was the star of the show in these little booties that were loaned to her for the occasion, and she was thrilled when daddy's team (also now her team!!) won the game!

anyone who knows me will know that rugby is not at all my thing (i think that my mother-in-law almost had a nervous breakdown when she realised she was gaining a daughter-in-law who had absolutely no interest in the sport), but maddie i am sure will love it just as much as her daddy when she grows up.

me however - i love the haka. i mean i love the haka. and you my friends can watch it here.

halloween party

 on saturday night our friends lisa and brandon had a halloween party at their house. it was amazing! we decorated the place with spiderwebs, skulls, pumpkins and more - and ate ghost shaped sandwiches, halloween candy, rice krispy treats with candy corn on top and heaps more junk... and then played halloween charades and murder in the dark.

mads was an absolute trooper, stayed awake for nearly the whole thing with just a few quick naps on peoples laps... but did not get cranky at all... i freaking love that kid! what a machine.
but the costumes... the costumes were the best bit. all up between the three of us - our costumes cost a grand total of $5.50

i was mary poppins, which was so much fun to put together - black low heeled shoes and stockings i already had, skirt and nanna shirt i borrowed from chelsea (ahhh chelsea... for all your nanna needs!) bowtie and sash made from red ribbon i may have stolen (ehrm relocated...) from work - so flipping easy - twist twist and a few stitches then safety pinned on! my long red jacket, white cotton gloves, my black umbrella and tapestry bag andddd... my $2 hat from vinnies with a fake flower. easy peasy!

doug was a vintage golfer - old school lace up shoes that were handed on from a mate, knee high black football socks with his $1 tweed pants from gsi, shirt, ugly vintage tie, cardi and suspenders from the wardrobe... my tweed hat and carried around a golf club.

and miss madeline, a pumpkin wore a 50c onesie from vinnies that her daddy so kindly drew a jack o' lantern face on... orange tights, a green headband with a mini bow on top (made by aunty pip!) that looked like a stem and a $2 mini pumpkin mask from coles. she was adorable - and even wore the mask without complaining. :)

some of our friends came up with the most hilarious ideas for costumes too... brandon was an old made complete with cardi and grey hair (courtesy of maddies baby powder) dannii was a pirate wench, lisa a witch, lissette a pregnant nun (hilarious!!), matt and mel were harry and hermione and the winner of the best costume prize - cody. he was the best by far! a terrorist... had made dynamite and taped it to his chest, carried around a detonator, smeared his face with black eyeshadow and had bought big eyebrows and a beard. so so funny. i can't believe the things people come up with!

so freaking good. can't wait for the next one!

Friday, October 21, 2011

happy 60th daddy

dad and his newest grandbaby - miss maddie  

my daddy is sixty today! can you believe it!? it's a pretty big birthday - so we (as in me and my three big brothers) went pieces to buy dad some experiences instead of gifts from red balloon. we are pretty excited about what we got him - being 1) two hot laps in a v8 supercar and 2) a romantic sunset cruise on a luxury catamaran for 2 leaving from the fremantle fishing boat harbour. the first because if turning 60 wasn't enough to give him a heart attack - we thought we would find something that could - and the second, because he and mum grew up in freo, met in freo, got married in freo, had us kids in freo... and love the place - and each other, and never like to be apart - so what better experience than one you can share with the person you love the most!

happy 60th daddy! if only there was a chance we could have you for another 60 years! :)
i love you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

flippin' adorable

how flippin' cute is this kid?
she gets cuter and cuter by the day i swear!
just thought i'd show her off some more!!
x :) x

Sunday, October 16, 2011

pinterest obsessed

oh my gosh... i am obsessed!!! lisa introduced me to pinterest a few weeks ago and sent me an invite to sign up - so i tried to - and discovered that i already had an account! i don't know how on earth i didn't use it when i made it, cause i have been seriously missing out! so freaking awesome...

pinterest is a virtual pin -up board, when you can made categorized boards and pin-the-things-you-love! i have boards such as: make it, baby, kids clothes, organising, recipes, photo ideas and lots more. it is so flipping awesome, you can just scroll through pages and pages of other peoples pin and ideas to see what you like and pin away. i could spend hours and hours doing it...

and the best bit - is there is an i-phone app... so when maddie is up in the middle of the night, i can pin away.

can't wait to start trying some of the ideas - it's amazing!!!!

to see my page - click here!

visit from scottie

doug and i always love it when our favourite elders come back to perth for a visit after their missions. today scott came to visit and met maddie for the first time. we haven't seen him since he left for home 2 and a half years ago and it was wonderful to catch up and have a laugh after all this time.
i only wish i could have all my friends in one place... it's way too long between visits!


i cannot believe i have actually managed it. 200 posts and i'm still going. i figured when i started this blog that i'd probably write for a while and get sick of it, but i seem to still be doing well
 i'm still also pretty sure that no one other than my mum reads this blog on a regular basis... but i am so proud that i've managed it!! so happy 200 to me!! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ashtons 1st birthday party

today maddie and i went to ashton's first birthday party! his lovely mum tamara who i have know since we were teenagers invited us to come, so maddie put on a lovely party dress and off we went...

tam made this lovely cake for ashton which looked gorgeous and tasted so so good!!

tam and i are always joking about making an arranged marriage for ashton and madeline, so we decided to take a picture of them together just in case they ever decide to date and then we can torture them with it when they are older. we had such a good time catching up with friends (well i did - maddie slept pretty much for the whole party!!) and really enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks so much for the invite ashton!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

for no reason at all

i love my mum for so many reasons, more than i could ever write - even if i spent the next 3 weeks listing them. but one of the things i love the most is when she does special things for me, for no reason at all. like yesterday, she came to visit - and brought me these beautiful seduction roses from her garden. just beautiful! she's a wonderful mummy, and i am so glad she's mine.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

find of the week

yesterday i went opping with my three favourite girls in the world - mum, my niece laura and my little baby girl maddie! i found this fabulous cardigan. now i am a sucker for a good cardi... and this one took the cake! straight off the dummy, for just $3!! the pic isn't that good - but i'm certainly excited about it, just disappointed that it's almost summer :(
i don't understand why anyone would pay full price for anything, give me a good opshop and a couple o' bucks, and i'm set! woooo

Sunday, October 2, 2011

sleeping like a baby

ladies and gentleman... i have announcement to make! miss madeline has started sleeping through the night!!!! she managed it once at exactly 10 weeks old - from 10ish til 6am, then this week (her 11th) passed with 7-8 hours nearly every night. she's a freaking legend - and is making it so so easy to love her. she is adorable - and with a full nights sleep - i feel like a new person! :)