Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the youth of today...

sometimes i feel like i am turning into my parents -
upon talking to my niece last night for her birthday, her seventh birthday mind you, i was told excitedly that she had received a nintendo ds. awesome.
followed by...
"...all i need now is a camera, an ipod and a phone."
are you kidding me?
now... when i was a kid....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i see dead people! for real...

i see dead people - for real.
i'm a funeral director, and have been, for the last five years


i'm thinking about a career change.
there's only so many funerals, coffins and the
likes that one can stomach.
i think i am fast approaching breaking point... or suicide. haha
- i have heard more than once the only way that one can
leave a funeral home is in a coffin.

my job is definately rewarding - but is a damn lot of hard as work,
very emotionally draining, and ages you - majorly!

i'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

perth goes storm crazy...

when the weather reports all day monday kept saying a thunderstorm was on it's way i am pretty sure that no one believed it. i mean the sky was clear as anything, it was stinking hot and still as anything. but then it got hotter and hotter and the sky got darker and darker. i was at work minding my own business and at half past four my boss decided to make a break for the freeway to try and beat it home...

only he didn't get any further than the carpark!! cause the thunder and lightning started with massive amounts of torrential rain and then hail. pelting down. the noise was unbelievable.

and then the ceiling started leaking, it was like a gutter overflowing, right above my desk. so me being the idiot i am, decide that saving my computer is more important than possibly my life and start scrambling under the desk trying to rip out the computer plugs from the wall before my computer got soaked. probably was not the best idea i've had...
but having succeeded - i continued my attempt to stop destruction at subi - next stop the chapel, where the back windows had shattered and the floor was covered in glass, water and hail. eep. likewise with our mini kitchen, water everywhere and gushing from the ceilings, light fittings and under the doors. the hail was huge and just would not stop.
once it let off a bit i headed for home, which took me two hours, (generally a half hour drive) with all the driving around deep as puddles, gridlocked cars and general disarray and items on the roads. craziness.
and i arrived home to the same thing... water seeped under the front door and ruined our front lounge carpet and flooded the garage, the house smells terrible (as does my work) but in comparison to others - we are damn lucky. no permanent damage, nothing ruined, cars okay (minus the cellulite looking hail damage mine is now sporting) and we are fine and healthy.
damage bill is set to run into the hundreds of millions, cars are smashes, houses ruined, glass from here to there all over the shop and just general madness. march 22 was definately the day perth's weather went nuts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

sipping from a cup of crazy!

wow.... this weekend was a blur

all started on friday night when we headed out to little saigon in mt lawley for anoucks 30th bash. food was amazing (and kept on coming and coming and coming... seems that a $35 buffet feeds everyone, and then some),
company was great... heaps and heaps of laughs :)

happy birthday chic! even if the party was three months late! :P

saturday arrived with op-shopping (of course, what else would i do with my saturday off...? i'm amazed you even had to ask) and then pimping my girl dom out to attend the wildcats vip ball at the convention centre. pics will follow once she emails me one, she looked super hot! i made my first attempt of doing makeup from a picture in a book and it actually worked. go me!

saturday night my parents were meant to be coming down to stay before stake conf sunday - but ended up piking... so off doug and i went to pk's housewarming....

freaking nuts - we didn't get home until 2am, and i am pretty sure that some of the boys from my work would have been feeling more than just a little worse for the wear the next morning!
drink a little too much maybe?
this is not the first time i have been grateful that i don't drink!

conf sunday - parents for lunch and then back to the chapel for the mission fireside. amazing. the missionaries have made a dvd called the rescue which is made up of testimonies and stories of recent converts in wa. absolutely brilliant.

so tired. my desk is looking good for a nap right about now!
mondays are clearly for recovering from the weekend, maybe we should push for three day weekends! grrrrrr.
and - all of this with a busted neck and back! props to the chiro for attempting to fix it - although i am sure i am beyond repair :(

Thursday, March 18, 2010

daddy daughter date!

dad was in perth last night -
so after i was done getting my hair done,
we went on a daddy/ daughter date!
icecream in subiaco at 10 o'clock at night?
i love him - he is both my favourite and my best,
and always will be!

