Thursday, April 13, 2017

scripture eggs

for family home evening this week, we got to do something a little different that was super fun and easter related... a friend of mums made her a carton of actual "easter eggs" as in they contained easter scriptures and items related to them inside. we had a great time opening them and reading the scriptures together and explaining how the contents related to the scripture. it really helped our kids, small as they may be, to think about what easter is really about.

i would totally recommend making a set if you have small kids, (or even for big kids and adults!) for a lesson during the easter season... so here are the scriptures and contents for you:

1. matthew 26:15 30 silver pieces
2. 3 nephi 11:11-12 & matthew 26:39 sacrament cup
3. matthew 27:24 small chunk of soap
4. mark 14:29-31, 53, 66-72 mini chicken
5. matthew 27:28-29 red fabric
6. alma 11:42 piece of rope
7. john 19:24 dice
8. matthew 27:51-54 rocks
9. john: 19:39 rosemary stem
10. luke 24:1-10 round white pebble
11. john 20:25-26 nails
12. matthew 27:59 & matthew 28:6 white fabric

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