Monday, May 31, 2010

bye bye civic - you've served me well!

at 10:20 saturday morning my 1996 honda civic gli was
officially written off by my insurance company.
new car for me!

dear old honda
you've been a wonderful car to me, assisted in many areas, have really stuck by me and helped me out of many a jam
(traffic jam haha get it?)
but now seeing as you have dents on every panel (thank you hail storm!), your aerial no longer retracts, your back right tail light has blown, your central locking is kaput, your alarm sounds ill - (and then some), your boot swings shut instead of staying open, your washer fluid does not work, your paint is fading, your speedo dials don't light up when they should, you rattle when i put my foot on the accelerator too quickly, your interior light is dim and you require fuel to take me places...
i think it's over between us.
no hard feelings -
you do have an awesome stereo.
love, jade xx

p.s. i'm sure that someone out there will want you

let the car hunting begin!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 years at chippers...

that's right kids...
five years at chippers!!
sunday the twenty-third of april brought my
and most days i still love my funeral job
it's crazy, the people i work with are crazy -
and i'm clearly crazy
but i'm still here

i always swore the minute they handed me that pin i was out the door - but the pin came last week and i'm still here...
who knows what the future will bring :)

jen and mat are getting married!

miss jen and mister mat at my wedding!!

so... pretty much the most exciting thing that has happened to me in, well, forever-

my bestest friend in the whole wide world
finally got engaged!

and... i'm going to be the matron of honour :)
and... gulp... the only bridesmaid

congrats to jen and mat!!

and let the wedding planning begin!
the extremely blurry mmsed pic of the ring :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

bindaring clothing sale

saturday brought another girly op-shopping day...
that's two in a row - eep!
lisa, dannielle and i headed to st. vinnies in nollamara
and osborne park
before heading off to the claremont showgrounds for my first time at the bindaring clothing sale!
massive-est op-shop i've ever seen for sure...
but lots of fun!
and... i got giorgio armani sandals - yep, i did. for $3!!!
they are freaking hot!
aqua havvies for 50c
a cardi for $5 and brown pumps for $3

plus... the hotdog (almost as good as bunnings)
and killer python on the way out made it all worth it!

all in a days work ;)

op-shop queen - out!

engagement anniversary...

on friday - doug had i had been engaged for 5 years!
that's right ladies and gents,
5 years ago, we stopped at the perth temple
on our way back to my mum and dads after a day in perth,
where he knelt on the grass in front of me,
pulled out a beautiful white box and handed me a yellow rose, saying:
"jade i've loved you since the first moment i saw you,
i love you now, i'll always love you
and i'd love for you to be my wife...
will you marry me...?"

the ring was amazing... (he picked it all by himself!!)

and it still looks amazing on my finger

definately a good choice :)

love you bebeh! xxx

Friday, May 21, 2010

fashion show @ skatt!!!

my incredibly awesome friend lisa...
owns a... well... 3 actually, incredibly awesome salons called skatt

and... every few months or so -
her incredibly awesome staff showcase their work -
by putting on a fashion show...

i went tonight with the girlies
lisa (reese!), dannielle and bianca

and had a blast!!
hooray for girls night out!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the best smell in the world...

the best smell in the world?
i can actually remember the first time i identified this smell...
up at northam branch - a lady walked past me
and i fell in absolute love with her perfume.
this lady is the mother of now one of my closest friends
- and my love affair with
coco chanel mademoiselle
began that very day
what's your favourite smell...?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a showcase of wed purchases for mama!

copy of twtwb for domdom $1
cannot freaking wait for the movie

noughts and crosses
"black sheeps and white sheeps"
pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen - $2

paper bowl - $2
have been dying for one of these since i saw them at oxfam
maybe i'll still get one - their colours are funky :)

yet another milkjug for mum's collection

bluey-grey pashmina $2

and purchase of the day...
freaking awesome patterned pashmina for $2!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mums day!

mum and i at jared and donnas wedding

i love my mum.
everything about her.

can't even begin to tell you why and how much

but... for any of you that know her already - you'll understand...

she's perfect -

and i wouldn't change her for anything

happy mothers day babs!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i heart st. vinnies!

i adore my wednesday treks to the local st vinnies in claremont!
check out the haul i got today :)

funky all shaped and sized glasses
from 20c - $1 ea

huge as hardcover copy of the secret garden $5
i collect these -
that makes 14 copies in total! :)
by far the best one i've found so far

awesome hardcover book -
to be made into a hollow book $2
(like the one my pip got for her bday from me -
the girl that makes them is a local...
check her etsy site out here)
make sure they have a funky title so they look better on your bookshelf!!

mini condura shopper tote for emsy :) $1
you're never too young to be introduced to handbags!!

double strand black glass bead necklace $2
about to be remade into bracelets with patron saint charms :)

amazing asian style frosted glass vase $3
(i let them keep the hideous fake flowers that were in it!)

diachrome glass pendants 50c each

good style of sunglasses - because i am sure i definately
don't have enough pairs yet... 50c

funky minature "virgin mary" terracotta style vase 50c

awesome "wild child-esque" brown school-ish shoes
exactly my size $8

st vinnies and i are the best of friends!

Monday, May 3, 2010

extremely hungover (watching the hangover too many times)

i just wantched the hangover again with chels and doug
and ate copious amounts of junkfood
i am ashamed

and can almost guarantee that i'll have a
hangover in the morning

i truly don't know what's more disgusting
the fact that i watched it again - or that i love it