Wednesday, September 30, 2015

marshall family picnic

a very long time ago, my mum lived in mount pleasant with her parents, younger sister and younger brother. years have passed, they all have children of their own... and some of those children have children of their own... we don't often get together all at once, but this week on the public holiday we did! and it seemed most appropriate that the "marshall family" picnic was held where it all began, in mount pleasant.

we met up at deepwater point, what a gorgeous spot! i am definitely filing that one away for future reference... mum was telling us while we were there that she used to swim there nearly every afternoon after school during the summer and i can see why. ♥ there was even a perfect little beach where the river lapped up against the shore and the kids were having the time of their lives playing in the sand and making castles... and a lovely little gated playground. 

most of the marshall family! i am sure gramps and nanna would be so happy to see what they have left behind.

joseph and isaac (the youngest of the next generation) little second cousins, loved hanging together and babbling away under the trees...

my cousin renee and her niece taelor, little sweetheart. she is so much fun to watch, always happy and giggling away. 

next gen isaac ♥ 

madeline and emma, always together if it's an option. i love hearing them laugh.

the three littlest girls enjoying their time in the sun, while uncles and dads and cousins ran about collecting the balls they were so gleefully throwing to the ground.

new friendships make me happy, so this photo of these little second cousins is the best. let's hope the next catch up isn't too far away. big big awesome thanks to my oldest brother jared for making it happen... it was an awesome day! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

cooper & savannah's birthday

i love this little family! 

cooper turned 5 and savannah turned 2 within a few weeks of each other so my friend kelly decided to give them a joint shindig in a local park. it was a lovely afternoon of kids, laughter, paint and cake. 


savannah belle with her frozen cake

and cooper with his spiderman cake

kelly doing her mum thing

gorgeous kids ♥

thanks for the invite peeps! x

Thursday, September 24, 2015

beach life ...

i spent the morning at the nollamara house this morning, again. cleaning some more as it wasn't quite perfect enough... but it is done, it is over and there are no more inspections at our new house! wheeeeeeee!!

but, beautiful tayla came and played with the kids while i slaved away so i could keep my sanity... and then took this sweet girl to the beach, then shopping, then out to dinner, to her parents house for a visit... and she had the time of her life. i am not a beachy person (it's not a fear of the beach, i hate sand!) but seeing this and hearing madeline talking about it non stop when tay eventually bought her home (at almost 8pm!!) i am thinking i may have to reconsider.

thank you tay! i am so grateful! madeline could not be any happier if you tried!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

it's the end of the world as we know it

and i feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and like i can't even fathom with the mess i have to sort out... but mostly fine.

27 myimbar way was our married home, the home where we welcomed our two children, laughed, cried, fought, celebrated, played, but mostly loved. we have loved living here and it truly feels like the end of an era leaving it behind.

it seriously felt like we were saying goodbye to a dear friend as we, and some beautiful, patient, amazing friends cleaned and then made our way out the front door for the last time. there have been so many good times in that place, i can't even name a small part of them. but onwards and upwards we go, and i know in time, there will be many more in our new place.

the last supper in the backyard... kfc while we rested for a little while before getting stuck back into the cleaning.

one last look back from the front of the house, goodbye old friend! we will miss you!
x ♥ x

p.s. i seriously felt obligated to show this off... as you can see the grout in the kitchen had managed to build up a lot of muck over the years... and it was actually black! who would have thought that oven cleaner was the answer? spray that sucker on, quick scrub with some water and a scrubbing brush... and back to white it goes! winner! maybe we will get our bond back after all!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

nineteen months

again? wasn't it the 20th last week? this kid is growing up far too fast and it is frightening the heck out of me! 

he is completely toy car obsessed. he always has one (or two or three or even four, as many as he can fit!) clutched in his little hands and loves to drive them up and down any surface he can find, including my face! he is a real little boy, and loves dinosaurs and cars and making noise and getting dirty. we have only been at the new house for one day and he is already out the back at every opportunity possible throwing rocks into the fountain, splashing about in it, and running around like a mad man. he is definitely a boy. he also loves to make the brmmmmmmmm noises for his cars and clipclop noises for his little toy horse (bullseye from toy story)

he loves his cocoa pops for breakfast in the mornings and is that obsessed that one morning when i forgot to buckle him into his high chair (oops mum fail) and left the room for a minute with madeline in tow, he climbed out of his chair, down into the chair maddie had been sitting in and polished hers off too. crazy town! i nearly had a heart attack when i saw what he had done.

