Wednesday, April 30, 2014

flybuys freebies

i am so flipping proud of myself, i just scored this fabulous slow cooker by redeeming my fly buys points from the coles group online... woohoo. i am honest when i say i don't know anyone that's ever gotten anything decent from their rewards, so when they relaunched the program a few years ago i actually paid some attention to the emails they sent me and discovered that i could earn bulk bonus points, by buying certain things at certain times - activating bonus offers that were emailed through, and lastly - when doug and i took out extras cover with medibank, we earn bonus points there too! woop woop. so when i got an email recently telling me about points redemption, i thought i would check it out, and i had over 30000! clearly all my bonuses had paid off.

i have been playing with the old crappy slow cooker that i found in the cupboard at mums right before she left, apparently a friend of hers was getting rid of it and she grabbed it, and everything has worked beautifully. it is so so simple. throw it all in, set the temperature and come back hours later and it's cooked perfectly. so easy and good. so when i saw this in the options for redemption, i was all over it. i am so excited to get it in the mail and to get cooking. woop woop. i'll let you know how it goes. :)

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