Friday, April 7, 2017

easter cupcakes

a few years ago, i saw easter m&ms on pinterest and i was hooked. i love pastel colours (and m&ms!!) so when i was in the unites states recently, i went looking for them at the grocery store, knowing i had a fairly good chance of finding them, being that easter wasn't too far away.

jackpot! not only did they have them, but they had them in milk and white chocolate... so i snapped them up quick smart and hauled them home to sprinkle them all over easter cupcakes for madelines class today, the last day of school before the easter holidays begin!

ready to go in mums magic cupcake tin... (she has been cooking in this thing for as long as i can remember)

with the best cupcake recipe i've ever come across 

and voila! easter (pastel themed... that counts for easter right?!) cupcakes for little miss's class today. the teachers were stoked (and joked that she was definitely getting an a+), the kids were chuffed and they were delicious!! (joseph and i enjoyed one at lunchtime)

bring on the holidays! i'll let you know how it goes. lol

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