Monday, March 15, 2010

to (kitchen) tea... or not to tea?

sunday afternoon found me driving to success... yes - freaking success (eep) to my friend liz's kitchen tea party. according to the gps on my i-phone it was going to take me 45 mins from home. pfffffft. 25 mins later i was there. but freeeeak!! it was halfway to rockingham!

as far as kitchen teas go though it was pretty freaking amazing!!
liz's three bridesmaids (her sister margaret, sis-in-law to be alana and one of her besties natasha) called in every favour possible to make the day a raging success.

a bouncing castle (....? what the heck?) in the backyard, a lipstick shaped pinata, a cappucino xpress van to make our choice of beverage (i think that guy owed margaret big time) and enough cakes from the cheesecake shop (mmmm) to sink a ship.

all in all a very good time. kitchen teas have clearly come a long way in the four years since i had mine.
a-m-a-z-i-n-g :)
congrats my lizabelle... all my love to you and larry!

p.s. what's with the muffin tin i hear you ask? well... if anyone needs a bulk order of muffins anytime soon - i'm pretty sure liz has enough muffin tins to make about 16 doz muffins in one go!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

sooooooooo hot

i can't wait for winter...
it was so hot today - and when one is at the cemetery in a suit with stockings and a hat - it's not always so comfortable :(

all i could think about was cold stuff... like icecream

whilst living in qld - where i met my boy... i discovered
(which, of course, was old news to the banana-benders)
cold rock ice-creamery

thank goodness they opened here a few years back...
if you haven't tried it yet - then you have to!!!

pick a flavour, pick your mix-ins

- then watch the staff crush it on a "cold rock" - hence the name

then enjoy! cold weather can't come soon enough...

summer???? ick!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

half price day!

i love 1/2 price days at gsi!!
thursday, friday, saturday.... :)
every now and then i pass gsi and see the 50% off all recycled clothing signs in the window...
i sigh contendly, and shopping i go...

after lunch with my bestie jen and her boyfriend mat (who i went to kindy with!!) at dome in midland on saturday arvo, i took off to the midland gsi to see what bargains were to be had!!
3 tops (1 miss shop from myer, 1 my favouritist brand ever ever ever wish
and the other a gorgeous one from valleygirl) 2 dresses (a cute as bright blue one, and what will hopefully become crystals balldress!!! - more on that later...) and a skirt later - and guess what... the best bit... it was all only $10.75. no lies!

keep an eye out!!!
cause they are worth waiting for...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

getting from a to b

right now i am driving a honda civic gli.

well not right this minute clearly,
i am sitting in front of the computer writing my blog...
but it's what i drive - everyday.
it's bluey-grey, 15 years old, runs well...
but i am more than over it.

so i spent the day dreaming of cars i would prefer...
in order of preference:

1. 1966 holden hr
my oldest's brothers first car - and still my favourite :)
2. mustang convertible
upon watching mary have "matty mustang" done up
on pimp my ride a few years ago,
it was love at first sight
(...especially after following one home today! drool drool drool)
3. 2001 jeep grand cherokee limited
i got to move one of these during a funeral service
last year and almost passed out with excitement
(admittedly that was was even newer - but i like this body shape)
4. holden astra convertible
need i say more????

5. mitsubishi 380
beggers can't always be choosers...
we have one of these at work and they are comfortable, quiet,
very powerful and handle the road beautifully
and i could probably even afford this one!
6. subaru forrester
what doug wants... and i also like a lot!!
this is most likely the next vehicle i'll be driving!
stay tuned...
because again:
i could probably even afford this one!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


it's been one of those days....
i am so freaking tired that all i want is to go to sleep
- and i've felt like that, all damn day. i know i'm a wuss - but ugh...
bedtime for me can't come soon enough!
i totally would have pulled this paris hilton move over the copier and everything... if i thought for even a minute that my boss would let me get away with it.

so instead i kept myself awake googling non-sensical things, and discovered this fabulous bed... anyone want to buy it for me?
it's the coolest!!
love love love... want want want!
it's only $15000