when we serve the food up, we call "joseph! prayers!" and he quickly pushes his arms together and squeezes his eyes shut (most of the time into a squint so he watch what we are doing) then waits patiently for us to say amen! before he gets into his food. adorable! 

he also loves to wave at people, he still doesn't say much, other than to yell and point to get what he wants, but as soon as you tell him "say bye joseph" he instantly breaks into a huge smile and waves madly as we walk away. 

cutest boy ever! ♥♥

Saturday, September 19, 2015

moving day!

i was told this morning that the only thing more stressful than moving is losing a loved one that you're really close to. i would believe that now. without a doubt. so anyone i know that has moved interstate, or even intercountry, you are my heroes! i was so emotional last night, not because i am sad to leave, but just that it's so overwhelming! and then of course had another cry when my brother jared turned up with the van and it all just felt so real! but the move is done, all our things are at the new house, and i am assuming that it will take us about the next 18 years to sort it all out. blerggggg.

i must admit the highlight of the day was watching my dad cut up the table isaac made me as a wedding gift (which was waterlogged from having no where out of the weather to store it) because we weren't able to pull it apart and it was bowed beyone repair! out with the chainsaw... let's solve this the country way!

i also now know it is true what they say, that you never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it all! oh my word, we had the truck full, sardined in until we couldn't add any more and we still had to do a second load. and this was no miniature truck, jared had hired a 6 tonne furniture removal truck!! time for a cull i think!

it was a lot of work and we are so so grateful to the friends and family that came and helped us get it all done. it certainly isn't something that we could have done ourselves and we are so overwhelmed with the support we had. one thing is for sure though, we are thrilled to be home sweet home in our new place... and i never ever want to move again. not as long as i live. so this house had better be good to us! we love it and can't wait to get settled.

chilling in the truck with my dad and oldest brother who kindly gave up his day to drive this huge truck full of our crap.

game over! a job well done ♥

Thursday, September 17, 2015


and just like that... we own a house! can you even believe it? we got this sms today, telling us that settlement was complete... and it's done! moving day is this saturday and i am so nervous... i am not the best with changes and this is a bigggg one. 

our new house! ours to do whatever we want with! so exciting!

there you have it, it's official. sold! so wish us well as we attempt to move 10 years of our life from one house to another. new house, here we come!

Monday, September 14, 2015

fepulea'i family photos

yesterday i had the absolute pleasure of taking photos of the fepulea'i family.

clark has just returned from his mission and i had promised his mum vivienne that i would take some when he finally got home. so off we went!

what can be said? the kids acted like absolute clowns, as per usual, but it was so. much. fun.

some random dude is standing where everyone is looking. needless to say, he left pretty quickly.

i especially love this one where everyone pulled out the illuminati pose and nifae had absolutely no idea what was going on. it was hysterical to see and almost as good on camera.

the fepulea'i kids cannot be beaten. to know them is to love them.

wade's wife deborah to the right (i did their wedding in january) we decided to do the mean girls classic "you can't sit with us"

and the couple that started it all. nifae and vivienne.

i just love all these shots. because no one in their family is anything other than themselves. 
and i love them for it. ♥

Friday, September 11, 2015

koala boxes

well. it just got real. today these 50 boxes got dropped off to our house, ready to fill with our things and move to the new house next weekend. i am so in love with this idea and i seriously wonder how no one has ever thought of it sooner... koala boxes is a local company here in perth, who deliver your chosen quantity of 70l plastic boxes with self locking lids, along with labels and a trolley to your house, you pack them, move them and then a week or two later they collect them from your new house. 

it's a win win! we don't have to look for empty cardboard boxes, these don't squash or go out of shape, they are stackable, it doesn't matter if they get wet... and best of all, i don't have to get rid of them afterwards. because someone is going to come and take them away!

so i started by packing the most important things first haha ♥

it's on! one week to go!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

zara is 3

on saturday our friends little girl zara had her third birthday and i was in heaven... it was a fairy party! my favourite. i of course had to get madeline into something gold and glittery with stars and wings. thank you jamie-lee, you completely made my day!

our little fairy girl ♥

there was a face painter and when madeline saw her face in the mirror she said (and this is a direct quote...) "i look beautiful!" yes little one, you do!

maddie and zara's cousin isaac, hanging out after they'd had their faces painted

and the birthday girl with her mummy and cake. such a sweet smiley girl, we love hanging out with her and her parents.

unwrapping her gift from us

miss zara showcasing her face painting, what a cutie ♥

and not to be left out, baby joseph twinning with his daddy

thanks for a lovely afternoon zara, happy birthday to you!